Launching of Large Scale Developer Initiatives for Mainnet Adoption

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There are already approximately 100+ teams in the Matic developer community, whether involved in active Matic ecosystem DApps or building solutions on our testnet.

Now that the Matic mainnet is live, one of our primary focuses will be to continue to accelerate our existing Dev Drive initiatives and implement new ones. Hence, we are Launching our Large Scale Developer Initiatives for Mainnet Adoption starting with a strategic partnership with Gitcoin.

These initiatives cater to developers with DApps at all stages of development – from inception to fully-fledged and operational. Our goal is to serve as more than simply a scaling solution, but as an entire collaborative ecosystem of developers and DApps building on Matic Network which will become stronger together as the ecosystem expands.

We’re thrilled to launch following campaigns for developer adoption.

  1. Build-n-Earn: Monthly recurring incentive program for developers to bootstrap their teams. More details will be provided soon. 
  2. Matic Layer 2 Security Hackathon: To attract protocol developers to Matic and improve Matic Layer 2 Security with their contributions ($50,000 and above in bounties at offer).
  3. Hackerone Bug bounty program : An year long bug bounty program for security researchers.
  4. Devfolio Month-long Hackathons: To attract large-scale mainstream developer attention to blockchain in India and beyond.
  5. Devfolio College Hackathons: Over 100 hackathons in best technology schools across the world. 
  6. Accelerators & Incubators like T-Block: To provide promising blockchain startups with the support and funding. We already initiated one accelerator with the Govt. of Telangana – T-Block. We will be launching more such accelerators in future. 
  7. Developer Support Program: To equip budding blockchain developers with the essential support required for getting their projects off the ground.

DApp Deployments on the Matic Mainnet: To power the global DApp ecosystem with the performance required to reach mass adoption-levels of users.

Gitcoin Collaboration Including Matic Layer2 Security Hackathon

Aim: To attract protocol developers and security experts to review, contribute and improve the Matic Layer2 protocol and its security

We’ve teamed up with Gitcoin to foster the growth of the blockchain developer community and to invite all hackers, attackers, security researchers and engineers in the Gitcoin community to take part in our Matic Layer2 Security Hackathon to help us ensure the utmost security & robustness of our network.

Gitcoin offers a place for developers to work on bugs, features, and more. The idea with Gitcoin is that developers build relationships with repo owners and strengthen their ties to the open source community.

We’re offering up to $50,000 per reported issue. Full details of our bug bounty hackathon can be found here:

We have applied a Bounty Multiplier for this hackathon so anyone with a critical level bug can be rewarded more than what is stipulated.

We look forward to forging a relationship with Gitcoin’s developer community!

HackerOne Bug Bounty Program

Aim: To build a relationship with HackerOne’s community of top-class penetration testers and cybersecurity researchers whilst adding a further layer of expert validation of the security of our core code base.

We’re also inviting HackerOne’s community of top-class devs to put their skills to use finding vulnerabilities, security issues, and bugs in our codebase and earn up to $10,000 per reported issue via our HackerOne bug bounty program.

HackerOne is a leading vulnerability coordination and bug bounty platform that connects businesses with top-class penetration testers and cybersecurity researchers.

The GitHub repositories of the three major components of the Matic Network mainnet are within the scope of our HackerOne bug bounty program:
Smart Contracts

For more details of the bounty program, see our blog post here:

T-Block Accelerator

Aim: To provide promising Indian blockchain startups with the support and tools required to flourish and thrive.

Organized by Tech Mahindra and the Telangana government, the initiative will further the Telangana government’s mission to make Telangana the ‘Blockchain Capital of the World’.

Matic, along with Harmony, will be providing T-Block startups with support and the infrastructure required to build DApps with the performance required to facilitate mass adoption.

“We will extend Matic Network’s infrastructure and our in-house expertise to mentor and train the participating startups.”

Jaynti Kanani, CEO – Matic Network

We’re honored to be playing a prominent role in establishing India as a major hub of blockchain innovation!

Our Co-Founder & CEO, Sandeep Nailwal, recently delivered a workshop to educate developers about product development on blockchains, as a precursor to the training module that will appear in T-Block Accelerator’s Bootcamp.

Click on the image above or here to see the full workshop.

Developer Support Program

Aim: To equip budding blockchain developers with the essential support required for getting their projects off the ground.

Through our Developer Support Program, budding blockchain developers are being provided with technical, financial, talent sourcing, and outreach-related support. We believe it’s imperative that we position developers in the best way possible for them to build impactful, innovative solutions. We are taking these efforts globally, not just in India.

The DSP has helped numerous Matic ecosystem projects to find their footing in the industry and begin to thrive. Examples of recipients of DSP support include…

Devfolio Hackathons

Aim: To attract large-scale mainstream developer attention to blockchain in India and beyond.

Alongside our hackathon partner, Devfolio, we’ve hosted and attended upwards of 80 hackathons at top educational institutions this past year in India alone, in addition to prominent Ethereum hackathons globally. These efforts are constantly ongoing.

Matic’s CEO, Jaynti Kanani, announcing the Matic Network bounty winners at ETHWaterloo

Many of the hackathons we host alongside Devfolio across India are targeted primarily towards mainstream developers. This means that we have the privilege of introducing many mainstream devs to blockchain through building hacks on Matic Network.

Hackathons also act as a forum to spot outstanding talent and connect with devs working on particularly impressive solutions. For example, decentralized payment solution Incento was conceptualized at the ETHIndia hackathon, and is a current patron of Matic’s Developer Support Program.

Incento is already implemented on the Matic Beta-mainnet for the whole world to test, and is preparing to onboard to our full mainnet.

Onwards: DApp Deployments on the Matic Mainnet

Aim: To power the global DApp ecosystem with the performance required to reach mass adoption-levels of users.

With our mainnet live, we are now able to provide our ecosystem of 60+ DApps with the infrastructure to overcome the traditional performance bottlenecks of the blockchain ecosystem, to allow DApps to be able to handle large volumes of users with ease.

DApps will start being onboarded to the Matic Network mainnet this month. Once the DApp deployment process begins, it will include multiple Dapp Deployment Weeks in addition to Dapp Weeks to introduce some of the new additions to the Matic ecosystem to onboard to our mainnet.

The mainnet launch signals the beginning of the next exciting chapter for Matic Network, and things are heating up on all fronts.

We’re currently preparing to launch our biggest developer-focused initiative yet. There will be an update on that soon, stay tuned.

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