Matic Network Supports the EtherPunk Hackathon with $5k in Bounties!

The next installment of ETHIndia’s Online hackathon series EtherPunk, is right around the corner. We’re proud to be accelerating the Ethereum ecosystem’s growth by supporting the event organized by our longstanding hackathon partner Devfolio.

The month-long virtual hackathon is taking place entirely online from Jan 22nd – Feb 21st and is bringing together developers from across the globe to help build our decentralized future.

The Matic team will provide a range of bounty tracks with prizes totaling up to $5000 (USDT) for hackers building innovative solutions on Matic Network.

Important Links

  • Getting started with Matic
  • Matic Blockchain Explorer
  • Matic Testnet Faucet
  • Matic-Covalent Docs

We also have a dedicated Discord channel for direct communication with developers during hackathons. If you have any doubts regarding any of the above information, please join our Discord channel to get your queries answered: Discord Link here.

Matic Network Bounty Track Details

We have ideated some impressive bounty tracks to inspire the Etherpunk hackers to build innovative solutions on Matic Network.

1. One Million Wallets Campaign with Covalent 

Matic’s ecosystem partner Covalent will offer an additional $3,000 (USDT) in rewards for the One Million Wallets Campaign as part of EtherPunk 2021. This campaign focuses on building custom-themed wallets and showcasing the creativity and diversity of the developer community. Throughout the campaign, Covalent will be guiding and mentoring One Million Wallets projects through tutorial videos, live coding sessions, and regular ‘office hours’.’ Developers can find more details here.

Furthermore, Covalent will be contributing to the prize pool of the tracks outlined below so long as the winning bounty submission incorporates the Covalent API into their work.

2. Decentralized Prediction Markets

Aim of the Project: To build a decentralized information markets platform, where you can bet on highly-debated topics like political elections, the results of reality shows, results of ESports tournaments, and earn for being right.


3. Gaming/NFT

Aim of the Project: To build a game/NFT based project that utilizes Matic’s speed for a seamless gameplay experience.

4. DeFi

Let your imagination run wild while building a Defi DApp that takes advantage of Matic Network’s speed and Scalability.

Some ideas:

  • Aave fork on Matic
  • Balancer fork on Matic 
  • Prediction Market for Equities
  • Lossless Arbitrage
  • Personal Tokens
  • Staker Games

5. Open Track

Aim of the project: Use your imagination and feel free to build any DApp that excites you! The sky’s the limit.

Post-EtherPunk Opportunities

We expect awesome projects with long-term potential to be built on Matic Network at EtherPunk. Top Teams building on Matic will be eligible for Incubation and Marketing Support from Matic. 

Judging Criteria

  1. The importance of Matic Network’s infrastructure in the application/originality of the idea.
  2. User experience: intuitive, easy to use and interact with.
  3. Technical complexity: going above and beyond the specification. Code quality, bug-free, documentation quality.
  4. Polish: how refined the project is.

Note: The quality of the application determines the bounty payout amount for each winning submission.

Let’s #BUIDL!

Now you have the background knowledge of building on Matic Network and information regarding the bounties on offer; it’s over to you! Let your ingenuity, creativity, and development talent guide you to build an awesome hack to further the decentralized movement.

Matic remains dedicated as ever to accelerating the decentralized revolution. We are therefore excited to see what amazing hackers from all over the world will create by building on Matic, and to see how the world will benefit from the new ideas born at EtherPunk!