Matic Network at Korea Blockchain Week: Full Recap

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Korea Blockchain Week (KBW) is South Korea’s largest blockchain conference, held annually in the beautiful city of Seoul. At KBW 2019, held from September 27th to October 4th, the brightest blockchain innovators met to not only discuss blockchain technologies but also pitch their vision for the future of DApps & crypto space.

The Matic team joined blockchain industry leaders at various events during the week to discuss the future of blockchain gaming, decentralized finance (DeFi), and how layer 2 scaling solutions like Matic are key to moving the DApp and cryptocurrency industries forward towards mass adoption.

Sit back for a full recap of our eventful week in Seoul!

Discussing Blockchain Gaming at the Game Oasis Meetup

Kicking off Matic’s time at KBW 2019 was Game Oasis Meetup, held on September 27th. Game Oasis Meetup brought together top gaming-focused projects in the blockchain space to discuss #BUIDLing the future of decentralized gaming.

Our COO and Co-founder Sandeep Nailwal joined representatives from other leading projects in the decentralized gaming space, to speak about the progress Matic is making on our journey to facilitate the mass adoption of blockchain gaming.

Matic VP of Marketing & Operations, Siddharth Jain, also took part in a panel discussion, providing his insights on the future of blockchain gaming! The two were also able to network with the attendees over food and drinks.

Check out the live feed from Game Oasis Meetup below:

Teaming up with Marlin and MIH Ventures for the Beyond Scalability Meetup

We were thrilled to host the Beyond Scalability Meetup on September 29th alongside Marlin Protocol and MIH Ventures!
The event was centred around discussions on the future of blockchain scalability and included speeches, a panel discussion featuring Matic’s VP of Marketing & Operations – Siddharth Jain, and a networking session.
Our COO and Co-founder Sandeep Nailwal spoke on the topic of ‘Building the Foundation for Mass Adoption’.

MiH Ventures has been a supporter of Matic since the beginning of our journey, and Layer-0 solution Marlin has recently joined the Matic ecosystem with our first ever Matic Network-hosted token sale. Together we stand at the forefront of the scalability movement, and it was a pleasure to share our insights together.

Spreading DeFi Knowledge at the DeFi/nite Meetup

On September 30th, we attended the DeFi/nite meetup, centred around discussions on all things DeFi, ranging from the current state of the DeFi space to the BUIDLing of the future of the DeFi ecosystem.
Representatives from major players in DeFi, including Binance and MakerDao, were in attendance for a series of speeches and panel discussions.

Matic’s VP of Operations & Marketing Siddharth Jain took part in a panel discussion on the future of DeFi, providing insights on how Matic Network is building the infrastructure for the mass adoption of DeFi, and networked with the attendees afterwards.

Matic x Harmony x Contentos x Cere x Wax Meetup

We were thrilled to co-host a blockchain powerhouse five-way meetup on October 2nd alongside Harmony, Contentos, Cere, and Wax as our final event at KBW 2019.

An engaging panel discussion was held, with project representatives presenting their latest development updates and explaining the direction each respective project is heading towards. We discussed how to accelerate the adoption of blockchain gaming and blockchain-powered data sharing, and concluded with a Q&A session to connect with the attendees.

Interview on CNBC’s Crypto Trader

Our COO & Co-founder, Sandeep Nailwal, even had the time to join Ran NeuNer of CNBC’s Crypto Trader for an interview at the Crypto Trader Meetup, which took place during Korea Blockchain Week.

Sandeep discussed how Matic is providing the infrastructure to enable Ethereum Dapps to scale to mass adoption levels, and provided insights into Matic’s stellar rate of adoption and the current state of India’s accelerating decentralized movement.

See the full interview here:

Closing thoughts

Korea Blockchain Week was one of the biggest and most impressive blockchain meetups thus far, involving some of the most influential thought leaders and speakers in the blockchain space, and it was a pleasure to be a part!
Amongst all the meetups and events, we connected with our old friends and forged valuable new connections.

Thanks to all the organisers and attendees at Korean Blockhain Week for making it such an incredible experience!
Korea is a thriving hub of blockchain innovation and is home to one of the world’s largest and most enthusiastic crypto communities – this was evidently clear at KBW 2019.

We look forward to an even more momentous event at Korea Blockchain Week in 2020!

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