Mainnet Rollout Phase 2 is Firmly Underway: Progress Update

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Following our phased mainnet rollout strategy, Phase 1 has been successfully completed and we’re making significant headway on Phase 2 already. Before we dive into an overview of Phase 2, let’s review our mainnet rollout progress so far.

Phase 1: Mainnet with Initial Validator Set

During phase 1, we ensured that our infrastructure was set up for the launch of the network by onboarding our Foundation nodes and the nodes run by our selected DApp partners.

The goals for this phase were to:

  • Ensure that the mainnet is working with a restricted set of validators, with >⅔ of the stake controlled by Matic Foundation and the select set of validators.
  • Enable developers to deploy applications right away.
  • Make sure the network continues operating even if native network calls for fetching Ethereum staking contract state or other network calls fail.
  • Ensure any bugs/issues are addressed with smoother validator coordination.
  • Continue code and security reviews.
  • Upgrade nodes based on any bugs reported via our bug bounty program on HackerOne.


The first step of the Matic mainnet was launched with an initial set of validators including the Matic Foundation nodes and some select validators who have been working closely with the Matic team.

Note: Delegations are currently only available to Matic Foundation nodes (which charge zero commission to delegators).

Validators onboarded during Phase 1 included marquee DApps who will be deploying to the mainnet alongside our enterprise partner, $40bn Indian tech icon Infosys:

Arkane Network


Sapien Network



All of our DApp partner validators have successfully been running validator nodes on the network for upwards of six weeks.

Staking Launch

At the end of June, staking on Matic Network went live. MATIC holders can now delegate their tokens to validator nodes on the Matic mainnet and receive staking rewards for helping to secure the network.

The delegation process is simple: head to the Staking Dashboard, connect your wallet, choose the Ethereum network, delegate to a validator and start earning. Staking rewards are received regularly, at every checkpoint.

Staking rewards APR at the time of writing is still more than 35%!

If you aren’t staking your MATIC yet, you can learn how to do so here:

Staking Dashboard link:

DApp Deployments on the Mainnet

Developers are able to deploy their applications on Matic directly by acquiring MATIC tokens on Ethereum from an exchange of their choice.

Our ecosystem DApps are lining up to onboard to our mainnet. Therefore, we launched Deployment Week in early August to showcase 5 of our ecosystem DApps which have already onboarded to the mainnet.




Blockchain Cuties


Deposits and Withdrawals on Matic Network Went Live

Using the Matic Web Wallet, you can deposit MATIC and ETH to the Matic Network mainnet from Ethereum and make near-instant transactions to other wallets for a small fraction of the cost of the gas fees on Ethereum.

Read our full guide here:

Experience the power of Matic Network for yourself today.

Other Notes Regarding Phase 1

The state of the network was persisted and maintained by the Matic Foundation in this step. This will continue until the final step.

Now that we’ve achieved a secure and reliable mainnet, we have established our final and permanent testnet, known as the Mumbai testnet. Mumbai is similar to Ethereum’s Ropsten testnet but for Matic Network DApps. Mumbai will replace all current testnets, including Testnetv2 and Testnetv3.

The Betav2 mainnet and Alpha-mainnets are gradually being retired. Support is being provided to migrate state and tokens from both of these mainnets to the final v1 mainnet.

Phase 2: Validator Slots to be Gradually Opened for Public Validators

Phase 1 saw the establishment of a solid network through the deployment of Matic Foundation nodes and the beginnings of decentralization by introducing our DApp Partner validator nodes to the mainnet.

During Phase 2 we are significantly increasing the decentralization of Matic Network by opening up the network to 25 additional public validators! These are largely top-tier professional industry validators, and are being added gradually but regularly.

This ensures the smooth addition of external validators into the network, and the resolution of any unforeseen issues that may be encountered.

The validator slot auction process is being enabled and validators can be replaced. Interested validators will need to participate in the staking slot auction process, if a slot is not empty, by staking a higher amount of MATIC tokens compared to the incumbent.

The goals for this phase are to:

  • Enable a limited set of public validators to join the network and ensure the ability of the Matic team to address any bugs/issues in the network nodes and/or contracts.
  • Test the validator community governance process.
  • Ensure any bugs/issues are addressed with smoother validator coordination.
  • Continue code and security reviews.
  • Upgrade nodes based on any bugs reported via our HackerOne bug bounty program.

Phase 2 validator onboarding is quickly picking up steam, with 15+ top-tier validators already added to the network:

Decentral Games

BCW Group

Node A-Team

In addition to Decentral Games, BCW Group and Node A-Team, we have also welcomed top-tier validation service provider, blockchain-gaming focused investment firm Polyient Games, DeFi protocol StaFi, staking-as-a-service provider YieldWallet, popular NFT collectible game Ethermon, and many other validators to the network. Full details regarding those will be released shortly.

You can also keep track of the network validator growth via the homepage of our Staking Dashboard here:

Onwards to a Fully Decentralized Network

During Phase 2, Matic Network will continue to become increasingly decentralized as more top-tier validators deploy validator nodes on the network until we reach 25 public validators. Our rapidly growing ecosystem of DApps will continue to onboard the the mainnet in quick succession during Phase 2.

Ultimate network decentralization will come during Phase 3 of the mainnet rollout, which will see community-run public validator nodes added to the network. During this phase, Matic Foundation nodes will be discontinued and the network will be run entirely by our decentralized network of top-tier and community-run public validator nodes.

We will announce Phase 3 details upon the completion of Phase 2, once all 25 of our top-tier validators have been added to the network.

We’re quickly picking up steam on the mainnet rollout, adoption, and mainnet onboarding fronts. Let’s go! 😎

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