Encouraging Blockchain Innovation at ETHIndia Online’s Chain Runner Hackathon

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We were proud to recently support the BUIDLers at the Chain Runner virtual hackathon, part of the ETHIndia Online hackathon series, organized by our long-standing hackathon partners Devfolio.

The month-long virtual hackathon took place entirely online from May 22 – June 21, bringing together developers from across the globe to help build our decentralized future.

The Matic team supported the event as judges, and we provided a range of lucrative bounties to encourage the hackers to build innovative solutions on Matic Network.

Matic Network Bounty Tracks

We like to think outside the box when it comes to our bounty tracks, and we came up with some awesome ideas to motivate the Chain Runner hackers to try their hand at building on Matic.

Tracks included:

  1. Open Bounty (each hack up to $500)
  2. Dashboard for GSN Contracts on Matic Network (each hack up to $500)
  3. Explorer for Deposits and Withdrawals from Matic (each hack up to $500)
  4. Micropayments (each hack up to $200)
  5. Open Bounty – Meta Transactions (each hack up to $500)
  6. Build a Fast Exit Plasma Solution (each hack up to $500)

We were honored by the number of hackers who decided to BUIDL their solutions on Matic Network. The competition was fierce, but several of the many incredible hacks particularly impressed the Matic team.

Let’s dive into some of the awesome winning hacks!

Bounty Winners

Tokenized Tweets

Tokenized Tweets allows anyone to save their favourite tweets on the blockchain, simply by replying to a specific tweet on Twitter while tagging @tokenizedtweets. An NFT with the tweet content is then generated on Matic Network.

You can bring your Tokenized Tweets NFTs with you into platforms like Matic ecosystem project Decentraland, where they can be used for various use-cases including in galleries, museums, merch etc.

A simple, yet extremely useful innovation integrating blockchain usage with one of the biggest platforms on the internet.


Using ZoomTipper, Zoom users can allow guests and meeting participants to send tips/donations without leaving the meeting session. The tips go straight to your MetaMask wallet.

This allows secure, seamless revenue generation from Zoom events and meetings, particularly useful for webinars, industry events, and even one-to-one video consultations.

ZoomTipper is currently in alpha. You can test the app using the credentials below:

Zoom meeting ID: 76382993352
Zoom login: zoomhackathon@gmail.com
Zoom password : Chainrunner2020


Matic-DEX allows a user to deposit, transfer, and withdraw ETH, ERC20, and ERC721 tokens to/from Matic Network. This application simplifies interactions between the Matic Network sidechain and Ethereum mainchain, providing an ultra-seamless experience.

You can also transfer your data from Ethereum to Matic. Simply select a file, which will then be uploaded on IPFS and the following hash will be sent to a smart contract where the hash will be saved.

Libertas – Global Unstoppable Streaming, Now

Liberatas provides content creators with a user-friendly solution for uploading and sharing their videos to the world – all in a censorship resistant manner, secured by the Matic blockchain.

These videos can be free or sponsored by an advertiser, allowing creators to be paid for every second their video is watched, receiving payment directly to their account without any middlemen.

Libertas empowers content creators across the globe.


ETHREON is a decentralized app for sharing and consuming content seamlessly, changing the way talent is valued by enabling content creators to connect with meaningful audiences while receiving compensation and recognition for their talent.

By running on Matic Network, ETHEREON is able to provide its users with extremely fast transactions, thereby delivering a user experience akin to centralized platforms.

Paaradarshak – A Fund Manager as Transparent as Water

Paaradarshak is a blockchain-based fund manager enabling users to track how their individual contribution is being used, and allowing anyone to audit how the total funds are being utilized – providing ultimate transparency.

Matic Network was chosen due to its high scalability, real-time notification support via Dagger, and its ability to integrate decentralized storage via our partner MoiBit.

Closing Thoughts: Onward to Our Bright Decentralized Future

Chain Runner was a resounding success. The level of talent on display was incredible! We forged new relationships with many young budding blockchain developers who were able to experience first-hand the power of Matic Network.

It is an honor to be taking such a prominent role in spearheading the acceleration of blockchain adoption in India and beyond. We look forward to taking part in the many other hackathons in the pipeline this year to drive the development of a more open, decentralized future.

Developers, let’s keep BUIDLing!

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