7,200 TPS Achieved on Matic Network’s Counter Stake Testnet!

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During recent stress testing of the Counter Stake CS-2008 testnet, which was running uninterrupted for over two months, the network achieved astounding performance levels. This is a reflection of the performance of the mainnet, and has huge implications for the future of the Ethereum ecosystem.

Stress Test Results: 7,200 TPS

For anyone who isn’t aware, stress testing of a network is the practice of deliberately and intensely testing its performance capabilities by overloading it with an increasing amount of transactions-per-second (TPS) in order to ascertain its reliable performance capabilities.

During rigorous stress testing, the Matic Network CS-2008 testnet was able to reliably handle a performance level of 7,200 TPS! This level of performance can be reliably extrapolated to the Matic mainnet, as the networks employ the same architecture.

Raw Output of Data During Throughput Testing
Grafana Dashboard of one of the Validators During Throughput Testing

During stress testing, 122 validators were active and running validator+sentry nodes. Thus, the network was truly decentralized, ensuring reliable results.

This is also just the beginning. We will continue to optimize the network for even greater performance. Regardless, the current performance capabilities of the network as it stands means that Matic can be instrumental in helping the Ethereum ecosystem to overcome its performance constraints and reach its full potential.

A new era of high-speed, low-cost transactions has dawned for the Ethereum DApp ecosystem, powered by Matic.

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