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Our Mission to Spearhead India’s Rise to prominence in the Blockchain Era

As the beneficial impacts of blockchain technology become more widely understood, nations across the globe are gearing up to build a decentralized future. Home to some of the world’s most talented, up-and-coming blockchain developers and projects, India’s decentralized movement is thriving. The frequency of India-based hackathons, meetups, and conferences is a telling indicator of the growing movement for blockchain development and adoption. However, barriers to entry and challenges in gaining recognition in this fledgling blockchain space still persists for Indian developers and projects alike.

Matic Network is therefore committed to using its industry platform, knowledge and influence to facilitate the road to India’s bright and decentralized future.

Opening the Door to India’s Bright Decentralized Future

To see Matic’s vision resonate so strongly with the blockchain community has been a huge honor. Our momentum and progress are emblematic of India’s greater decentralized movement. The ongoing support of prominent blockchain organizations such as Coinbase, Binance, and Decentraland has provided Matic Network with a strong platform of credibility; this has provided India’s community of talented developers with a doorway for valuable contribution to Matic Network and the blockchain space.

To continue widening the doorway for India’s blockchain community, Matic Network tirelessly strives to align itself with the wider decentralized movement, representing India in multiple domestic and international blockchain events such as IIT Bombay, IIT Roorkee, and ETH Global Events like ETHNewYork, ETHSingapore, & ETHIndia. This past month, Matic most recently hosted Hack@IDF in Bengaluru and sponsored the first-ever Blockchain Stage at E3 in Los Angeles.

Building a Strong Foundation for Indian Blockchain Developers

According to the Evans Data Corporation, India will be home to the world’s largest number of domestic software developers by 2023. Many are already trying their hand at building India’s decentralized future and many more are expressing an interest in doing so. However, as cutting-edge as blockchain technology is, entry into blockchain development is difficult for general developers. By providing developer-friendly SDKs and a vibrant and active community, Matic hopes to empower Indian developers that will be equipped to thrive in the blockchain era. We have been humbled to witness this first hand during our ongoing hackathon efforts at Hack@IDF.

Matic’s efforts to seek out and empower India’s blockchain developers do not stop with our hackathon endeavors. Through our Developer Support Program, India’s budding blockchain developers will be provided with technical, financial, talent sourcing, and outreach-related support. It’s imperative that we position developers in the best way possible for them to build innovative solutions. We’re also actively conducting outreach to India’s educational institutions to bridge the gap between the academic community and blockchain space.

Showcasing Local Teams & Projects

Matic’s vision of facilitating mainstream-level scaling has clearly resonated overwhelmingly with the blockchain community, and we are grateful for the industry spotlight received thus far. Wherever possible, we are keen to direct this attention to local projects in order to demonstrate, promote and support India’s accelerating decentralized movement. Matic has thus far worked to propel a variety of India-based projects, including “P2P payments platform” – Cryptostaw, “Blockchain & trading news aggregator” – CryptoControl,  “LinkedIn on Blockchain” – SpringRole and many more with CryptoControl and SpringRole already having huge adoption with exponentially growing user base.

How Matic Intends To Help

At Matic we feel it’s our duty to support teams that are building on Matic and share our vision of an open, decentralized future. With this in mind, we intend to leverage our platform to help accelerate this movement. By rewarding grants and offering guidance we feel that we can act as an invaluable resource for these young, ambitious blockchain projects.

Thus, projects participating in the Matic Ecosystem Initiative will have the opportunity to reach an extremely large and passionate audience rapidly, if they so wish to, and get the opportunity to undertake their token sale in MATIC tokens from our widely distributed community of MATIC token holders (subject to fulfillment of all legal/AML/KYC requirements put forward by the concerned project).

As part of this process moving forward we will also be working with several institutions hand in hand to fast-track this growth. In particular, Focus Labs, an NYC based VC and Matic investor, will play a critical role in the evaluation and guidance of Matic Ecosystem projects.

A Major Announcement

As part of our inaugural Ecosystem initiative project, we could not have found a stronger project than Marlin Protocol. Founded by graduates from the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB) and backed by marquee institutional investors like Binance Labs, Layer 0 scaling solution Marlin Protocol is a particularly innovative project which Matic is excited to be closely supporting on their journey as it has direct add-on benefits for Matic’s sidechains. Matic can use Marlin Protocol on the sidechain network to further scale the already massively high performing sidechains. Furthermore, in order to increase the collaboration and engagement between our communities, a sum of $250,000 in Marlin’s private sale shall be conducted in Matic tokens from Matic’s community. Please stay tuned to our announcement channels for more information on how to participate!

Note – Although Marlin Protocol private sale is a part Indian Blockchain development initiative, we will be having multiple global projects collaborating with Matic for their token sale using Matic Token/Sidechain in near future.


Matic is committed to ensuring India holds a prominent position in the building of the global decentralized future; it will do its part on several fronts to pave the way for India’s contribution towards the mainstream adoption of blockchain technology. India, it’s time for us to #BUIDL

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