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In continuation of the Matic Outreach Program, we conducted our second daily AMA of the week with Vozblockchain Community. The purpose of our Outreach Program is to allow communities all across the globe to ask any questions they have regarding the recent market movements, project updates, or anything in relation to our current progress.

Our Head of Marketing, Chandresh Aharwar connected with the Vietnam community once more at the Vozblockchain group to hold a community AMA session followed by a quickfire quiz round which took place in the Official Matic Network Vietnam Community.

Let’s dive in to recap what took place at the Vozblockchain AMA session.

Community AMA Session

The Vozblockchain community asked many insightful questions about Matic Network. Here are some highlights that we’ve taken from both Twitter and Telegram.

@taivu4405: One of the biggest problems with DApps is the inactive and useless state. People only create DApps but it has no use case or contribution to the blockchain ecosystem. To prevent and solve this problem that can occur on the Matic platform, what will your team do?

We also believe that Adoption is the key to the future of Blockchain Industry.

Currently one of the biggest problems we feel like is that Dapps are lagging behind compared to traditional apps in UI/UX a lot. This places a major role apart from transaction speed & fees also.

That’s why we have a huge focus of UI/UX also along with

  • High Transaction Speed
  • Lower Transaction Fees

We have around 40+ Dapps exploring the Matic solution currently & everyone has a huge focus in this area. This will really help drive the real usability and adoption

@Crab04625704: What advantages does Matic provide for Dapps developers?  What types of Dapps do Matic want to focus on developing?  How to not only increase the number but also the quality of Dapps on Matic is guaranteed?

“If you are an Ethereum developer, you are already a Matic developer”

Everyone knows that Ethereum has the largest developer community in the blockchain industry. And one of the major reasons we have started with Ethereum for deploying our layer 2 solutions.

Dapp developers based on the stage of their development require curated help from the well-known blockchains.

we consider Dapp teams as part of our extended team, & provide all kinds of support they need in making their dream a reality.

We provide:

  • Tech support
  • Marketing Support
  • VC Connections & Funding support
  • Grants from Matic side
  • Co-marketing

& many more things to help them succeed.

This is the main reason why Matic has become the go-to scaling solution for multiple dapps in the industry currently.

@ShawnnaZuniga: Can you give details about Matic Staking? What is the minimum amount we can bet and what is the average profit?

We are currently in testing phase of Matic staking & Counter stake is going on.

Counter-stake is one of the vastest & thoughtful staking testings till now with the inclusion of delegation testing also.

Once we are done with the complete testing, we will move to the live staking on our fully featured mainnet.

Also, there is no minimum requirement for staking. If you are interested in becoming a validator on Matic, please feel free to reach out to us.

@NO4M3: Matic’s price DUMP seriously last days. What do you tell Matic hodlers and believers to motivate them?

Community members who follow Matic closely are aware that, how hard the complete Matic team is working continuously & we have a lot of believers.
The recent attack which happened on the price front made us stronger only with nearly every project is the industry coming forward to support us.

It feels great when everyone has trust in you. We will not let down our believers.

@llukeebryan: Plasma/DAG/Sharding are all gr8 scaling solution, However, those are all pointless if no mass adoption happens in blockchain, what do you think ur project, as well as other blockchain projects, should do to bring more people participating in blockchain industry?

We totally agree that Mass adoption is a necessity for a great future.

In 2017, when Cryptokitties congested Ethereum Network, everyone realized that currently the Blockchain industry is not prepared for handling the mass adoption.

Multiple solutions like Plasma/DAG/Sharding are being implemented to scale the blockchain by multiple projects.

Matic is using Plasma & making sure that whenever we see the next wave of adoption, blockchain will have a proper infrastructure to handle those transactions at much lower fees & by making sure the security & decentralization.

