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Explaining Plasma and Rollups: Advantages & Limitations – Matic Network

At Matic, we are constantly striving to implement the most usable & secure means of scaling into our architecture. We have released a detailed...
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Counter Stake Stage 1: ‘Stake on the Beach’ Full Details – Matic Network

Get ready for Counter Stake Stage 1, ‘Stake on the Beach', launching on February 10th! The aim of this Stage, Stage 1, is to...
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Matic Network – Project Updates #9

The 9th iteration of Matic's Project Updates series covers numerous cases of Matic adoption, events supported by Matic, and more!
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Welcoming Stake Capital as an Official Staking Partner – Matic Network

We are thrilled to announce Stake Capital as an official Staking Partner! Stake Capital is one of the industry's most trusted staking service providers....
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Welcoming as an Official Staking Partner – Matic Network

As a Layer 2 solution utilizing a network of Proof-of-Stake validators for asset security, staking is an integral part of the Matic ecosystem. Matic...
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AMA with Crypto Bull And Bear – Matic Network

Yesterday we held our last AMA of our week of daily AMA sessions. These daily AMAs constitute part of our ongoing Outreach Program, designed...
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AMA With Official Matic Network Turkey Community

For our third AMA of the week, we decided to connect with the Official Matic Network Turkish Community group. Turkey has become one of...
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AMA with Gagarin Community – Matic Network

In our efforts to continue pushing the Matic Outreach Program, we have lined up the third of our daily AMA of the week with...
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AMA with Vozblockchain Community – Matic Network

In continuation of the Matic Outreach Program, we conducted our second daily AMA of the week with Vozblockchain Community. The purpose of our Outreach...
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AMA with Bigcoin Vietnam Community – Matic Network

Earlier today, we conducted the first of our daily AMA sessions, as part of our Outreach Program, which will be held once per day...
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Matic Outreach Program: Clarifying the Recent Situation

On the request of many fellow projects, we are releasing a detailed article on how the Matic community trounced the market manipulations by the...
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PlasMatic Education Series: Part II

We previously launched our new PlasMatic Education Series to give better insights into the history & technicals of Matic's MoreVP adaptation! In Part 2,...
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Matic’s Pre-staking with Coinone has Arrived! 30% Annual Interest Rate.

Our pre-staking initiative with Coinone is one of the steps in our 3-stage tactical rollout of our staking endeavours, which is designed to give...
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Matic Network at Genesis DevCon 2019: Full Recap

The Matic team recently attended Genesis DevCon 2019 in order to support the growth of the Indian blockchian ecosystem. We connected with the attendees...
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Matic at San Francisco Blockchain Week: Full Recap

The Matic team recently supported this year’s San Francisco Blockchain Week and participated in a variety of exciting events! Here's a full recap of...
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Matic Network at ETHWaterloo

Earlier this month, the Matic team trevelled to Canada to support ETHWaterloo and provided a range of bounties to encourage the ETHWaterlook hackers to...
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Supporting Blockchain Development at InOut 6.0: Recap

Recently, the Matic team attended the InOut 6.0 hackathon as a prominent supporter. It was a pleasure to support such an incredible event, an...
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Matic Network – Project Updates #7

Major Highlight: β-Mainnet Launch At Matic Network, we try to do things differently. -Sandeep Nailwal, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer of Matic Network On...
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Matic Network Provides $4K of Bounties at ETHWaterloo

Build the future of decentralized finance at the ETHWaterloo hackathon at University of Waterloo in Ontario. Hackers will receive $4,000 in bounties.
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Matic Network – $5k in bounties at DeFi Hackathon – SFBW

Starting on November 1st, we'll be kicking off the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Hackathon in San Francisco. Matic will be heavily supporting the DeFi Hackathon...
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October 2019 Token Unlock: 100% Foundation Tokens to be used for Staking Activities

Our token release schedule was painstakingly designed by the team keeping in mind the best for both the Matic Network ecosystem and token holders....
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Matic Network Announces Hackathon Bounties for Game Oasis Hackathon: San Francisco

The San Francisco Game Oasis Hackathon commences on October 25th! The Matic team will be offering a range of bounty tracks for hackers who...
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Supporting Blockchain Development at InOut 6.0: Matic Network Bounties

InOut 6.0 is currently underway, and Matic is in attendance as a prominent supporter! Since 2015, InOut has been an event where tech leaders...
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Accelerating Decentralized Gaming at Game Oasis Bengaluru

Matic Network was honored to recently take a prominent position in the organisation and execution of the Bengaluru segment of the Game Oasis Hackathon,...
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Matic Network Joins Binance Chain Alliance

We are thrilled to announce that Matic Network is joining the Binance Chain Alliance! We look forward to collaborating with some of the great...
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Matic Network Stops By Jakarta, Indonesia

Matic recently flew to Jakarta, Indonesia, alongside Binance & Harmony Protocol. Nothing but encouragement to see the budding blockchain space in Indonesia!
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Presenting: The Matic Mitra Rewards Program

Introducing Matic Mitra We’re excited to announce that Matic Network is officially launching our Matic Mitra Program. The primary objective of Matic Mitra will...
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Matic Network & Tokamak Network’s Collaboration on Achieving Scalability and Privacy Using Plasma

Tokamak and Matic, through collaborative efforts, are working together to make a more scalable and feature-rich blockchain environment on Ethereum.
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Staking is Coming to Matic Network!

After careful review, due diligence, and months of development & planning, we’re thrilled to announce that Matic Network will launch the first stage of...
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Matic Network at ETHBerlin 2019: Full Recap

This past week, Matic Network sent a handful of team members to Berlin to represent the project at Berlin Blockchain Week, ETHBerlin, & DappCon...
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Matic Network Chosen to Scale Prometeus’ Data Brokerage Ecosystem

Matic Network is excited to announce its collaborative efforts with Prometeus Labs, a secure and decentralized ecosystem for people-owned data markets which overcomes current...
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Matic Network and Elrond Engage in Joint Blockchain Infrastructure Research

We are proud to announce that Matic Network and Elrond have partnered to collaborate on creating more  scalable, robust,  and secure blockchains for the...
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Matic Partner Walkthrough: How to Create Your SpringRole Profile

Some are calling SpringRole the LinkedIn alternative on the blockchain. The platform, (by building on top of Matic Network), makes it easier for employers...
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Our Mission to Spearhead Enterprise Adoption to Prominence in the Blockchain Era

The Matic Ecosystem Initiative Background Since the advent of blockchain, distributed ledger technology has been utilized to tackle inefficiencies across a wide range of...
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Matic & MIH Ventures Co-Host the ETHIndia 2019 DevLounge

The DevLounge offered much more than a place for the ETHIndia hackers to unwind during their relentless BUIDLing stint; they experienced, firsthand, DeFi payments...
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Matic Network at ETHIndia 2019: Full Recap

We have had an incredible experience supporting the second ever ETHIndia hackathon, it was a huge success!
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