Accelerating Decentralized Gaming at Game Oasis Bengaluru

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Expanding on our efforts to accelerate the decentralized gaming space across India and beyond, Matic Network was honoured to recently take a prominent position in the organisation and execution of the Bengaluru segment of the Game Oasis Hackathon, alongside Binance Labs, MakerDAO, Axie Infinity, Contentos, Celer, Cocos-BCX and Marlin Protocol.

The hackathon was formally announced via video message by Matic’s COO and Co-founder Sandeep Nailwal alongside Axie Infinity Growth Lead, Jiho.

Here’s a run-down of the momentous event, India’s first-ever blockchain gaming hackathon!

Kicking off Game Oasis Bengaluru with a bang

To kick off the hackathon, Matic’s CEO Jaynti Kanani was joined by Gin Chao, Strategy Officer at Binance, introduced hackers to Matic Network and Binance respectively, and to discuss the importance of gaming in the acceleration of the adoption of blockchain technology globally.

With the hackers suitably motivated with the understanding of the importance of their role in becoming a part of the blockchain gaming movement, it was time to dive into the tech at hand.

Introducing the hackers to Solidity

Matic’s Application Engineer Sayli Patil (the girl power behind Matic Network) delivered a workshop entitled ‘Blockchain 101’, introducing the hackers to Solidity and the tech at their disposal for the task ahead.

Representatives from the other co-hosts also delivered presentations outlining how their own projects were working towards ushering in the new decentralized gaming paradigm.

Sayli – Application Engineer @ Matic taking Blockchain 101 workshop

On your marks, get set, BUIDL! Hacking begins

After Matic’s Community Manager & Growth Hacker, Nirbhik Jangid, introduced the attendees to the different bounty tracks on offer, the main event commenced at 11am on October 5th and the hackers began BUIDLing their solutions. The whole of the Matic team, including Matic’s VP of Operations & Marketing, Chandresh Aharwar and Siddhartha Jain, assisted the developers as they raced against the clock to build their awesome hacks.

As the BUIDLing continued the next day, the hackers took a well-deserved break at 1PM to enjoy workshops hosted by Celer and Cocos-BCX, before the relentless hacking continued for the final stint. The hacking concluded at 5:45PM sharp on October 6th, and it was then time to assess the hacks to decide the winners!

Announcing the winners of Game Oasis Hackathon Bengaluru 2019

It was a joy to see over 100+ developers hack together with a common goal of furthering the blockchain gaming space. The talent displayed by all of the hackers was humbling to see, and it was extremely difficult to pick out winners from all the incredible hacks. Nevertheless, winners had to be chosen.

After a challenging judging session by the Matic team and the other teams took place to decide the winners of their respective bounties, our Application Engineer – Sayli Patil and Community Manager & Growth Hacker – Nirbhik Jangid, had the honour of announcing this year’s winners of the Game Oasis Hackathon Bengaluru!

The winning entrants of Matic’s bounty prizes are as follows:

Track I – Bounties on the Axie – Matic Ecosystem

Team: Nissaram
Project: AxieBet

3rd person betting arena for Axie Infinity deployed on Matic Network.

Team Nissaram received an Axie, known as Puff (pictured above), alongside the monetary bounty prize for their incredible winning hack.

Open Track

Team: Panchjanya
Project: BlockLeague

Generalized fantasy league betting platform on a blockchain using DAI, Matic and Axie.

Honorary Mentions

Team: The Procrastinators
Project: Crypto Arcade-Runner

A game allowing users to bet on themselves essentially going head to head against our company. If they can finish the arcade in 3 attempts or less they win the bet.

Team: Decent Games
Project: Battleship

Completely decentralized strategy and a skill-based game that solves various problems of games being developed in the blockchain space, such as secrecy, privacy and governance.

Check out all the awesome hacks submitted across all tracks and project bounties here:

Onward in the journey to mass adoption

We couldn’t have been more thrilled to be taking a prominent role in furthering the blockchain gaming space in India, and beyond, alongside blockchain’s premier gaming projects at India’s first ever blockchain gaming hackathon. We can’t wait for next year’s Game Oasis Hackathon!

The integration of blockchain represents the next step in the evolution of the booming global gaming industry, presenting what we believe will be a major onboarding ramp into the blockchian space for much of the mainstream population. With India poised to overtake the US with the largest developer population globally by 2024 and home to a rapidly growing crypto community, India is positioned to become a leading hub of blockchain gaming innovation.

& that’s a wrap! 🙂

The future of blockchain gaming is bright indeed. Developers, let’s keep BUIDLing!

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