Matic Network: Bounty program for ETH India

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Hey folks!

Matic Network will be participating in ETH India’s second edition from August 2nd – 4th! And as it’s happening in our backyard  Bangalore – India, we couldn’t be more excited!

Having seen the amazing hacks last year at the event we are excited for this upcoming edition of the ETH India! The community is stronger than ever and we believe that this edition will result in some gems that will move the space forward just like InstaDApp and Incento did in 2018.

We will be having a one hour intro to solidity workshop for Developers new to the Ethereum ecosystem.
Also as a part of our efforts to support developers, Matic is offering Bounties to developers building Hacks on Matic’s scaling solution.

Matic’s support to the teams building on our platform isn’t just restricted to the hackathon.
We support dev teams who want to continue building on the ideas they work on during the hackathon and help them deliver a functional product to the ecosystem.

Case in Point: Incento – the recipient of support from Matic’s Developer Support Program. A hackathon Idea born in ETHIndia and now being implemented on the Matic Alpha-Mainnet for the whole world to test!

For the sake of newcomers to the ecosystem let’s first review – What is Matic Network?

Matic Network is a Layer 2 scaling solution that achieves scale by utilizing sidechains for off-chain computation, while ensuring asset security using the Plasma framework and a decentralized network of Proof-of-Stake (PoS) validators.

There are a lot of projects like Decentraland, Quarters, Bet Protocol, Marblecards, Zygot etc building on Matic already. Matic sidechains are EVM based sidechains, thus it is extremely easy for developers building on Ethereum to move to Matic. For more details please check out:

Now let’s talk about Hacking!

There is $3,000 up for grabs at ETH India.
You just have to build your hack using Matic Network sidechains. 

Matic’s getting started page will provide you the information needed to start building on Matic.
In case of any doubts please join the group to get your queries answered:

There are two tracks that you can build on in the hackathon:

Track I:  Bounties

There is a reward of $1000 up for the winning submission in this track.
The following are the sub-tracks for  Track I :

a) Enabling  MicroPayments 
Matic sidechains allow you to build applications which can enable micropayments and not just bulk payments. Using Matic you can try to build an exciting use case like:
– A tipping widget for social media platforms: Twitter, Telegram, etc.

b) Innovative use-cases for NFT’s
Patreon for Instagram: Matic plasma chain allows transactions with near-zero fees. Applications that require a lot of NFTs can freely mint NFTs on Matic and the owner’s of these NFTs can withdraw on the main chain if and when their NFTs become valuable. To put this idea into practice, we invite the participants to build a “Patreon for Instagram”. Instagram art creators will sign up using their Instagram account and all their art will be minted onto the Matic chain. Their supporters can choose to buy blockchain art to support their favorite artists! After a sale happens, the buyer can move the NFT to the main chain if they desire.

Track 2: Open Track

If you have ideas of your own, That’s even better!
Use Matic Network to deploy some cool hacks and your ingenuity will be rewarded!

No restrictions, Just building some cool hacks that leverage Matic Network, and you can win the Matic’s Open track bounty: worth $1000. We hope you have an amazing experience at ETH India. Do let us know your thoughts and don’t forget to say hi to the team!
We will be available round the clock at the event and will be happy to help you with your queries.

Also, get a chance to grab some cool Matic Swag at the booth!

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