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One of our core goals is to spread awareness of not only Matic Network, but of the advantages and opportunities that the blockchain space as a whole can provide for the mainstream population worldwide.

Therefore, over the last few months, we have been continually spreading awareness of Matic Network and expanding our community across Africa via a series of meetups organised in conjunction with one of our valued Matic Mitras, Chid Olisa.

Connecting with the Nigerian community

Nigeria not only represents the largest economy in Africa, but is also home to a rapidly growing community of crypto enthusiasts. Therefore, it is likely to be an important player in Africa’s decentralized movement. Our Mitra, Chid Olisa, has now represented Matic at two events in the country.

The first event took place at the Institute of Management Technology in Enugu, with approximately 50 developers in attendance. Chid educated the young BUIDLers on the importance & opportunities of blockchain, using Matic as a primary case study.

A handful of those in attendance were already familiar with blockchain, but most either had zero or just surface-level knowledge of the technology. Chid explained the advantages of decentralized infrastructure for various application use cases, and many attendees were interested to learn more about how they could themselves become involved in the blockchain space.

Meetup attendees listening to Chid’s presentation

Chid also attended a second event taking place in Nigeria, this time aimed towards crypto investors and blockchain enthusiasts. Chid was able to expand on the fundamental knowledge base of the attendees to push the importance of Matic’s mission, to scale blockchain-enabled applications to mass adoption-ready levels, within the context of the broader decentralized movement.

Chid with the attendees of the second meetup in Nigeria

Spreading the word in Ghana

Chid also took his mission of Matic education to Ghana, where he organized a meetup at the University of Education in Winneba. The turnout was excellent, with more than 55 people with varying degrees of blockchain experience and knowledge in attendance.

Chid introducing himself and his role as a Matic Mitra at the University of Education in Winneba, Ghana

The event began with an opening prayer in the African tradition, after which Chid introduced himself and his role as a Matic Mitra, and asked how many of the audience were already familiar with blockchain. Roughly half had a base understanding of the technology, and it was inspiring to hear that more than a handful had already heard of Matic Network – and three actually held MATIC tokens.

For the benefit of those who were new to blockchain, Chid spent the first segment of the meetup providing a fundamental understanding of blockchain and the advantages the technology provides. Then, Chid introduced Matic and explained the mission and importance of Matic Network within the wider decentralized movement, and gave insights on some of the achievements of Matic on our journey so far.

This was followed by a very active Q&A session in which the attendees gathered more insights from Chid on the importance of blockchain and Matic Network. Two developers in attendance probed Chid on Matic’s ability to provide the necessary scalability for mainstream-ready Dapps, after which they expressed interest in building their own solutions on Matic Network.

Chid answering questions about Matic Network during the Q&A with the Ghanaian attendees

It was incredible to hear there was such a high amount of interest in Matic and our mission from people of all backgrounds and levels of blockchain experience.

Closing Thoughts

Thank you to our Matic Mitra, Chid Olisa, for spreading the word of Matic around Africa and helping to forge a strong African Matic community. Due to the amount of interest from the attendees, there are already more such meetups on the cards.

It is an honor to witness so much proactivity, passion and dedication from our Mitras even at this early stage. We already have many initiatives lined up from our Mitras over the coming months. Together, we are bringing Matic strongly into the global spotlight!

African community members, don’t forget to join our regional Africa community here:

What is Matic Mitra?

Matic Mitra (Mitra meaning ‘friend’ in Sanscrit) is our global project ambassador initiative. The primary objective of Matic Mitra is to curate a global outreach program that empowers individuals in different international cities to further Matic Network’s engagement with local blockchain communities.

This includes organising community meetups, spreading the word of Matic at local industry events, facilitating the onboarding of new applications to Matic Network, creating content to educate the wider blockchain community about our mission, and more.

If you are a Matic enthusiast and would like to contribute to the furthering of our mission, you can learn more and submit an application to become a Matic Mitra here.

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