Matic Network at Genesis DevCon 2019: Full Recap

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The Matic team recently attended Genesis DevCon 2019, which this year was held at NSSC, IISc in Bangalore on November 24th and 25th, 2019. It was a pleasure to be a part to support the growth of the Indian blockchain ecosystem!

The event featured a host of international speakers, technology leaders in the blockchain space and decision-makers from around the world who came together to share their knowledge and expertise necessary to build a more collaborative and stronger Indian blockchain community.

Matic Network was in attendance to support the event and contributed to the Indian decentralized movement by connecting with the attendees to share valuable knowledge and expertise in a slew of activities ranging from tech talks, panel discussions, meetups, interviews and a host of other events.

Sit back as we give you a full recap of our activities at Genesis DevCon 2019!

Tech Talk with Arpit Agarwal

Matic’s blockchain engineer, Arpit Agarwal, hosted a tech talk at Genesis DevCon on 24th November. He addressed the attendees on the topic of ‘Layer 2 Scaling with Matic Network’, which enlightened the audience on the use cases and benefits of Layer 2 scaling solutions, Plasma and other technical aspects of building Dapps on Matic/Ethereum. 

Arpit also showcased a demo on MoiBit – a Dapp built on Matic Network which provides a decentralized secure storage network for users’ transaction data – and discussed the huge value of MoiBit’s solution when combined with Matic’s infrastructure.

Panel Discussion with Jaynti Kanani

The CEO of Matic Network, Jaynti Kanani, joined four other blockchain leaders – Vikram Nikkam (Founder & CEO, InstaCrypto), Mayur Relekar (Founder, Newfang), Nilotpal Mukherjee (CBO, Marlin Protocol) and anchor Shantanu Sharma (Talk Show Host, Hard Fork) – for an insightful panel discussion on the topic of the ‘Blockchain Startup Ecosystem in India’, which also took place on the 24th.

The panel discussion helped to identify the challenges faced by blockchain startups as well as the solutions required to enable the blockchain ecosystem in India to thrive. Attendees and blockchain startups were provided with the necessary knowledge and expert advice on how to navigate towards success within India’s emerging decentralized movement.

Interview with Sandeep Nailwal

Matic’s COO & Co-Founder, Sandeep Nailwal, sat down for an interview with Naimish Sanghvi of CoinCrunch to discuss how Matic Network is bringing massive scaling to Ethereum and explained our relentless efforts on our mission to spearhead and accelerate the growth of blockchain ecosystem in India.

Connecting with Attendees at the Matic Booth

The Matic team spared some time to educate the Genesis DevCon attendees about Matic, our mission, and our efforts to accelerate the decentralized movement in India and beyond. The attendees were interested to learn about our journey so far on our mission to provide the blockchain space with mainstream-level scalability, the Dapps already being build on Matic Network, our efforts to encourage mass adoption of blockchain solutions and more.

Siddhartha Jain (Matic VP of Operations & Marketing) explaining Matic Network to a Genesis DevCon attendee

It was a pleasure to share the word of Matic Network with India’s budding BUIDLers of our decentralized future!

Counter Stake Demonstration

Attendees and startups were shown a demo of Counter Stake by the Matic Network team, in order to educate them on the initial phase of our staking process. Counter Stake is Matic’s incentivized public validator network for staking which has recently gone live.

Demonstration of Counter Stake at Genesis DevCon

Demo of Incento and Other Dapps Building on Matic

The Matic team also educated the attendees on various Dapps being built on Matic’s infrastructure, including Incento, a venmo-like scalable peer-to-peer payments platform building on top of Matic sidechains and leveraging MakerDAO’s DAI stablecoin to foster global adoption of the decentralised economy.

The purpose of the demo was to present the opportunities that blockchain development can provide and to inspire attendees to try their hand at BUIDLing on Matic.

Introduction to Staking on Matic

The address gave attendees a deeper technical insight into this important aspect of Matic Network by demonstrating the benefits of staking, both to the network itself and to the Validators.

Matic ensures the security of generic transactions by using a decentralized network of Proof-of-Stake validators. The system is designed to enable quicker partial confirmations for better user experience while the final confirmation is attained periodically as the checkpoints are committed on the main-chain.  This would not be possible without Validators.

Validators stake their MATIC tokens as collateral to work for the security of the network and in exchange for their service, earn rewards.

Interview with Nirbhik Jangid

Our Growth Hacker & Community Manager, Nirbhik Jangid, sat down with Visionary Media to conduct an in-depth inteview at Genesis DevCon. Nirbhik discussed many aspects of Matic’s mission to advance the Indian decentralized ecosystem.

These include our efforts to encourage developers to try their hand at blockchain development through our relentless hackathon endeavours (we aim to attend/support 50 India-based hackathons between May 2019 and April 2020), instigate the building of blockchain-focused Indian communities across India, and our efforts to support budding Indian bockchian developers through our Developer Support Program.

Meetup with the Kyber Network Team

On November 25th Shane Hong, Marketing Manager of Kyber Network, was invited to the Matic headquarters for a meetup, lunch and gaming session with with Matic Network team.

The meetup provided the opportunity to connect and share ideas with the Kyber Network team, building a stronger collaboration between our two teams working towards reshaping the blockchain space in India. It was also a moment to relax and enjoy some fun after our busy Genesis DevCon schedule. We had a blast!

Concluding Thoughts

It was an honor to support the growth of India’s blockchain ecosystem at this year’s Genesis DevCon, and a pleasure to connect with the international speakers, blockchain technology leaders and decision makers from around the world. We were able to share our knowledge and expertise with blockchain startups, investors and other attendees and also connect with some of blockchain’s brightest minds.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that India is positioned to become a leading hub of blockchain innovation, and we’re honoured to be playing a prominent role in supporting and accelerating India’s decentralized movement.

Here’s to our bright decentralized future! India, let’s keep #BUIDLing!

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