Matic Network at Dorahacks- India

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Dorahacks recently concluded their first ever hackathon in India at Bengaluru, India.

Matic Network was one of the event partners and also a part of the judging panel.

Around 200 students and professionals were selected from a pool of 800 applicants. the hackathon was kickstarted with an opening ceremony where Mentors and Judges interacted with the participants. Matic CPO Anurag Arjun introduced the idea of Layer 2 scaling solutions to budding hackers. The problem statements for the hackathon were also shared with the teams to build on. Anurag presented the idea of a bill-splitting app based on DAI for the hackathon.

Matic’s CPO — Anurag addressing the hackers

Matic’s Hackathon use case: Create a DApp that allows users to pay merchants at restaurants & other places and split the bill between their friends using DAI as the medium of payment on Matic

A total of 5 teams worked on this idea. We had also announced a special prize for the winning team that created the best DApp for implementing this idea.

Anurag, who was also part of the judges panel at this event, had the opportunity to mentor teams working on Matic Network’s hackathon use case as well as other ideas.

Over 24 hours, students and professionals came up with novel ideas and showcased their solutions.The Judges then interacted with each team to understand their solutions and evaluate their submissions.

Our CPO, Anurag, also took a session on Off-Chain scaling and the capabilities of Matic as an L2 scaling solution to an eager and curious audience.

Session on off-chain scaling

In the end, the winners were announced and 1 team of the 5 working on the Bill Split app were declared the winners for the Matic special prize.

Anurag with winners of the Matic Hackathon’s Bill Split DAI app

The team included AnkitGaneshAkhil Bharti, Parsh, Naveen Kasturi, Kamran, and Ashish Chaubey

Matic Network stands committed to its ‘Developers First’ philosophy and will keep striving to be a part of more such events where the developers can #BUIDL for a decentralized future!

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