Award-Winning Validator Node A-Team Joins Matic’s Staking Partner Ecosystem

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With Phase 2 of our staking rollout underway, we’re quickly expanding our network of top-tier validators which will be helping to ensure the utmost security and robustness of our mainnet.

We are therefore pleased to announce that award-winning validator Node A-Team is joining our staking ecosystem!

Node A-Team is a top-tier validator providing reliable staking infrastructure for retail and institutional delegators since 2018. They provide validation services for ten different blockchains, including Cosmos, Kava, IRISnet, Terra, and now Matic Network, and have more than $8m worth of assets locked in their nodes.

Based out of South Korea, Node A-Team will be an extremely valuable partner for not only securing the Matic mainnet, but also in terms of expanding our awareness in the Korean blockchain ecosystem.

Node A-Team consistently ranks within the top-25 validators on the Cosmos network, and have many notable accomplishments, including:

  • Part of the top-performing ‘Never Jailed Group’ in Cosmos’ Game of Stakes
  • Rank #3 in the Terra Genesis Drill
  • All tasks completed (full score) in the IRISnet Nyancat Testnet
  • Received a Kava Founder Member Badge for their work on the Kava testnet
  • Top -5 candidate of IOV Validator
  • Full reward recipient of the E-Money Reward Program
  • Bug Bounty Recipient of the Solana Tour De Sol
  • Top-7 winner of the LINO Network Validator Prize
  • Winner of the Akash Network Founding Member Challenge

In addition to contributing to network security and providing staking services for the community, we will also be collaborating closely with Node A-Team to utilize their expertise and conduct outreach to spread awareness of Matic’s staking program.

About Node A-Team

Node A-Team is a top-tier dPoS validator service based in South Korea with an impressive record of winning awards from an array of incentivized testnets, including Cosmos’ Game of Stakes.

Node A-team has been focused on creating the most efficient and secure infrastructure since 2018, especially for Cosmos-SDK and Tendermint-based chains, to allow anyone to safely delegate their crypto assets without the risk of downtime or slashing. Currently, Node A-Team is a validator for nine different blockchains.

Operating with a TIA Tier 3 certification data center, Node A-Team invests a lot of time and effort setting up robust validator nodes and have stringent security measures in place to ensure the highest possible node uptime.

We are thrilled to have Node A-Team as an official Staking Partner and we look forward to working alongside them to ensure the utmost security and robustness of our mainnet for our growing ecosystem of DApps waiting to onboard.

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