Matic Network at New York Blockchain Week

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Collaborating with the L2 community, ETHNewYork, Meet-ups and more!

Team Matic has been in NYC and boy has it been busy, but with ETH NY starting, there is no time to rest!!


Scaling blockchains and Ethereum, in general, is going to be a team effort and we were fortunate to share and learn from many amazing projects working on L2 scaling.NYC was home to some of the most amazing meetups this week on scaling and Matic is proud to have been a part of these events:

The Future of Layer-2

Organized by our friends at Celer Network. Matic shared insights on Layer 2 scaling and also shared updates related to our latest tech developments. We have always believed that blockchain scaling will be brought about via a joint effort across the ecosystem. Matic is dedicated to contributing to such knowledge sharing events in a major way to take scaling efforts ahead.

Layer 2 Meetup: Blockchain Week NY edition


Matic is a sponsor of ETH NY and Matic’s CPO — Anurag, who will be giving a workshop on building scalable DApps, will also be acting as a judge in the hackathon.

Want to build Unstoppable Scalable applications on Ethereum?

Matic will also be giving a workshop on: Building Solidity applications/protocols with ~1 second blocktime and full Plasma support for Ethereum assets.

Exciting ain’t it? Do attend the workshop to lean more about deploying scalable applications on Matic Network.

There is a total bounty of $8000 for building on Matic in ETH NY! 
That’s not all! To help promote developers with exciting ideas to continue building on top of Matic, even after the hackathon — Matic will be selecting some of these projects from ETH NY for its Developer Support Program.(Details below)

We would love to chat with people interested in building or bumping off ideas for any useful DApps.

DApp Developer Support Program (DSP)

We are always on the lookout for the next cohort of projects to be included in the Matic Developer Support Program. We have allocated a sum of USD 500,000 to promote nascent projects in order to help them ship their MVP. If you are building or know anyone who is building a DApp do reach out to us at the hackathon, we would love to provide more insights into the DSP and how we can help you build your MVP.

Read more about it here:
Matic Developer Support Program
Lending a helping hand to developers building DApps

Get started on Matic Network!

Want to try out Matic? We’ve got you covered. Below are some links to help you get started:

Quick Intro:
Deploying Contracts:

Matic.js Javascript SDK:

Do reach out to us in case of any doubts on our official Telegram or mail us at info(at)

We’ve got lots of exciting things lined up for ETH NY. Come find us at the hackathon, we’ve got some exciting SWAG up for grabs!

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