Matic Network Announces Hackathon Bounties for Game Oasis Hackathon: San Francisco

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Matic Network Game Oasis San Francisco Hackathon Bounties

The San Francisco Game Oasis Hackathon commences tomorrow, October 25th! What began in Shanghai, Bengaluru, & Seoul, has now landed in San Francisco. Game Oasis is a global gaming hackathon co-hosted by Binance Labs, Cocos-BCX, Celer Network, Contentos, and Matic Network to engage with local gaming blockchain developers around the world.

We’re welcoming all hackers, developers, and blockchain enthusiasts that want to bring the gaming industry and blockchain together. As evidenced by the first-ever Gaming Oasis Hackathon in Bengaluru, the energy is high with developers looking to advance the decentralized gaming movement .

In addition to the regular scheduled workshops, onboarding whiteboard sessions, and team building exercises, the Matic team will be offering a range of bounty tracks with prizes totalling $2000 for hackers who would like to #BUIDL on Matic Network during the Game Oasis Hackathon San Francisco.

SF Game Oasis Hackathon Matic Bounty Tracks

In preparation for the Game Oasis Hackathon in San Francisco, the Matic team have curated a series of customized gaming tracks to accommodate the different types of gaming environments. We’re excited to see the Game Oasis hackers try their hand at blockchain game development by building on top of Matic.

Card Game – Turn-Based Game

Aim of the Project: To build a turn-based card game where users can draw cards against players based on attributes of a character and win rewards for winning rounds and games.

Expected flow:
a. Each user logs in to the platform
b. Buys NFTs (cards) from a simple marketplace (optional)
c. A platform where
– Users compete against each other (e.g. based on a particular attribute)
– The competition can either be one-on-one or n-against-one
d. A leaderboard reflects the wins and losses

Get creative with
– Defining attributes for each NFT (card)
– The logic of the battle

Example: WWE card game, where attributes such as Height, Biceps and Matches Won would be present on the card
– User picks a card and challenges others by selecting one attribute
– Other users draw their cards accordingly in the pool
– The winner with the highest value of attribute wins
– The winner of the round gets rewards
– The rounds continue until all the cards on the table are dealt
– Endgame, there is a winner

Sketches for Reference

1. When a user lands on the game portal

Matic Network Game Oasis San Francisco -  User lands on game portal

2. The player clicks on ‘Play Game’ and lands on a table with other online players. Cards are drawn

Matic Network Game Oasis San Francisco - cards drawn

3. Card view for the player who is playing. Player can see their cards but not other players’ cards

Matic Network Game Oasis San Francisco - player cards

4. Player challenges for the round, selects an attribute from the card to challenge and draws the card

Matic Network Game Oasis San Francisco - player draws cards

5. After the round is complete, the player with the highest attribute receives rewards

Matic Network Game Oasis San Francisco - player wins

Fantasy League

Aim of the project: To build a Fantasy League platform where users can assemble a team within a budget and play against each other to top the leaderboard.

Expected flow:
a. Each user logs in to the platform
b. User chooses to build a team
– A simple NFT marketplace
– Each player is an NFT, having a value
– User buys players to build a team
c. Get performance/match data from an oracle service
– Create a scoring metric
d. Rewards to be distributed based on the scoring metric
e. A leaderboard displaying the current winning team

Get creative with
– Getting match data
– Devising a scoring system
– Reward distribution
– Attributes of the NFT corresponding to each player

Sketches for Reference

1. Player logs in to the platform and lands to the marketplace of all athletes. Players can assemble a team by buying athletes

Matic Network Game Oasis San Francisco - players purchase team members

2. Player assembles their team

Matic Network Game Oasis San Francisco - player assembles team

3. Once the Gameweek is over, all the athletes score points based on their performance

Matic Network Game Oasis San Francisco - athletes score points

4. Leaderboard

Matic Network Game Oasis San Francisco - leaderboard

Wallet Connect Integration – Recurring Approval

Aim of the project: To integrate any game that you are building on Matic along with WalletConnect integration (with Matic Wallet).

Specific requirement
Make use of Matic Wallet’s auto approval

NFT Marketplace using Matic’s Plasma-Backed Asset Swaps

Aim of the project: To create a marketplace where people can exchange in-game items deployed on Matic sidechains.

Note: Use Matic TEST ERC721 token for this bounty (addresses)

a. User accesses an NFT marketplace on Matic chain
b. User swaps their NFT with available NFTs

Note: Matic’s Plasma-backed asset swaps makes use of a signed transfer method

San Francisco, Let’s #BUIDL!

One of our core focuses is to accelerate blockchain development primarily in India, but also around the world. As the gaming industry exponentially grows, the opportunities for BUIDLers of decentralized games will grow exponentially also; the gaming sector in particular stands to benefit hugely from blockchain integration.

We are thrilled to be connecting with a wide array of developers attending SF Game Oasis Hackathon. Silicon Valley & San Francisco are home to some of the world’s most prominent tech companies. Matic Network, alongside Binance, Cocos-BCX, Contentos & Celer Network, are laser-focused this week to provide the best opportunity for Bay Area blockchain developers to explore how blockchain can augment gaming, showcase their skills and test their ideas. We anticipate seeing the most impressive turnout yet as some of the world’s leading developers compete against each other for top-tier bounty prizes.

The Matic team thoroughly enjoys supporting such collaborative events to cultivate the future of blockchain development across all niches. We couldn’t be more excited to be among those spearheading the decentralized gaming movement.

We look forward to seeing what the hackers #BUIDL on Matic Network!

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