Matic Network – Project Updates #10

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Project updates as of March 10th.

To gain a better understanding of Matic’s role in fulfilling its mission to develop the global blockchain ecosystem, we invite you to read our Project Updates covering our activities and progress in all areas over the past six weeks.

Our ecosystem of Dapps is growing rapidly, we’re making huge strides on the staking and development front, and we’re continuing to expand our awareness globally. We’ve never been more excited for what the future holds.

-The Matic Network team

Major Highlights

Supreme Court of India Lifts Crypto Ban

March 4: We were ecstatic to congratulate the community on the lifting of the Indian cryptocurrency ban by the Supreme Court of India. We couldn’t be more thrilled to see rationality and innovation prevail over senseless regulation.

Matic Network has always been strongly focused on facilitating the adoption of blockchain in India especially. We are proud that with our massive hackathon campaigns and developer-focused initiatives we have been able to attract large-scale developer attention in India.

By our conservative estimates, 80-90% of all Dapps being built by the Indian blockchain developer community are in some way integrated with Matic Network. This judgement opens more avenues and enables us to attract more developers, businesses and large corporates to build blockchain-enabled applications. More details to follow.

This is a win for India, a win for Matic and a win for the entire blockchain movement!

Launching our First-Ever Dapp Week

February 3-7: This past month, we launched our first-ever Matic Dapp Week, during which we announced new Dapps building on Matic Network at a rate of one per day. Mainly within the gaming sphere, these are among the Dapps that will be live on our Beta-Mainnet and will transition to the full Mainnet once launched.

With a large number of applications already building on our infrastructure and many more in the process of integrating, the Matic ecosystem is growing exponentially and is getting stronger every day!

Counter Stake Stage 1 Progress is Going Strong

February 3: Testnet staking on Matic Network is underway as part of Counter Stake – Stage 1! The aim of this Stage is to release staking contract details and incremental features of the Validator nodes. The following features are unlocked during this stage:

  • Setting up the validator nodes & staking test tokens
  • Establishing validator power weightage as per staked tokens
  • Changing the signer address via the staking contract
  • Validator Exit contract, to initiate the un-stake from the network
  • Unstake Claim mechanism, for claiming stake+rewards after un-stake is successful
  • Generate + Propose new span on Bor
  • Producer set switches on Bor
  • Deposit event sync to Bor
  • Proposing and submitting new checkpoints
  • Verifying and signing checkpoints
  • Validator Replacement Mechanism

There is a total reward pool of $40,000 worth MATIC tokens for participants of Stage 1. Many thanks to the community for your overwhelming interest in becoming part of our consensus mechanism. With your participation, staking is closer than ever, and we couldn’t be more excited to see it coming to fruition!

You can read the full details about Counter Stake Stage 1 here.

Update from March 8: We have updated the Validator node in live network without any problems. The change includes max-gas config change. The counter-stake network is running very well with 75 peers. We have found some bugs/improvements, which will be rolled out in CS-2004.

Matic Network to Support BTC and BTC Transactions

March 2: We were thrilled to recently announce that Matic Network will support BTC and lightning-fast BTC transactions on Matic in coordination with REN Protocol!

Through our joining of the Ren Alliance (enabling cross-chain asset support on Matic Network sidechains), Matic Network will be able to provide the transactional infrastructure for fast, cheap and secure BTC transfers, in the same way we are currently providing for Ethereum-based assets. This will essentially give Matic the similar end user features as the Lightning Network.

We are thrilled to be providing another layer of valuable utility for Matic Network and supporting the evolution of DeFi alongside the Ren Alliance.

Read more about the Ren Alliance here.

Ecosystem and Integration

Cryptowarriorz Joined the Matic Ecosystem

February 3: We were thrilled to kick off our very first Dapp Week by announcing that Cryptowarriorz has onboarded to Matic Network. Cryptowarriorz is a 3D blockchain-based role playing game (RPG) that combines gameplay with mining. They have onboarded to our Beta-Mainnet as a preliminary step towards their final launch on Matic’s full Mainnet once live.

Integrating with our infrastructure has provided Cryptowarriorz with fast and scalable transactions and negligible fees for their in-game NFT trading system, providing a superior user experience for gamers.

Read more about our collaboration here.

