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Nations around the world are relentlessly building towards the decentralized movement, and India is no exception. In Bengaluru, Matic Network had the opportunity to sponsor the India Dapp Fest Conference 2019 from June 11th-15th (which included Hack@IDF Hackathon from June 11th-13th) comprised of developers, technologists, cypherpunks, coders, crypto-economists, & designers. The conference served as an opportunity for the global blockchain community to familiarize themselves with Matic Network, emerging trends from enterprise executives, thought leaders, and the future of India’s role in the decentralized application (dApp) economy.

Hack@IDF: Building for the Future

Hack@IDF was a 3-day combination of hackathon and workshops for world-class teams to crowdsource talent for impactful solutions. The primary aim was to jumpstart development on blockchain platforms for practical and enterprise-grade use cases.

Matic CEO Jaynti Kanani kicking off the Hack@IDF with Matic VP of Marketing & Operations, Chandresh Aharwar, on Day 1

On the first day, the hackathon was kicked off by Jaynti Kanani, Matic’s CEO, and Chandresh Aharwar, Matic’s Vice President of Marketing & Operations. Shortly afterwards, Matic hosted a workshop on the basics of its platform to help on-board all the participants. Through the workshop, participants learned how to build on the Matic Network, witnessed the practical use cases of Dagger, and live escrow smart contract development. As participants were actively building and mentored throughout the second day, teams pitched their projects early morning on the third day. The judging panel was comprised of multiple blockchain industry leaders & Matic Co-founder/Chief Product Officer, Anurag Arjun along with Chandresh Aharwar.

Matic VP of Operations & Marketing, Chandresh Aharwar conducting a team building exercise with the Hackathon teams

The top eight teams (most of whom built on top of the Matic Network), fought tooth and nail to showcase their outstanding projects. The talent presented at the hackathon was humbling to see; ultimately, three teams emerged as winners after a rigorous judging session. 

Hack@IDF Winners:

  1. The Matical — Uni-Wallet is a desktop and mobile-based wallet that supports cryptocurrency & smart contract interactions. It is a multi-browser, multi-platform, multi-integration, multi-blockchain wallet that permits more wallets to be built on top of it. It also supports integration and can communicate with the hardware wallet.
  2. Automatic  — The authenticity of what candidates claim on their resumes are often questionable and causes companies to increase hiring costs. Automatic is a decentralized application in which every user is given the ability to make “claims” on their e-resume and these claims are auto-verified by the companies through our blockchain.
  3. Cryptomatics — A feature-rich decentralized voting solution that promises transparency, cost-effectiveness and increased and accurate voter turnout in elections.
A winning team after the judging session at Hack@IDF.

Pre-Placement Interview (PPI) Winners:

  1. The Matical
  2. Cryptomatics 
A group picture of all of the participants at Hack@IDF.

India’s Inevitable Rise in the DApp Era

On June 14th and 15th, Sandeep Nailwal, Chief Operating Officer of Matic, gave a key note in front of an international audience of blockchain experts. He covered Matic Network’s role as a Plasma-based solution for Ethereum scalability, and the inevitable rise of dApps within India. 

 Sandeep Nailwal, Chief Operating Officer of Matic, presenting his keynote on India’s future in shaping the decentralized application movement.

Sandeep’s keynote noted how the frequency of hackathons, meetups, and conferences in India are an indicator of the growing movement for blockchain development and adoption. He stressed how Matic Network strived to align itself with this movement, as the Matic team has represented India in multiple domestic and international blockchain events such as IIT Bombay, IIT Roorkee, & ETH Global Events like ETHNewYork, ETHSingapore, & ETHIndia. 

“IDF has been one of the most impactful conferences that I’ve attended in India. The hackathon prior to the conference was also very impactful. Matic wants to reach to the grass root levels of the Indian developer community, & IDF was a great avenue to achieve that goal” — Sandeep Nailwal

During his keynote presentation, Sandeep also elaborated on the largest barriers to entry for blockchain technology in enterprise and consumer use cases. Based on Sandeep’s insights, the developer community would need to establish platforms with faster transaction times, lower transaction fees, and better user experiences. In addition to Sandeep’s keynote, he joined other blockchain experts on a panel discussing emerging trends within the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

Sandeep Nailwal, Chief Operating Officer of Matic, speaking alongside other international blockchain thought leaders at the main stage. 


The India Dapp Fest Conference hosted panels and keynotes from multiple founders, executives, engineers from established organizations such as IBM, Mahindra Group, Ripple, Draper University, Pricewaterhouse Coopers among many others to provide their insights on emerging trends of the blockchain space (both globally and in India.) In general, many of the talks revolved around the notion of India’s growing role as an innovator in the decentralized application space. With so many developers building early prototypes on top of the Matic Network at the Hack@IDF Hackathon, the global community remains poised to witness the full-fledged applications that will be deployed on Matic Network in the future. 

Stay tuned as Matic Network rolls out more updates about upcoming events, announcements, and project developments!

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