Bringing Scalable & Secure Blockchain Transactions to the Healthcare Industry Alongside Opu Labs

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With its reliance on private personal data, the healthcare industry is poised to benefit massively from blockchain. We’re therefore excited to reveal our collaboration with Opu Labs to bring scalable and secure blockchain infrastructure to the healthcare industry.

Introducing Opu

Opu empowers patients, researchers, manufacturers, and medical professionals around the world with the ability to manage, monitor and monetize private and secure medical data. Their flagship application, Pocket Skin Clinic, provides consumers with analysis of their general skin health using AI.

Opu Labs’ value-driven ecosystem is underpinned by its native token – the Opu Coin (OPU). OPU is a token made to fit the needs of the healthcare industry, benefitting medical and solution professionals while empowering patients with complete control over their health data. Opu Coin is now live on the Matic mainnet.

Powering the Decentralized Healthcare Revolution

After trialing numerous blockchain networks, Opu Labs has chosen Matic Network as their platform of choice due to the high performance and security of our infrastructure. Opu is the latest in a ling line of decentralized innovators to recognize the value of Matic’s highly scalable network.

With Matic Network’s throughput capability of 7200 TPS, transactions on Matic can be confirmed in as little as ~2 seconds, with negligible gas fees (typically as low as $0.000002 USD).

Example of a recent transaction on Matic Network

Digital payments, data sharing, and privacy related transactions within the Opu ecosystem can now be conducted at lightning-fast speeds with close-to-zero gas fees. More importantly, Matic’s infrastructure is capable of facilitating widespread adoption of Opu’s solutions by their target market of patients, researchers, manufacturers, and medical professionals around the globe.

Opu Wallet v2, powered by Matic, is now available via the Opu Webapp and can be accessed at This is only the beginning of our collaboration; Opo’s integration with Matic now makes a wide variety of blockchain-enabled applications in the healthcare space possible.

Having already collaborated to deploy the OPU Coin smart contract on our mainnet, the Matic and Opu teams are working closely together to bring the benefits of blockchain to the healthcare industry on a larger scale.

The next focus areas for the two teams are expanding the system uses of OPU coin and working with Matic ecosystem project Biconomy to consolidate OPU network transaction charges, thereby providing an even more seamless user experience.

By enabling a balanced economy in which all parties benefit from the sharing of information, OPU aims to become a standard means of exchange for data within the healthcare industry. Matic is providing the high-performance infrastructure to make Opu’s ambitious goals a reality.

The transformative potential of blockchain in the healthcare industry is profound. With their powerful medical data solution, Opu is poised to become a major building block of the decentralized revolution in healthcare. We’re excited to be working alongside the Opu team to usher in the new decentralized paradigm in the healthcare industry.

Sandeep Nailwal, Co-founder & COO – Matic Network

About Opu

Opu empowers patients, researchers, manufacturers, and medical professionals around the world with the ability to manage, monitor and monetize private and secure medical data.

Data providers can securely monetize data while retaining complete privacy and control, where data consumers can access private data effortlessly for use in research, business, science, and technology.

Opu Labs Website | OPU Coin Website | Twitter | Telegram

About Matic Network

Matic Network is a decentralized scalability platform solution using an adapted version of the Plasma framework that empowers Ethereum-based DApps with the high-speed and extremely low-cost transactions required to achieve mass adoption.

With 60+ DApps building on their network already, Matic Network is one of the most widely adopted DApp platforms in the industry.

The Matic Network blockchain achieves finality using PoS checkpoints which are pushed to the Ethereum mainchain. This enables a single Matic sidechain to theoretically achieve 65,535 transactions per block, and possibly millions of transactions on multiple chains in the future.

Website | Twitter | Reddit | YouTube | Telegram

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