Biconomy’s Moonshot Deployed on Matic Network

February 4: On day 2 of Dapp Week, we announced that Moonshot had been deployed on our Beta-Mainnet.

Moonshot is a decentralized trading platform (gamified DEX) powered by Matic & Biconomy where users can leverage their knowledge to predict the price movement of a particular asset and earn rewards on their successful calls. It provides a superlative user experience through built in gasless-transactions.

Matic’s pursuit of enabling a model user experience for Dapp users is exemplified by Moonshot. We’re proud to be powering Moonshot alongside Biconomy. Read more details here.

Welcoming Light Trail Rush into the Matic ecosystem

February 5: We were excited to announce Light Trail Rush as our third live integration of Dapp Week!

Light Trail Rush is a fast paced, arcade-style brawler game set in a retro-futuristic space backdrop. Built by B2Expand, the first French gaming studio to incorporate blockchain technology back in 2018, the team shares our goal of bringing blockchain to the masses.

Therefore, in their efforts to provide the best possible UX, Light Trail Rush has recently onboarded to Matic. Our infrastructure will enable Light Trail Rush users to seamlessly transfer in-game NFTs to one another with negligible fees.

Read more about our collaboration here.

Spells of Genesis Joins the Matic Ecosystem

February 6: For Day 4 of Dapp Week, we were thrilled to announce that the industry’s first ever mobile blockchain game, Spells of Genesis, had onboarded to Matic Network.

Spells of Genesis is a strategic mobile trading card game incorporating NFTs. Since its launch in 2014, SoG has achieved incredible rates of adoption – with 50,000+ downloads, 500 active daily users & 50,000 NFT trading cards purchased so far.

Originally using the Bitcoin blockchain, blockchain-agnostic Spells of Genesis has now integrated with Ethereum + Matic in order to improve the game’s scalability and user experience, and enable interoperability.

Read more about the integration here.

Zawadi Integrated with the World’s Largest Event Ticketing Platform, Eventbrite

February 7: Ending our Dapp Week with a bang, we were excited to announce Zawadi’s integration with Eventbrite.

With help from Zawadi, Eventbrite event organizers can now deliver tokenized tickets to their attendees through social messaging apps via in-built chatbot Matic wallets – making secure ticket delivery as simple as sending a message or a photo.

Zawadi is already gaining a huge amount of traction. By integrating with Eventbrite, they now have access to 900,000 event creators managing over 4,000,000 events annually. That’s a lot of tickets!

Zawadi’s revolutionising of ticket delivery, facilitated by Biconomy and powered by Matic Network, demonstrates perfectly how our ecosystem is becoming stronger together.

Watch the demo here to see how seamless the process of tokenized ticket delivery through Eventbrite is.

Launching Blockchain Career Listings Alongside Springworks

February 18: Springworks and Matic have launched a blockchain-specific career listings section on Springworks’ SpringRecruit applicant tracking system (ATS) platform, in order to bring more talented individuals into the blockchain space.

The platform is already gaining traction and is being used by a variety of growing companies including Matic, BankOpen & many more to join. We are thrilled to be bringing more talent into the blockchain space to help the industry thrive.

Read more about our collaboration here.

MATIC Token Integrates into Leading Crypto Casino Play Royal

February 18: We were thrilled to announce a further layer of utility for the MATIC token via integration with Play Royal’s leading cryptocurrency casino and exchange, offering a next-gen virtual casino experience for 1000 daily active users, and facilitating over $30m in bets since its launch.

In their continued efforts to improve the UX of their platform, Play Royal has now integrated the MATIC token as their latest payment method. MATIC can now be used to take part in Play Royal’s range of popular casino-style games as well as traded on their integrated exchange.

Read more details about our integration here.

Decentraland Launch & Inaugural Treasure Hunt

February 21: To celebrate the public launch of Decentraland, the blockchain-powered virtual reality gaming platform building on Matic Network, the Decentraland team launched an inaugural Treasure Hunt. The public were invited to explore the Decentraland metaverse and find a share of $100K worth of tokens, NFTs and other digital assets in the process.

As part of the Treasure Hunt, we created a virtual version of the Matic Haveli for you to explore in the Decentraland metaverse with prizes hidden inside for the community to find.

See the demo of the virtual Matic Haveli here.

