Announcing Build-n-Earn Round 2: Bigger, Better, Even More Spectacular!

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Round 2 of our Build-n-Earn developer incentive program is now live! After kicking off Build-n-Earn with a bang during the first round, Round 2 is already shaping up to be even more spectacular.

Round 2 officially commences today. We’re inviting all DApp builders to join us for an exciting six weeks of community building, networking and fundraising.

Read below for the full details.

What is Build-n-Earn?

Build-n-Earn is an incentive program established by Matic Network, in collaboration with Gitcoin, designed to help DApps with monthly recurring grants and dedicated marketing support. The program is designed for developers and teams that need a predictable cash flow during DApp development and exposure to the global crypto community.

Build-n-Earn is applicable to any DApps at any stage of their lifecycle, provided they are building on Matic Network. The aim of the program is to enable developers to create the best possible version of their application and take their DApp to the next level.   

In addition to funding and technical support, the Build-n-Earn program has been curated to provide DApps exposure to potential end-users through the support of the massive Ethereum, Matic, and Gitcoin communities.

Why Launch Build-n-Earn?

While every DApp starts with an idea, there is a lot more which goes into making a DApp successful. 

Globally, the incubation system for DApps is largely unstructured and the DApp ecosystem has still not been able to attract sustained funding from investors. Due to this fact, many promising DApps are unable to survive beyond a certain point. 

The most common issues leading to DApp failure include:

  • Technical issues like scaling, UI/UX, developer tooling 
  • Financial issues (sustained cash flow/funding) 
  • Incomplete business models & monetization strategies
  • Low exposure to potential end-users

We therefore launched Build-n-Earn to empower promising DApps in the ecosystem with the financial, technical and business development support to help them flourish and thrive. The program offers monthly recurring benefits, including:

🤝 Funding allocation from a total pool of $50,000 per month.
🛠 Technical support.
🗣 Valuable user feedback and community outreach.

Hear more from Matic Network’s Co-Founder & COO, Sandeep Nailwal, on the benefits of Build-n-Earn and building on Matic Network:

Round 1 Recap: Off to a Flying Start

Build-n-Earn received an incredible response from the outset. 38 teams registered to take part in Build-n-Earn Round 1, of which 19 met the eligibility criteria for grants and fundraising via community voting.

The teams gained valuable exposure to the community via a series of campaigns, received technical assistance from the Matic dev team, and raised a total of $53,110 to fund their development!

Read the full recap of Build-n-Earn Round 1 here:

Round 2 Dates Schedule

Round 2 will follow a similar structure to Round 1.

  • October 16th: Round 2 officially begins
  • October 17th – November 25th: Period for DApps to deploy on the Matic testnet and mainnet
  • November 9th: Deadline for applications
  • November 10th: Build-n-Earn Demo Day; community voting begins
  • November 25th: Community voting ends
  • November 30th (tentative): Results of Build-n-Earn Round 2 are announced

Qualifying Criteria

Build-n-Earn applies to any DApp that builds on Matic Network, with a few requirements. Qualification criteria for any DApp are as follows:

  1. The decentralized application needs to be built on Matic Network.
  2. The decentralized application must be deployed on the Matic mainnet by November 25th.
  3. The decentralized application must be original work or a derivative work offering different functionality.
  4. The decentralized application team must provide user documentation, including DApp installation guidelines, DApp description, and a walkthrough video as required for broader consumption.
  5. The decentralized application should include “Powered by Matic” in the DApp’s interface.

If you have a DApp on Matic, or one currently on Ethereum or any other blockchain and want to make use of Matic’s high-performance, low-fee Layer 2 scalability infrastructure on Ethereum, you are eligible to apply for the Matic Build-n-Earn program. 

DApps running on Ethereum can quickly deploy on Matic’s Layer 2 platform in 30 minutes, and we assist with hassle-free migration from other blockchains.

Much More than Just a Grants Program! What to Expect

Other than access to the $50,000 monthly funding pool, Build-n-Earn provides the opportunity for DApp teams to build their networks, establish/grow their supporter bases, and receive comprehensive technical assistance to build the best possible products.

Weekly Community Meetups

We hold weekly meetups every Wednesday for DApp teams interested in Build-n-Earn to learn more about the program and for the teams to connect and get to know one another, growing their networks in the process.

Demo Day

Demo Day is an opportunity for the Build-n-Earn projects to connect with the community on a personal level to showcase their DApps and discuss their visions, thereby helping to grow a strong early supporter base whilst also gaining funding through community voting on Gitcoin.

Marketing Support

We assist all Build-n-Earn projects to gain maximum exposure to the wider crypto community. Efforts to this end include social media promo campaigns and community engagement initiatives.

Technical Support from the Matic Tech Team

DApps in the Matic Build-n-Earn program receive dedicated technical support from the Matic Network team, and are given access to and assistance with the full range of developer tooling available for DApps building on Matic.

Joining Forces with Other Blockchain Innovators to Further Accelerate our Build-n-Earn DApps

Build-n-Earn has attracted the attention of not only the DApp developer community, but also that of other established blockchain projects and innovators. Therefore, Bluzelle and Tenderly are joining us for Round 2 to help contribute to the success of our Build-n-Earn DApps.

We’re also in talks with various other potential partners who are interested in being a part of Build-n-Earn.


By utilizing Matic’s scaling solution alongside Bluzelle’s decentralized data storage network, DApp developers are now being empowered with the ability to create DApps which can effectively provide large user numbers with secure, high-performance data storage.

Bluzelle will be contributing up to $10,000 to the monthly funding pool (in addition to the $50,000 already on offer) for Build-n-Earn DApps which utilize Bluzelle.


Tenderly provides the tools for in-depth smart contract monitoring, alerting, and troubleshooting for Ethereum (and Matic) based DApps. Developers can monitor their contracts with error tracking, detailed contract analytics and smart alerts that provide notifications when something happens.

The Tenderly team will be providing free Pro plans of their service for top Build-n-Earn DApps.

Are you a DApp BUIDLer? Join us for Build-n-Earn Round 2!

If you have a DApp on Matic or any other blockchain, you could be eligible to take part in Build-n-Earn! Round 2 is about to begin, and it’s shaping up to be magnitudes more spectacular than the first.

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of the next chapter of Build-n-Earn. You have until November 9th to register, but the sooner you do, the sooner we can begin working together to help your DApp flourish and thrive 🤝

Learn more about Build-n-Earn on our website and register your DApp here:

Connect with us

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