Matic Network at Thailand Blockchain Week: Full Recap

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Thailand Blockchain Week 2019 was the first-ever blockchain event to take place in Thailand! Through the duration of the event, the Matic team was in attendance to spread the vision of Matic Network while also supporting the growth of the Thai blockchain industry.

The Matic team joined blockchain industry leaders, international speakers, and government officials at the pioneering Thai blockchain event. Together, they shared their ideas on how Thailand could accelerate the growth and development of its emerging blockchain ecosystem.

The week-long event was held from November 28th – December 3rd in the heart of Bangkok. It attracted over 3,000 attendees from all backgrounds and featured over thirty speakers, seven workshops, and over forty exhibitions and project booths!

Matic Network’s very own VP of Marketing, Chandresh Aharwar, was representing Matic Network throughout the event. Chandresh was able to connect with a wide array of members of the Thai blockchain community as well as share valuable insights into the future of blockchain in Thailand. 

The events that Matic Network attended include Asia Crypto Investment Forum (ACIF), Blockchain Thoughts Leadership Conference (BTLC), Blockchain Thailand Genesis 2019, The GLOBAL Cruise (Global Blockchain Leadership Award) and Next Block Asia 2.0 Conference. 

Asia Crypto Investment Forum – ACIF 

ACIF is an annual event which gathers top companies within the crypto-industry to share and discuss the latest insights and strategies into effective crypto investments. At this year’s ACIF, there were a wide array of industry players in attendance, ranging from crypto miners and blockchain startups to crypto exchanges and VC firms.

Matic Network’s VP of Marketing, Chandresh Aharwar, delivered a speech on the topic of “The Road to Blockchain Mass Adoption.” The discussion provided attendees with insights into blockchain technology solutions which could encourage future mass adoption.

The event featured experts from all backgrounds related to the blockchain industry. Experts from crypto exchanges, asset security, blockchain startups, and established projects gathered together and spoke on the current state of the cryptocurrency market.

Blockchain Thailand Genesis 2019

Blockchain Thailand Genesis was the biggest event held during Thailand Blockchain Week. It attracted over 3,000 attendees which included international speakers, industry leaders, and government officials. Speakers provided invaluable knowledge on the current blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem. 

During the event, Chandresh Aharwar gave a keynote speech on the topic of “How Matic is Enabling Blockchain Mass Adoption.” Chandresh educated attendees on how Matic Network is leading the charge in scaling the Ethereum network and how Matic Network is helping to bring about the mainstream adoption of blockchain technology. 

Interview on iBLOCKTV with Dushan Spalevich

Dushan Spalevich, of iBlockTV joins Chandresh Aharwar, Matic’s VP of Marketing to discuss Matic’s price and its success since the Binance IEO. He also touches on the current state of Ethereum and how Matic aims to push mass adoption through scaling Ethereum blockchain.

Chandresh shares on what is currently in the works for Matic Network and its vision to accomplish in the coming months with Mainnet, staking, and real-world use case Dapps being built on Matic Network.

See the full interview here:

Matic’s VP of Marketing, Chandresh Aharwar, joins Dushan Spalevich for an interview with iBlock TV at Thailand Blockchain Week

Blockchain Thought Leadership Conference (BTLC)

The INVESTORs Panel- where some thought-leaders in the crypto space shared their insights on blockchain at Blockchain Thought Leadership Conference

The Blockchain Thought Leadership Conference featured some of the most prominent thought-leaders in the blockchain industry. Throughout the event, these thought-leaders presented their ideas on how the community could join together and contribute to the creation of an unstoppable blockchain force throughout the world. 

The event also featured an interactive Q&A session where attendees obtained a clearer understanding of the Thai blockchain industry and gained insights on how they could help create a stronger decentralized movement in the country. 

Closing Thoughts

It was an honour to support Thailand’s first-ever blockchain week and a pleasure to connect with international speakers, government officials and thought-leaders from around the world. We were able to share our knowledge and expertise with crypto & blockchain enthusiasts, investors and a host of other attendees.

It was a pleasure to meet with representatives from projects based all around the world to forge new relationships and connect with our old friends, whilst spreading awareness of Matic’s mission and encouraging the acceleration of the Thai blockchain movement.

Thailand is poised to become one of the key blockchain hubs of Southeast Asia, and we are thrilled to play a prominent role in Thailand’s pioneering first-ever blockchain week.

Cheers to a more collaborative and stronger global blockchain ecosystem!

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