Build-n-Earn Round 1 Wrap-Up: Accelerating Innovation on Matic

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We recently concluded the first round of our Build-n-Earn developer incentive program, and it was a huge success! 🥳

Established by Matic in collaboration with Gitcoin, Build-n-Earn is an incentive program offering monthly recurring benefits, designed to enable devs to create the best possible version of their DApps on Matic and thrive. Build-n-Earn DApps receive a range of financial, technical and community-related support.

A total of 38 DApp teams registered for Build-n-Earn during Round 1, of which 19 were eligible to participate. The teams gained valuable exposure to the community via a series of campaigns, received technical assistance from the Matic dev team, and raised a total of $53,110 to fund their development!

Read below for a full run-down of Round 1!

Build-Up to Community Voting

The first two weeks, from Round 1 launch to the beginning of community voting, were focused on acclimatizing the project teams to Build-n-Earn, generating initial community awareness of their DApps, and sowing the seeds to grow their potential user bases.

We held weekly meetups every Wednesday for DApp teams interested in Build-n-Earn to learn more about the program and for the teams to connect and get to know one another, thereby growing their networks. We also invited the wider community to attend for those interested in getting a first-look at the projects.

Each week we invited two Build-n-Earn teams to showcase their products.

Decentral Games & Wildcards

Flowerpatch and JellySwap

Creol & BlockSig

All Build-n-Earn projects which had successfully deployed on the Matic mainnet by September 14th were eligible for grants and were able to take part in our first ever Build-n-Earn community voting round!

The community voting round was the first major Build-n-Earn opportunity for the projects to garner community support whilst securing funding in the process. This began with Demo Day.

Demo Day: Kicking off Community Voting

Demo Day was an opportunity for the Build-n-Earn projects to connect with the community on a personal level to discuss their visions, thereby helping to grow a strong early supporter base whilst also gaining funding through community voting on Gitcoin.

Before the action commenced, our Co-Founder and COO, Sandeep Nailwal, addressed the community with a presentation to introduce the Demo Day attendees to Build-n-Earn and kick off the event.

The Build-n-Earn teams then set about showcasing their DApps to the attendees. They presented their projects via demo videos and discussed their DApps with the community at virtual meetup tables.

Click on each DApp below to see their demo video:

Decentral Games: Provably fair casino games in 3D virtual worlds
SportsDapp: Fantasy sports platform
Showcase: Digital collectible merchandise connecting influencers & fans
Synergy of Serra: New breed of strategy/deckbuilder card game
Flowerpatch: Cannabis farming indie game
CryptoAssault: Blockchain MMO war game
CrypCade: Gaming/entertainment ecosystem
JellySwap: Multi-chain DEX using atomic swaps
Pirates 2048: Pirate ship battle game
Wildcards: Wildlife conservation fundraising via NFTs
BlockSig: Notarized document signing
Always For Sale: Digital art marketplace
SwapMatic: DEX on Matic
Atlas Library System: Digital library system
Creol: Carbon offset solution
Tokenized Tweets: Turn tweets into NFTs
Cube Smasher: Token mining game. Smash cubes to mine CUBE Tokens
Matic Stake Alert Service: Monitor staking rewards via WhatsApp
Parcel: Blockchain payroll service

Demo Day represented a valuable opportunity for the Build-n-Earn teams to generate awareness of their products and connect with potential end-users, who were able to discuss their visions directly with the teams and provide feedback and suggestions. The response from the community and the project teams themselves was excellent.

Maximum Community Exposure

We provided an airdrop of DAI to members of the Matic and Gitcoin communities to be used to contribute to their favourite Build-n-Earn project/s to kick-start contributions and support their development and growth.

Throughout the remainder of the voting period we assisted all Build-n-Earn projects eligible for grants to gain maximum exposure. Efforts to this end included social media promo campaigns to increase the visibility of the DApps and community engagement initiatives .

Thank you to everyone who supported our Build-n-Earn projects via community voting. The results were astounding!

Grants and Funding

Congratulations to the Build-n-Earn grants and funding recipients! 🎉

$15,000 from the total funding pool was utilized to match funds raised by community voting on Gitcoin (via CLR matching) and the remainder, $35,000, was awarded as grants from the Matic Foundation.

We’d like to give a special shoutout to the Decentral Games team, who donated their $3000 grant back to the developer pool in the spirit of camaraderie.

See the total amounts raised by each project below.

CrypCade: Raised $12,101
Flowerpatch: Raised $4564
Creol: Raised $4281
Wildcards: Raised $3510
Synergy of Serra: Raised $3216
Parcel: Raised $2797
SwapMatic: Raised $2438
SportsDapp: Raised $2018
JellySwap: Raised $2194
Matic Stake Alert Service: Raised $1885
Showcase: Raised $1871
Tokenized Tweets: Raised $2000
Pirates 2048: Raised $1805
BlockSig: Raised $1718
Always For Sale: Raised $1688
Atlas Library System: Raised $1644
Cube Smasher: Raised $1412
CryptoAssault: Raised $1349
Decentral Games: Raised $619

Total raised by all Build-n-Earn DApps during Round 1 – $53,110!

Onto Round 2! Bigger and Better

Although Round 1 was an overwhelming success, this was just the beginning. The initial Build-n-Earn round allowed us to test our mechanisms and ideas for community awareness initiatives whilst perfecting our lines of communication with the Build-n-Earn teams to be able to provide maximum support.

Round 2 promises to be even more spectacular. We have more projects joining us to accelerate the innovation from the DApp teams and we have some awesome ideas for further valuable initiatives and events.

Read the full Round 2 details here:

We’re honored to be assisting our Build-n-Earn developers take their DApps to the next level on Matic Network!

Connect with us

If you have any questions, comments, or would like to discuss anything relating to the Matic Build-n-Earn program, join us at the Matic Dev Forum Discord channel:

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