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Matic Partner Walkthrough: How to Create Your SpringRole Profile

Some are calling SpringRole the LinkedIn alternative on the blockchain. The platform, (by building on top of Matic Network), makes it easier for employers...
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Our Mission to Spearhead Enterprise Adoption to Prominence in the Blockchain Era

The Matic Ecosystem Initiative Background Since the advent of blockchain, distributed ledger technology has been utilized to tackle inefficiencies across a wide range of...
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Matic & MIH Ventures Co-Host the ETHIndia 2019 DevLounge

The DevLounge offered much more than a place for the ETHIndia hackers to unwind during their relentless BUIDLing stint; they experienced, firsthand, DeFi payments...
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Matic Network at ETHIndia 2019: Full Recap

We have had an incredible experience supporting the second ever ETHIndia hackathon, it was a huge success!
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