Matic Network Github Activities

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Matic Network has its Codebase distributed on both public & private repositories on Github. We have a total of 45 repos of which 27 are private and 18 are publicly available.

You can take a look at our public repositories here :
Matic Network
Matic Network has 18 repositories available.
Follow their code on GitHub.

Matic Network aims to make most of its codebase open source after audits and around the launch of its Mainnet. The reasons behind keeping some of the repositories private at the moment are:

  • The code base is under development and being a WIP it might have some issues that still need to be fixed
  • Large parts of the code are under audit to ensure its free of any vulnerabilities and will be released post the due diligence

Activity on our top repositories

In a special reveal for our community we provide a sneak peek into the activity of our top 6 repositories both public & private:

Contracts: Smart contracts comprising the business logic of the Matic Network

Heimdall: Validator node for Matic PoS layer

Wallet App: Mobile app in React Native (Android & iOS support) with wallet, Plasma interactions and WalletConnect integration

Matic.js: Javascript developer library for interacting with Matic Network

Wallet Web: DApp for showcasing the capabilities of the Matic Network with Matic mobile app & WalletConnect integration

Ether-SQl-node:Ethereum SQL Syncer for APIs and faster queries

We hope this article helps in giving the community a better understanding of the Matic Network code repositories.

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