Matic Network at iHack, E-Summit — IIT Bombay, India

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Matic was one of the sponsors and also a part of the judging panel at iHack.

E-Cell of Indian Institute of Technology recently concluded its flagship event — E-Summit.

Matic was one of the event sponsors and also a part of the judging panel at iHack (Blockchain Track), E-Summit. Over 300 devs from all over India participated at E-Summit.

It was a two-day event. The first day of iHack kicked off with Tech Talks by various leaders from blockchain space speaking about trends & opportunities.

Our CPO, Anurag Arjun introduced hackers to Layer 2 Scaling Solutions & gave Dagger API Demo followed by a Q&A.

Matic’s CPO — Anurag addressing the hackers

The second day started with development. Developers started with deciding the topic of their choice to build on during the hackathon. The judges & mentors helped the teams streamline their ideas and begin development.

A total of 20 teams worked on different DApp ideas.

Anurag including other judges from Devfolio & DunyaLabs interacting with students

Over 48 hours, students and professionals came up with different ideas and showcased their solutions. Judges then interacted with each team to understand their solutions and evaluate their submissions.

Two teams were selected as the winners:

  • Hackathon (Blockchain Track) winner — Code_Ninjas
    Project — CryptoPass
    It eliminates the need of users to remember different passwords for different websites by totally removing the concept of traditional authentication that is by username and password by using the Blockchain technology and DApps that will authenticate the user, with his/her public and private keys.
  • Matic special prize winners — Ferozepurwale
    Project — Split-First
    Split-First brings together the best of Venmo and Splitwise and allows users to collect funds from a group at the time of payment as well as provides with a decentralized tracker that maintains balances of who owes whom.

Anurag, who was also part of the judges’ panel at this event, had the opportunity to mentor teams.

Anurag Arjun with Matic special prize winners

Some of the ideas that came up during the Hackathon!

dCoders — Coding Arena

Decentralized competitive coding arena and competitive rooms.Team’s idea was to create a ‘Poker like rooms’ in which people will post their technical challenges & whoever solves the problem first will be rewarded.

Peer to Peer Delivery

A delivery system over blockchain. Imagine a restaurant receives an order & share the order details with users nearby. Whoever accepts the request to deliver food & delivers food successfully gets the reward.

CryptoEstate — Fractional Real-Estate Ownership

Team’s idea was to create a system where people can own small portions of a real-estate for investment purpose. They used ERC1155 tokens for this implementation.
The ERC-1155 Multi Token Standard allows for each Token ID to represent a new configurable token type, which may have its own metadata, supply and other attributes. Thus, the ERC 1155 brings together the features of ERC20 and ERC721.


A house management system (blockchain with smart contracts and AI in the future) for maintaining and improving its state, that runs in the background and is activated by certain events (new regulations, subsidies, …) by which it is self-conscious. It solves problems relating to monthly recurring payments, tracking the lifecycle of the house, it's buying history, legal documents, optimizing resources, automating maintainance decisions, constantly learning.

Decentralized Intellectual Property

Originality must be preserved!
The basic idea was to create a decentralized database for Intellectual Property.

Smart Elections

The idea is to improve the voting system in India using the Ethereum Network.
It intends to solve cases of biasness in elections via EVM (Electronic Voting Machine). Voters can be sure that they're choosing their own political leader in a more transparent way.

Matic Network stands committed to its ‘Developers First’ philosophy and will keep striving to be a part of more such events where the developers can #BUIDL for a decentralized future.

Let’s BUIDL!

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