Efforts to bring Adoption by Matic –

  • More than 40 Hackathons for developers in India
  • Reaching the mass developer community all over the world
  • Virtual hackathons
  • Making UI/UX better to compete with world-class level on dapp
  • 40+ already building on Matic
  • Educating huge non-crypto communities through different tools about Blockchain
  • etc..

We have been getting a lot of success through this for bringing more audiences. Once we are live with our mainnet will focus on the next step of bringing more users to dapp building on Matic also

@JayHwan555: DApp of Matic built on base platform like Ethereum, so If Ethereum’s blockchain fails then, Is there any effect of that on Matic? Or do it survive in the future without Ethereum?

First of all, “Matic is blockchain agnostic” (Meaning Matic can work with any other layer 1 blockchain including Bitcoin also)

And I am personally a big lover of what Ethereum team has done. They are just awesome & has the biggest developer community in the blockchain industry.

I have no doubt they will only become bigger in the future & has the highest adoption currently also considering all blockchains.

But given the possibility of it fails, Matic can surely go ahead & work with the highest adopted blockchain anytime.

But again, reinstating that Ethereum will always be their as well tested, decentralized & secure blockchain, with all the business activities happening on layer 2 solutions like Matic.

@jerrybadboy: As a newcomer, which steps will be the easiest way for a random person to building Dapps on Matic? Which conditions and requirement does it need?

If you are a dapp developer & looking for any kind of support with basic work done on your end. Please reach out to us & we will sort everything for you.

@ooath: There are already many Projects which work on scalability with Both Layer-1 and Layer-2 solution. Why would Matic Network be the best choice?

Kind of support Matic provides to dapp developers is a big advantage. One of the major reason, we are getting picked.

Also, it’s very easy to move your solution to Matic. And in the long run, blockchains with zero developer efforts will thrive for sure.

@BlancaSdF: Of all the use cases, which do you think they are having and will have the greatest impact in 2020 for the community? I mean because, for example, some applications deserve to have more development than others

I do not know if you like to talk about trading, but weeks ago Matic rose a lot and then the price fell sharply, do you think that, in some way, high volatility is a good indication?

I am personally very bullish on gaming. Blockchain if clubbed with proper scaling can really help the gaming industry & we have already been seeing a lot of gaming solutions making it big in the gaming industry.

Having high volume is no doubt a great indicator. Matic has been in the top 5 traded coins on Binance from nearly the last 2 Months. This obviously indicates that the demand for the token is high in the industry & we have a lot of traders interested in trading Matic.

More the assets change hands, better it is for a project & Matic has been doing great in that area from Inception.

Disclaimer – This is my personal opinion.

Quickfire Quiz Round

The Community AMA session transitioned over to the Official Matic Network Vietnam Community group, where the community was given two open-ended questions. The first two members to answer the following questions correctly each won $10 in MATIC tokens.

1. How many members are a part of Matic Official Global Community?

Answer: 30106

2. Please make a tweet tagging me on twitter – @chandresh1091 & also naming & tagging 

  • Our last MVCM 
  • Both guard of honors

Last MVCM: Perry Hessenauer (@Perry1174)
Guard of Honors: Juan (@Juancryptomanic) & Gavin McDonald (@Gbhoy)

Announcing the AMA Winners

Congratulations to the 10 total winners who will each receive $10 in $MATIC tokens!

Community AMA (Twitter winners chosen by Vozblockchain):
1) @taivu4405
2) @Crab04625704
3) @llukeebryan
4) @JayHwan555

Community AMA (Telegram winners chosen by Matic team):
1) @jerrybadboy
2) @BlancaSdF
3) @oatth
4) NO4M3

Quiz Winners:
1) @DuncanTraynor
2) @paraphan

Closing Thoughts

We’d like to thank those who attended the Vozblockchain AMA! We’re honored to be able to connect with members from all across the globe. Vietnam is accelerating in crypto adoption and is rapidly expanding its blockchain industry.

If you haven’t already, you can join our Official Matic Network Vietnam Community group here:

Please stay tuned for our next AMA! We may be joining your global community next.

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