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In our efforts to continue pushing the Matic Outreach Program, we have lined up the third of our daily AMA of the week with Gagarin Community. The Matic Outreach Program has been created to allow communities from other parts of the world to ask any questions or concerns they may have regarding the recent market movements, progressing project development, recent accomplishments, and future plans.

Our Head of Marketing, Chandresh Aharwar had a chance to join the Russian community in the Gagarin group by conducting an AMA session which was followed by a quickfire quiz round that took place in the Official Matic Network Russia Community.

Here’s a recap of what took place with the Gagarin Community.

Community AMA Session

The Gagarin community asked plenty of excellent questions. Here are some of the best questions we received taken from both Twitter and Telegram.

@t_rrrexxx: Recently you launched successful token sale of Bet Protocol. Are you going to launch such token sales permanently as one of your use cases, services?

Bet Protocol is a Matic Ecosystem project. And we help all our ecosystem projects in all possible ways.

Bet protocol already raised funds for their project & did a small sale on Matic & using that fund for giving scholarships to projects working with bet protocol.

This is one of the added utility of Matic Token & we have helped our partners Marlin, cere Network & Bet protocol raise funds & will help more of our ecosystem projects whenever required.

@JACK_WANGian: Glad to see how you expand the ecosystem and $MATIC usage. Can we expect that you reach 200+ projects using @maticnetwork infrastructure and the token by the end of 2020?

Yeah, why not.

We are aiming for much more than that, to be honest.

We already have 40+ Dapps exploring Matic currently & this list is growing day by day.

We consider Dapp Teams as an extended part of Matic Family & believe in their success will derive the success of Matic in the long run. The technical superiority clubbed with all such things is the prime reason Matic has become the choice of many Dapps in blockchain ecosystem.

@IkyNulil: What role do you think Matic will play in making blockchain highly adaptable in the worldwide stage?

To be honest, I think we have a very big role to play.

Blockchain ecosystem is still in early-stage if we look at the actual adoption front. I believe that we have not even achieved 1% of the potential adoption Blockchain can have. So, still, most of the work is yet to be done & we have some awesome people working towards achieving that.

At Matic, we understand the importance of the same & one of the reasons taking all our efforts to onboard new developers through the tools of Hackathons, Meetups, etc. Also taking efforts to educate as much audience as possible about blockchain

@Minollta: What is your long-term vision about the industry which Matic is working at? Are you afraid someday there will be another project with more innovative technology that can replace Matic?

We have great tech to be honest currently but we can’t deny the possibilities of something new coming up.

But the best part about our team & work culture is that we are very agile & open to ideas.

Our team keeps on doing a lot of research in this field & keeps on discussing what could be best for the network & our users.

We are not at all worried on that front, to be honest, but we are keenly observing for sure, how things are shaping in the industry

@Hoang_NamV: What’re the future plans for Matic? Whats the team planning for the project, that will make Matic even more interesting to investors? Tech features, use cases? Another awesome game?

We believe that the success of blockchain is derived from what kind of adoption it has.

So, obviously, that’s the major focus for us. The great part is, we have our mainnet planned for Q1 2020 & we already have a good number of dapps building on Matic including projects like Decentralnad.

Also, we have multiple games building on us & the news about Neon district & Axie is already out.

So many things already announced & so many things our team is working on. Upcoming days are exciting for sure.

@kunlefighter: On 10 December, 2019 around 4AM IST, MATIC experienced a coordinated attack by whales. This cause FUD’s among community members. However if there had been an immediate response from the team, it would have cushioned the effect of the FUD.

Q1. What has MATIC put in place to ensure that future FUD can be prevented?

Q2. Don’t you think MATIC should have different admins/representatives at different time intervals so that even if some are sleeping some representatives will be available to attend to vital issues?

Thanks for the suggestion.

But if you check our group, we have our team helping community 24/7. We already had that from initial times.

The magnitude of the audience & the activity in the group also matters actually. We have one of the most active communities with more than 30K community members. So, when everyone starts messaging it becomes very difficult for a handful of admins to handle it. But such situations are very rare & we have everything in place to tackle such situations going forward.

@demono1: What is the biggest difference between DApps running on Ethereum and DApps running on the Matic Network? What is the benefit of one method over another?

I am sure, most of the audience here must be aware of Cryptokitties in 2017. How the Ethereum network got congested. That somehow proved that the current blockchain infrastructure is not prepared for Mass adoption.

Matic is like Ethereum on nitro, where you can derive the security from Ethereum & provide speed & lesser cost for transactions.

Most of the business activities should happen on Layer 2 solutions like Matic in the near future.

@Bodya_oboyshev: Matic Network uses POS to ensure security and decentralization. How many stakers do you expect at the beginning? What mechanism will be used to choose stakers?

Yes, exactly.

To give the community a bit more context, as a Layer-2 solution utilizing a network of Proof-of-Stake validators for asset security, staking is an integral part of the Matic ecosystem.

Matic uses account-based variant of More Viable Plasma to guarantee the security of assets on the main-chain and it ensures the security of generic transactions by using a decentralized network of Proof-of-Stake validators.

Essentially, Validators will stake their MATIC tokens as collateral to become part of the network’s PoS consensus mechanism and will receive MATIC tokens in return.

@VladBondd: There are already many Projects which work on scalability with Both Layer-1 and Layer-2 solution. Why Matic Network would be the best choice?

Few reasons:

  • Zero Developer Effort
  • Awesome Tech
  • Rapidly growing ecosystem
  • Awesome Community
  • & many more.

Quickfire Quiz Round

After the Community AMA concluded, the group moved over to the Official Matic Russia Community group, where the community was given four questions. The first four members to answer the following questions correctly each won $10 in MATIC tokens.

1. What is the name of the Matic Ambassador Program?

Answer: Matic Mitra

2. Who organized the first Matic Mitra meeting in Africa?

Answer: Olisa Chidi (@Olisadon)

3. How many members in Matic Network Official Announcement channel?

Answer: 5775

4. Fill in the blank: Matic x ______ = Speed x Privacy for Ethereum!

Answer: Incognito

Announcing the AMA Winners

Congratulations to the 10 total winners who will each receive $10 in $MATIC tokens!

Community AMA (Twitter winners chosen by Gagarin):
1) @t_rrrexxx
2) @JACK_WANGian

Community AMA (Telegram winners chosen by the Matic team):
1) @IkyNulil
2) @Minollta
3) @Hoang_NamV
4) @demono1
5) @VladBondd
6) @kunlefighter

Quiz Winners:
1) @Hoang_NamV
2) @typhucrypto1 x2
3) @apple_zzz

Closing Thoughts

Thank you to those who attended the AMA! It was truly an enjoyable experience from beginning to end. The Gagarin group was certainly an engaging community to be in and it was a pleasure connecting with the Russian community.

If you haven’t already, you can join our Official Matic Network Russia Community group here:

Please stay tuned for our next AMA! We’ll be conducting AMAs every day for the remainder of the week.

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