Matic Initiates Ethereum India Meetup Series

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Ethereum has positioned itself firmly at the forefront of the global decentralized movement. With its robust developer community in India, Matic Network recently initiated its Ethereum India Meetup Series.

Hosted by Matic Network team, the event was an all-round huge success and clearly demonstrated India’s passion for growing and accelerating the Ethereum ecosystem.

The First of Many to Come

As a key player spearheading India’s blockchain space, Matic Network is thrilled to be accelerating awareness and strengthening the Indian Ethereum community through our Ethereum India Meetup Series. A small but focused environment, the meetup provided for an intimate environment; all attendees had the opportunity to engage in thoughtful conversation and dialogue with each other. Additionally, they learned more about how Matic’s Layer-2 Scalability solution can benefit Ethereum developers.

On October 18th, 2019, Matic Network hosted its first Ethereum India Meetup Series at Matic Haveli in Bengaluru. This was the first event (in a series of many more to come) to unite the local blockchain and Ethereum developer community in Bengaluru. The meetup lasted roughly two hours, (from 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM IST) & comprised of ice breakers, a rundown of the Meetup Series, along with keynotes presented by members of the core Matic team.

A Recap of Discussions

The first talk, presented by Matic’s Growth Hacker & Community Manager – Nirbhik Jangid, was an “Introduction to the Ethereum Meetup Series.” As mentioned previously, the Ethereum Meetup Series aims to evangelize Matic’s Layer-2 scalability solution amongst Ethereum developers within the Indian geographical region. The organized initiative falls in line with one of Matic Network’s overarching goals: promoting blockchain development in India.

Matic aims to elevate the conversation, engagement, and adoption of Ethereum within India’s borders. This includes support provided to other hackathons and events organized by educational institutions and blockchain-focused organizations.

The second talk, presented by Aditya Asgaonkar, a Blockchain Researcher at the Ethereum Foundation, presented first-steps for blockchain developers interested in joining the Ethereum developer network and building on top of the Ethereum main chain.

Aditya Asgaonkar, Blockchain Researcher at the Ethereum Foundation, giving an onboarding session for Ethereum’s main chain

The third talk, presented by Matic’s VP of Marketing & Strategy, Siddharth Jain, & Matic Blockchain Engineer, Ashish Rajpurohit, gave a broad overview of Matic’s role within the blockchain space. More specifically, the team reflected on recent milestones, notable partnerships, and key product features.

The fourth talk, presented by Arpit Agarwal, a lead on Matic Network’s Blockchain Research & Plasma Implementation, gave a whiteboard session on Plasma. The sessions detailed some technical first-steps in understanding Matic’s adaptation of the Plasma scalability framework.

This was followed by talks from Ganesh – MoiBit (previously KFS), Nilotpal – Marlin Protocol & Ravindra Kumar.

Closing Thoughts

While the Matic Network team has global ambitions to evangelize Ethereum’s main chain, India remains a top priority. This event marked the first of many meetups to come. To witness the group of developers, speakers, and other attendees engage in meaningful conversations was encouraging to say the least!

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