Introducing Matic Build-n-Earn: Earn Rewards by Making Your DApps Superior

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What is Matic Build-n-Earn?

Matic Build-n-Earn ( is an incentive program offering monthly recurring benefits, designed for developers and teams that need a reliable, predictable source of cash flow during DApp development and maintenance of the application lifecycle before they have reached the point of sustained growth. Build-n-Earn is available for any DApps at any stage of their lifecycle, provided they are building on Matic Network. The program is designed to enable developers to create the best possible version of their application. 

Additionally, Build-n-Earn is designed in such a way to provide DApps with the opportunity to gain exposure to potential end-users through the support of the massive Ethereum, Matic, and Gitcoin community.

Note: Build-n-Earn is different from our existing grant-based Developer Support Program (DSP).

Motivation Behind Launching Matic Build-n-Earn

There’s a lot more required for a successful DApp business beyond just an excellent idea. The funding ecosystem for DApps globally is in its infancy. The DApp space has still not been able to attract sustained funding inflow from investors. Due to this fact, many promising DApps are unable to survive beyond a certain point. 

As per State of the DApps, there are around 1196 DApps currently live on the Ethereum mainnet.  Startlingly, however,  the data also shows that more than 1000 DApps have been abandoned. Over the last few months, while working with a wide array of DApp developer teams, we have realized that the most common problems leading to DApp abandonment are:   

  • Technical issues like scaling, UI/UX, developer tooling 
  • Financial matters (cash flow/funding) 
  • Defining their business model & effectively monetizing their DApp
  • Gaining exposure to potential end-users

The most pressing issue, as we understand, is that most DApps face a significant problem in attracting early users and generating cash flow/funding in the development stage, which often cripples DApps before they have been given a chance to flourish. We want to provide a solution to this problem. 

Besides this, the time and effort required to build a solid user base and a sustainable business model while developing a DApp is much greater compared to traditional applications. 

These problems are not easy to solve in the fledgling blockchain industry, and they are the very obstacles that we ourselves have had to overcome along our journey. Fortunately, we have managed to successfully navigate through these challenges. With our experience, and with the current stage of our lifecycle and our commitment to our vision of facilitating mass adoption for decentralized applications, we believe that it’s imperative for us to support DApps on their journey.

Therefore, the idea of Matic Build-n-Earn is simple: as a DApp developer, I should be able to make continuous progress on my application development and user acquisition, and if my work is moving in the right direction as per community feedback, I should be able to generate a small cash flow which can help me continue and accelerate my growth.  

Blockstack originally pioneered this type of initiative with their App Mining program, and we are taking the idea forward with changes and additions which we have identified as the most beneficial for the Ethereum & Matic developer community.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

Build-n-Earn applies to any DApp that builds on Matic Network. If you have a DApp on Matic, or one currently on Ethereum or any other blockchain and want to make use of Matic’s high-performance, low-fee Layer 2 scalability infrastructure on Ethereum whilst maintaining the security and decentralization of the Ethereum mainchain, you are eligible to apply for the Matic Build-n-Earn program. 

DApps running on Ethereum can quickly deploy on Matic’s Layer 2 platform in 30 minutes, and we assist with hassle-free migration from other blockchains.

Benefits of Joining the Matic Build-n-Earn Program

Every DApp is different and has its own requirements for success. Matic Build-n-Earn is designed to provide tailored assistance to help developers to build the best possible version of their DApps, no matter their niche or individual needs. Matic Build-n-Earn, therefore, provides DApps building on Matic with a range of funding, technical and marketing-related support based on their specific requirements.

Funding Allocation

Build-n-Earn allows developers to receive a monthly funding allocation, determined by a process of consensus between the Matic team and wider blockchain community, from a total pool of $50,000 per month provided by the Matic Foundation. 

The reward allocation process will consist of two parts:

1) Community voting with CLR Matching on Gitcoin
2) Expert review

The voting process will incorporate inputs from the wider community and developer community to decide the funding allocation for 30% of the total pool ($15,000), which will be purely determined by the community voting. The Matic team will evaluate the applicable DApps based on pre-decided criteria (see FAQs) to determine the allocation of the other 70% ($35,000) of the pool. 

To explain it in detail, for the community voting process, we are partnering with Gitcoin. They are the de-facto platform for open source bounties and a distribution platform for DApps. 30% of the funding per month, i.e. $15,000 for now, will be reserved by the Matic Foundation for the matching pool to fund the DApps eligible for the program via the Gitcoin Grants program. 

The remaining 70% of the monthly funding amount, as discussed above, will be reserved for the consideration for the reviewers assigned by the Matic team, who will rate products based on the parameters defined here. Read more about the rating of applicable DApps based on pre-decided criteria (see FAQs).

Technical Support

We assist DApps in the Matic Build-n-Earn program with dedicated technical support from the Matic Network team, and provide access to and assistance with the full range of developer tooling available for DApps building on Matic. Join the Matic developer Discord channel for more support relating to Build-n-Earn.

Valuable User Feedback

The response from end-users will ultimately determine the level of success of any DApp. Through the community-led Build-n-Earn voting process and exposure to the broader community, developers will receive detailed feedback from end-users, which is integral to creating a highly-marketable DApp.

Summary: Helping DApps Unlock Further Stages of Success

Through a combination of Matic Network’s high-performance infrastructure and the Matic Build-n-Earn program, developers will be equipped with all the ingredients required to build a killer DApp.

Matic empowers DApps with high transactional throughput, a superior UX, low transaction costs, and a comprehensive suite of developer tooling – all of which are required to achieve mass-adoption readiness at a technical level. At the same time, Matic Build-n-Earn helps developers to build the best possible version of their DApp.

Are you ready to take your DApp to the next level? Find out how you can apply for the Matic Build-n-Earn program here.

I Want to Participate, What Are the Next Steps?

You need to take following quick actions: 

  1. Register your DApp/game application built on Matic here
  2. Join Discord
    – Announcement Channel:
    – Discussion Channel:
  3. Follow our developer-focused Twitter handle: @matic_devs
  4. Here is the developer documentation for building on Matic:
  5. Details for deployments on the official Matic Network testnet and mainnet:
  6. The dates relating to the initial stages of Build-n-Earn are as follows:
    1. 15th July: Build-n-Earn program announcement
    2. 15th July – 10th August: Preparatory time for setting up registered Build-n-Earn DApps on the Matic testnet
    3. 10th August (approximate, set date TBD): Deployments on the Matic mainnet
    4. 15 days after deployment on the Matic mainnet: Gitcoin CLR voting 
    5. 15 days after Gitcoin CLR voting process ends: expert reviewer analysis and final results for month 1 of the Matic Build-n-Earn program

Connect with us

If you have any questions, comments, or would like to discuss anything relating to the Matic Build-n-Earn program, join us at the Matic Dev Forum Discord channel:

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