In-Depth Analysis of Mudra, the Matic-Themed Chain Guardians NFT

February 26: Mudra is a legendary NFT that can be played in the upcoming crypto-meets-anime game Chain Guardians, launching soon on Matic Network.

Mudra has a compelling backstory, a meaningful name and a unique set of characteristics to accurately reflect Matic Network and our origins. Read about Mudra on our blog here.

Don’t miss your chance to grab yourself an ultra rare supercharged edition of Matic’s very own Chain Guardian! Prepare for battle with Mudra, the defender of the World of Matic. Grab your Mudra NFT on OpenSea here.

AnkerPay Wallet Integrates MATIC Token

March 10: We were thrilled to recently announce that MATIC token is now integrated into the AnkerPay wallet! MATIC joins an exclusive group of digital assets listed in the feature-rich AnkerPay wallet, including BTC, ETH, LTC and DASH.

You can now buy and sell MATIC for BTC, store your MATIC in the AnkerPay wallet and use their integrated portfolio tracker to monitor the performance of your holdings.

Tech Updates & Education

Stake Capital Announced as Official Matic Staking Partner

January 27: Stake Capital has joined Matic’s network of top-tier validators!

Stake Capital is one of the industry’s most trusted DeFi and staking service providers, providing highly reliable and secure blockchain validation services for the industry’s leading proof-of-stake networks.

Stake Capital will be operating a Validator node for Matic Network, enabling MATIC holders to delegate their tokens to Stake Capital to generate a passive income.

Read more about our collaboration here.

Ankr Network Provides 1-Click Hosting for Matic Nodes

February 10: In order to provide a seamless node setup process, we announced our collaboration with Ankr to provide 1-click Matic node hosting. In addition, MATIC tokens and Matic chain assets (USDT/USDC) will be used for payments in Ankr Network.

Ankr is a cloud computing platform that aims to utilize existing idle computer-resources to drive the network. Hosting Matic nodes via their distributed network ensures the utmost decentralization of Matic’s PoS Validator network.

Matic’s goal is to set the growth of the blockchain ecosystem in motion by making adoption quick and easy. Combined with our staking UI, this makes Matic nodes among the easiest to deploy and operate.

Read more details here.

Releasing our Counter Stake Validator Node Setup Tutorial Video

February 21: We endeavour to make the validator onboarding process for our Counter Stake testnet staking event as seamless as possible. Therefore, we have released a step-by-step tutorial video on how to set up a validator node on our testnet.

This tutorial was released to walk our Counter Stake participants through the steps involved in setting up a validator node, as described here in our staking documentation.

Sharing Blockchain Insights at Stanford University Alongside Infosys

March 5: Matic Network joined hands with Indian Technology Giant Infosys ($43bn in Marketcap) at Stanford University to share our insights on the latest innovations in Layer 2 technology.

Our team member Vaibhav Chellani joined Infosys Senior Principal, Bharat Gupta, to talk about ‘Censorship Resistant Optimistic Rollups’.

This is part of our enterprise focus which we initiated a few months back & we are already seeing great results. We are now aggressively ramping it up with the mainnet around the corner, and intend to deliver cutting edge Layer 2 solutions to enable large enterprises to build scalable business usecases on blockchains.

Exchange Listings

MATIC is Now Listed on Bitrue Exchange

January 30: In our continued efforts to increase the global availability of MATIC, we were happy to announce that MATIC had been listed on the global digital assets exchange Bitrue!

MATIC is now available to trade under the pairs MATIC/BTC, MATIC/USDT and our first-ever MATIC/XRP pair. This MATIC exchange listing will expand the growth of our network even further.

MATIC Was Listed On HitBTC

January 27: We were proud to announce the listing of MATIC on leading cryptocurrency exchange HitBTC! Through this listing, the availability of MATIC to the broader cryptocurrency community is now increased.

HitBTC users can now trade MATIC via the MATIC/BTC pairing. Deposits and withdrawals are also now live.

Entering the Chinese Market via Listing on BiKi Exchange

February 13: We were thrilled to announce our listing with BiKi, a leading crypto exchange catering for the Southeast Asian and East Asian markets, with a strong focus on serving the Chinese crypto community.

BiKi users can now trade MATIC via the MATIC/USDT pair.

In celebration of the listing, BiKi is also launched multiple community promotions. Read more details about our listing and promotional events here.


