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Matic Network Staking Update and Becoming a Validator

Matic Network is excited to announce its newest Validator initiative: Counter Stake. Applications are officially open for the global community to apply!
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Plasma Predicates – one step towards generalized Plasma

We have been working hard on various fronts to introduce generalised scaling techniques, while still ensuring security. We are proud to announce Plasma Predicates support...
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Matic Community Supercharges Cere Network, Pledging $1.6M in Private Sale

Matic Community Pledges $1.6M in Cere Network Private Sale, Blowing past $100K Target.
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Matic Network — Project Updates #5 (Community)

The Matic Network team’s been hard at work to not only develop its scalability platform, but also to develop the blockchain ecosystem in India...
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Matic is StacksCity’s Scaling Platform and Partner of Choice

Matic Network will help StacksCity to Achieve High Scalability and Transaction Speeds in Public WiFi Ad Bidding System
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Matic Network’s Guide to ERC-20 to BEP-2 Migration

An ERC20 to BEP2 Token Swap Walkthrough
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Matic Wallet moves to Alpha-Mainnet!

Our team is working relentlessly to build the ecosystem & products for both users and developers. Matic Wallet is an integral part of the...
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ETHIndia 2019 – Live Feed

August 2nd 2019, 8:30 AM IST ETHIndia opens its doors for event check-in & breakfast The doors to ETHIndia 2019 have officially opened! Excited...
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Matic Network: Bounty program for ETH India

Matic team is coming to ETHIndia. Bringing Talks, Workshops, Bounties, DevLounge and much more to you!
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Matic Network Hosts Seoul Community Meetup

Matic Network hosted a Seoul Community Meetup on Wednesday, July 24th in South Korea where Co-Founder & COO Sandeep Nailwal got the chance to...
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The Matic Ecosystem Initiative

‘Our Mission to Spearhead India’s Rise to prominence in the Blockchain Era‘ As the beneficial impacts of blockchain technology become more widely understood, nations...
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SpringRole Scales Professional Network Protocol on Matic’s Sidechains

As more industries pivot towards blockchain adoption, one enterprise-level application of blockchain technology may have a monumental impact on corporate recruitment. The job market...
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Matic at India Dapp Fest Conference 2019

Nations around the world are relentlessly building towards the decentralized movement, and India is no exception. In Bengaluru, Matic Network had the opportunity to...
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