Matic at San Francisco Blockchain Week: Full Recap

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The Matic team recently supported this year’s San Francisco Blockchain Week and participated in a variety of exciting events!

San Francisco Blockchain Week (SFBW), the biggest West Coast blockchain conference and the second annual event of the series, took place from October 28th to November 3rd, 2019 with events spanning the across San Francisco and Berkeley areas. SFBW aimed to bring together blockchain startups, entrepreneurs, investors, stakeholders, and large corporations to share knowledge and strategize on improving the future of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

SFBW was a huge success and was pivotal in educating participants with world-class fundamentals required to push the boundaries of blockchain innovation towards mainstream adoption. Matic Network was thrilled to play a key role by organizing and attending a range of sub-events across the busy week and, of course, we were honoured to connect with our esteemed members of Matic community from the states.

Sit back for a full recap of our eventful week at the San Francisco Blockchain Week!

Game Oasis Hackathon: SF

October 25th – 27th

In the run-up to SFBW, we co-hosted the San Francisco segment of the Game Oasis Hackathon alongside Binance Labs, Celer, Contentos, Cocos-BCX, Marlin Protocol and Republic.

One of our core focuses is to accelerate blockchain development globally. As the gaming industry exponentially grows, the opportunities for BUIDLers of decentralized games will grow exponentially also; the gaming sector in particular stands to benefit hugely from blockchain integration.

The Matic team provided a range of lucrative bounty challenges for the Game Oasis hackers to encourage them to try their hand at building on Matic Network. The skill displayed by the hackers was humbling and we were thrilled to see so many talented developers BUIDLing on Matic.

SFBW Kickoff Party

October 28th

Matic officially kicked off SFBW in style at a party which we co-hosted with IoTeX, Harmony and Elrond at the Press Club in San Francisco. The party provided attendees with the opportunity to network and discuss ideas with other blockchain leaders, startups, and investors. The party was a blast and an excellent way to kick off SFBW 2019!

Kickoff Party with IoTeX, Harmony, and Elrond at the Press Club

Who’s Building on Ethereum

October 29th

‘Who’s Building on Ethereum’ was an event co-organized by Matic which was centred on introducing attendees to Dapps, tools, and platforms which currently utilize the Ethereum ecosystem, in order to provide attendees with the necessary ‘know-how’ on a variety of solutions being built in the Ethereum ecosystem. It also provided valuable insights into the fundamental value of smart contracts which are executing unstoppable code that controls digital value amongst various industries.

Newcomers and seasoned Ethereum enthusiasts got the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the Ethereum ecosystem via connecting and discussing with representatives of leading projects building on Ethereum. Matic’s aim at the event was to equip attendees with valuable insights on Ethereum’s infrastructure and ecosystem, thus encouraging further adoption.

DeFi and Drinks Meetup

October 30th

DeFi and Drinks was a meetup held on for those interested in the decentralized financial ecosystem, allowing them to connect, network and share ideas with protocol developers, mentors, companies, and a handful of other stakeholders with the same interests.

The meetup was vital in connecting participants with leaders in the decentralized finance ecosystem, including ourselves, AAVE, Elrond, Cere Network, Set, and dYdX. Attendees were also given the chance to win prizes worth $1,000 of DAI in a crypto/DeFi themed pub quiz.

SFBW Main Stage

October 31st – November 1st

Our appearance on the SFBW Main Stage provided attendees with the opportunity to connect with the Matic team at the Matic booth, thereby creating an atmosphere for the crowd to stop by to talk to our team to learn more about our technology, business, brand, and ecosystem. It was a pleasure to connect with the Matic community from the states!

DeFi Hackathon

November 1-3

We were proud to support the DeFi Hackathon, one of the crowning events during SFBW. The 3-day event saw hackers BUIDL the future of finance by transforming traditional financial products into trustless & transparent solutions without intermediaries.

Our CPO, Anurag Arjun, delivered a workshop on the topic of ‘Building applications using fast Plasma asset swaps on Matic’ to spread knowledge of the advantages of Matic’s infrastructure to the DeFi Hackathon attendees.

SFBW Livestream

November 1st

Our CPO & Co-founder, Anurag Arjun, took the time out of his busy schedule to join a live AMA session during SFBW. Anurag sat down with Wilson Wei, CEO of Lino Network, to discuss Matic Network’s competitive advantages over other scalability solutions, building using the Plasma framework, how staking on Matic will work compared to other projects, and more!

“At Matic we take a very pragmatic way of delivering the right developer experience – we have Plasma but we are also a hybrid chain which means we also have a proof-of-stake layer. You can choose the right amount of security that you want.”

Check out the full AMA session below:

Built to Scale

November 1st

Matic also co-hosted the ‘Built to Scale’ event at San Francisco Blockchain Week 2019 alongside Harmony, Hashgraph, MouseBelt and CoinState. At the event, Matic and its co-hosts discussed the challenges, solutions and outlook for blockchain scalability in 2020.

Closing Thoughts

San Francisco Blockchain Week 2019 provided consumers and developers with the world-class fundamental knowledge and valuable insights, which undoubtedly served as a springboard in launching improved and innovative blockchain solutions for the future!

SFBW also helped to connect newcomers and experts in blockchain and cryptocurrency with influential leaders and seasoned speakers in the blockchain space.

Matic had an incredible time at the San Francisco Blockchain Week. Amongst all the hackathons, events and meetups we were able to network with fellow leaders of the blockchain space, connect with the attendees and spread the word of Matic’s mission to the wider blockchain community.

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