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The Matic team recently attended the ‘Crypto Adoption in the New Decade’ meetup in Dubai. The main focus of the event was to discuss the foundation needed for blockchain to achieve mainstream adoption as the decentralized movement advances forward.

We joined representatives of our ecosystem project, Biconomy, and our official staking service provider, Frontier Wallet to provide our insights for the blockchain community of Dubai. We dived deep into the relevant market developments, products, regulations, and toolsets that will be essential to push blockchain into the mainstream.

In order to accelerate mainstream adoption, it is our responsibility to spread the word of blockchain and the revolutionary advantages the technology holds. Meetups are one of the most effective ways to educate new and existing participants of the space, whilst forging valuable connections.

Let’s recap some of the highlights from Crypto Adoption in the New Decade!

Welcome, fellow blockchain lover! Event entrance

Matic Presentation with Jaynti Kanani

Our very own CEO & Co-Founder, Jaynti Kanani, introduced those in attendance to Matic Network and discussed how Matic is facilitating mainstream adoption by providing the infrastructure for mass adoption-ready decentralised applications.

Jaynti gave a brief introduction to a few of the 45+ Dapps currently building on Matic Network, before explaining our mission to drive mainstream adoption of blockchain through our general purpose high-performance Layer 2 platform.

Another topic under the spotlight was our focus on user experience, and why we believe this is key to onboarding the masses to blockchain. Jaynti put forward our vision to see a world in which blockchain technology gains mainstream adoption, and expressed the importance of excellent UX, as well as just excellent infrastructure, to make this a reality.

Panel Discussion with Sandeep Nailwal

Matic’s COO & Co-Founder Sandeep Nailwal joined four other blockchain thought leaders – Ahmed Al-Balaghi (Co-founder of Biconomy and Founder of Encrypted), Nicholas Watson (Partner and Co-Host of Encrypted), Saeed AlDarmaki (Managing Director of Alphabit), and Dhawal Shah (Advisor of Frontier) – for a panel discussion, during which they shared their outlook on adoption and trends to look out for in 2020.

Panel discussion on the topic of driving adoption & trends to look out for in 2020

The panelists addressed some weak points that require action in order to make significant progress in adoption. One of the key focus areas was progressive regulation. Regulations which are too stringent will undoubtedly create roadblocks for innovation for the BUIDLers of the decentralized future, although some degree of progressive regulation is undoubtedly required for innovators to have legal guidelines to follow and to help legitimise blockchain and crypto in the eyes of the general public.

Connecting with the Attendees

After an extensive Q&A session, the Matic team got the chance to connect with those in attendance through a networking session. There was a lot of stimulating conversation shared with the attendees regarding industry roadblocks, predictions for advancements of the space during 2020, and the necessary steps towards mass adoption.

We were honored by the amount of interest from the attendees in Matic Network and our role within the decentralized movement.

Closing Thoughts

We’d like to thank Encrypted for hosting Crypto Adoption in the New Decade. It was a pleasure to meet the blockchain community of Dubai! On our mission to accelerate the decentralized movement, the opportunities to share our vision and connect with the global community is a vital part of our journey.

Just a few days before the meetup, Dubai announced that they will be launching Crypto Valley in the country’s free zone where there is no personal or corporate income tax. This initiative is “Designed to foster growth, collaboration, and integrity across the global blockchain economy,” as stated by the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC).

We’re excited to see Dubai being proactive in the global shift towards a decentralized future. It’s clear that we’re on the path to mainstream adoption and we’re proud to be playing a prominent role in seeing it forward.

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