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The Matic Ecosystem Initiative

‘Our Mission to Spearhead India’s Rise to prominence in the Blockchain Era‘ As the beneficial impacts of blockchain technology become more widely understood, nations...
Matic Network
3 min read

SpringRole Scales Professional Network Protocol on Matic’s Sidechains

As more industries pivot towards blockchain adoption, one enterprise-level application of blockchain technology may have a monumental impact on corporate recruitment. The job market...
Matic Network
1 min read

Matic integrates with Chainlink!

Matic Network integrates with Chainlink to enable decentralised oracles on its Layer 2 Plasma-fied sidechain network Decentralised applications often need access to real-world data...
Nirbhik Jangid
1 min read

Announcing our funding round

Coinbase Ventures is backing Matic! We are pleased to announce Coinbase Ventures as our investor in our seed round. This investment is aligned with our goals to...
Jaynti Kanani
52 sec read

Matic partners with Ankr Network!

We’re delighted to announce that Matic has now officially partnered with Ankr Network, to join forces in scaling research and implementation. Ankr is a...
Siddhartha Jain
1 min read

Tackling the adoption issue — One DApp at a time

Cryptostaw : A peer to peer payments application leveraging decentralized components. Bringing together Utility + Scalability + User & business-friendly features! We should be able to...
Siddhartha Jain
4 min read

Faster Plasma Exits with Nuo

Nuo to become one of the first lending platforms to implement faster Plasma Exits on Matic sidechains Why Faster Plasma Exits are needed in the...
Siddhartha Jain
2 min read