The Ultimate Guide to Triple-Yield Farming on Matic Network!

Are you ready to experience Yield Farming like you’ve never seen before?

Presenting to you Triple Yield Farming – High Speeds, Low Fees, More Rewards! Matic Network x Aavegotchi x Quickswap!

Two Weeks: Jan 29th – Feb 12th

All you have to do:

Stake your GHST-QUICK LP (Instructions Below)

What you get:

  1. Farm Matic from a $35,000 Pool 
  2. Farm GHST from a $35,000 Pool
  3. Farm QUICK from a 1000 QUICK/Week Pool
  4. BONUS: Earn 14 FRENS/LP Token/Day – can be used to get raffle tickets for nifty new Aavegotchis!

Conservative Farmer?

All you have to do:

Stake GHST tokens at

What you get:

  1. Farm Matic from a 15,000$ Pool 
  2. Farm GHST from a 15,000$ Pool
  3. Farm FRENS for raffle tickets!

We’ve already seen more than 4M$ of GHST move to Matic, super fun and LITERAL bridge to Matic that makes moving your tokens fun and the addition of Aave’s interest-bearing aTokens to Quickswap.

This migration party will be an absolute blast, and we’re especially excited to support and grow NFT + DeFi alongside awesome teams like Aavegotchi and Quickswap. 

       (Thanks to our frens at Aavegotchi for the guide and awesome graphics)

Instructions to become a GHST-QUICK LP (Detailed Guide here on the Aavegotchi Blog)

WARNING: Providing liquidity comes at the risk of impermanent loss (IL). Please read about IL and understand the risks before proceeding.

  1. Acquire QUICK at
  2. Deposit GHST and QUICK to become a GHST-QUICK liquidity provider
  3. Receive GHST-QUICK LP tokens
  4. Contract address: 0x8b1fd78ad67c7da09b682c5392b65ca7caa101b9
  5. Visit
  6. Stake your GHST-QUICK LP tokens to earn FRENS + GHST & MATIC tokens
  7. Receive stkGHST-QUICK receipt tokens after staking
  8. Contract address: 0xA02d547512Bb90002807499F05495Fe9C4C3943f
  9. Return to and deposit your stkGHST-QUICK receipt tokens into QuickSwap to earn your share of 1000 QUICK daily rewards
Instructions to get my MetaMask ready for Matic?

Adding Matic Network to your existing MetaMask is as easy as a few copy and pasted lines:

Choose Custom RPC from the dropdown and enter the following settings:

Network Name: Matic Mainnet


Chain ID: 137

Currency Symbol: MATIC

Block Explorer URL:

Instructions to get tokens on Matic?

MATIC token is used for paying gas on Matic. Typically you will receive 0.1 MATIC for depositing a token via the bridge. Still, if the airdrop does not work, you can ask for some in the Aavegotchi telegram or #matic-request channel on Discord.

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