Matic Network at ETHBerlin 2019: Full Recap

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After wrapping up at ETHIndia earlier in July, the Matic Network team wasted no time to engage with ETH developers from other parts of the world. This past week, Matic Network sent off a handful of team members to Berlin, Germany, to represent the project at Berlin Blockchain Week, ETHBerlinZwei, & DappCon 2019 among a range of other networking events with notable thought leaders, emerging projects, and community developers. We were joined by some of our old friends including Chainbreakers, Aave and Torus, and made many new valuable connections during the events.

It was an eventful week to say the least- here’s an insider’s look into everything that went down during Berlin Blockchain Week.

Day 1 | August 21st, 2019: The Matic Team Lands in Berlin

On the first day of Berlin Blockchain Week, the Matic team arrived at Technical University of Berlin to set up their booth at DappCon Berlin.

At their booth at DappCon Berlin, the Matic Network team was able to interact with the Berlin Blockchain Week attendees to discuss and share their insights on scalability solutions for the Ethereum network. Additionally, the Matic Network team was able to discuss its role within the greater developer ecosystem and the role played in other events throughout the world, such as ETHIndia.

We also got the chance to connect with our friends from Kyber Network, who were hosting their DappCon booth next to ours!

Later that day, the team headed towards Oberwallstraße in Berlin, alongside Alacris, Raiden, & GEO Protocol for the Layer 2 Meetup: Blockchain Week Berlin edition. At the event, big discussions surrounded Layer-2 technologies & the main challenges faced by Layer-2 protocols.

Anurag Arjun, CPO of Matic, shared his insights with other executives from Layer-2 projects on community development, standardizing databases, and establishing streamlined user experiences for developers.

Day 2 | August 22nd, 2019 : Insights on the Blockchain Gaming Ecosystem

On the second day at ETHBerlin & Berlin Blockchain Week, the Matic team made its way to the Blockchain Game Alliance Gamescom Mixer hosted by the Blockchain Game Alliance. Matic’s Vice President of Marketing & Operations, Siddhartha Jain, joined executives from The Sandbox, EverdreamSoft, The Abyss, Chainbreakers, & the Blockchain Game Alliance.

At the event, panelists discussed overall blockchain ecosystem growth, blockchain games & platforms, and end-user feedback on usability. Attendees had the opportunity to network with each other while discussing active developments across projects. It was an insightful experience for all!

After the event, the Matic Network team joined the rest of the attendees from the Blockchain Game Alliance Mixer for a diner at a local restaurant in Berlin!

Day 3 | August 23rd, 2019 : More Insights on the Blockchain Gaming Space with Binance X

On the evening of August 23rd, Matic Network partnered with Binance X, a brand new developer-focused initiative launching at ETHBerlin.

Matic Network CPO Anurag Arjun had the opportunity to speak on a panel about growing the ETH blockchain developer ecosystem alongside Teck Chia from Binance, Zhao Guojie from Contentos, Robin Schmidt from Harmony, Harry Halpin from Nym, and Viktor Radchenko from Trust.

Attendees from ETHBerlin and DappCon who RSVPd to the event had the opportunity to engage directly with blockchain development thought leaders.

Day 4 | August 24th, 2019 : Matic Network Sets Up a Layer-2 Help Desk at DappCon

At DappCon 2019, Matic Network sent some of its top Blockchain Engineers to service the Layer-2 Help Desk. The primary aim of the Layer-2 Help Desk was to assist any participants of the ETHBerlin Hackathon with any questions that they might have had regarding Matic Network’s developer resources and tool kits.

Matic Network Blockchain Engineers Ashish & Vaibhav were helping out numerous ETHBerlin developers at the L2 Help Desk. It was a pleasure to meet so many budding blockchain developers interested in utilizing Matic Network!

But that wasn’t all! Earlier that morning, Matic CEO JD Kanani spoke on a panel at Strudels & Scalability: Breakfast Panel, which was hosted by ConsenSys Labs & Cherry Ventures.

At the event, JD spoke on a panel with a handful of other blockchain scalability thought leaders from Skale Network, Aztec Protocl, L4 & ETHGlobal, Infura, & ConsenSys Labs. The panel talked extensively on the extensibility of scaling primitives and the challenges involved in advancing the scalability movement over complementary coffee and croissants.

Day 5 | August 25th, 2019: Continued Support for ETHBerlin Attendees, Mingling with Old Friends & New

On Day 5 of ETHBerlin, the Matic Network team continued to provide support at the Layer-2 Help Desk as the ETHBerlin blockchain developers were hacking away.

The Matic Network team was busy interacting with ETHBerlin attendees and giving away large quantities of premium swag and promotional merchandise.

Day 6 | August 26th, 2019: That’s a Wrap for ETHBerlin!

After spending the better part of the week in Berlin for Berlin Blockchain Week, the Matic Network team was able to network with the ETHBerlin attendees at the closing ceremony and continued to spread the word about Matic Network’s scalability solution for ETH developers.

It was amazing to see all of the emerging projects that were showcased during Berlin Blockchain Week. Needless to say, the Matic Network team left ETHBerlin with a renewed sense of purpose after witnessing all of the efforts devoted towards nurturing the global developer ecosystem for Ethereum.

Here’s to our bright decentralized future! Developers, let’s keep #BUIDLing!

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