Matic Supported The ETHIndia Online Hackathon

January 23: Matic is proud to have supported the ETHIndia Online hackathon, assisting in the acceleration of the growth of India’s developer ecosystem. At ETHIndia we helped foster the development of decentralized storage, decentralized exchange, micropayment, and other brilliant blockchain applications! The Matic team provided $5,000 of bounties to reward ETHIndia developers for their efforts.

They were allocated as follows:

  • Meta Transactions ($1000).
  • Decentralized Storage ($1000).
  • DEX on Plasma ($1000).
  • Micropayments ($1000).
  • Oracles ($500).
  • Open Track ($500).

We were thrilled to take a primary role in this ground-breaking format of ETHIndia bringing together developers from across the globe to help build our decentralized future.

Read more

Delivering a ‘Blockchain 101’ Workshop for the ETHIndia Online Hackers

February 6: As part of the ETHIndia Online hackathon, our Blockchain Engineer, Arpit Agarwal, conducted a workshop on ‘Blockchain 101’ to provide a base understanding of decentralized systems and their fundamental importance, diving into the technology behind blockchain, disruptive use cases and more!

“People are driven by different incentives. If those incentives are not aligned, it often becomes a problem. With blockchain, you can work for your own interests, but that will also benefit the whole.”

Arpit Agarwal, Blockchain Engineer – Matic Network

Delivering a Workshop on Optimistic Rollups at ETHDenver

February 12: Our Blockchain Engineer, Vaibhav Chellani, was invited to join other thought leaders of the blockchain ecosystem at the world’s largest Web3 hackathon & conference event, ETHDenver, to deliver a workshop on Optimistic Rollup hubs, as part of the ‘Zero Knowledge Lightning Talks‘ series.

It was a pleasure to connect with the US blockchain community!

Supporting the BUIDLers at the Codebreak 1.0 Hackathon

February 19: We were proud to announce the winners of Matic’s Codebreak 1.0 hackathon bounty.

Hackers had just 26 hours to build an innovative solution in a domain of their choice, ranging from AI, blockchain, cloud, and other emerging technologies. It was inspiring to see so many hackers try their hand at blockchain development using Matic.

There were many excellent hacks built on Matic Network, but the winner was the Votercoin team who took home the Matic bounty for their decentralized voting solution which overcomes the problems of traditional voting mechanisms. Congratulations to the team!

Delivering a ‘Dapp 101’ Workshop for the ETHIndia Online Hackers

February 22: Our Application Engineer, Sayli Patil, conducted a workshop tomorrow on the topic of ‘Dapp 101 – Build a Dapp from scratch on Ethereum & Matic’, to provide the ETHIndia Online hackers with the necessary information on building Dapps and a solid understanding of web interaction with smart contracts.

Supporting the HackIt 2.0 Hackathon

February 26: HackIt 2.0 was a 24-hour hackathon that brought together some of India’s brightest BUIDLers to envision and develop the technology of tomorrow for solving the problems of today.

There were many excellent hacks built on Matic Network, but the winner was the BlockCrop team who won the Matic bounty for their decentralised transaction system enabling both farmers and consumers to secure a fairer price for produce by eliminating the need for middlemen.

Recap of our Time Supporting Blockchain Development at HackVerse

February 27: We recently attended HackVerse, one of India’s largest student-organised hackathons, as a prominent supporter. HackVerse caters to a wide range of developers, as well as those focused on blockchain. To encourage developer adoption of blockchain, we provided blockchain education and a range of lucrative bounties for the hackers who decided to BUIDL on Matic.

As well as participating as a judge for the event, our Growth Hacker & Community Manager, Nirbhik Jangid, delivered a speech to the attendees on the topic of ‘Why build on Matic’.

The talent on display at HackVerse was humbling. India clearly has a bright decentralized future ahead. Let’s keep BUIDLing!

Read the full recap on our blog here.

Supporting the BUIDLers at the Hack Infinity 2.0 Hackathon

March 9: Hack Infinity 2.0 brought together some of India’s brightest young developer talent to build innovative solutions to real-world problems, followed by an entrepreneurship workshop to guide the BUIDLers on how to transform their hacks into marketable products.

The winner of Matic’s bounty was the ‘Fintact’ team, who built a blockchain-based solution that helps bring investors, core enterprises and SME’s together to resolve cash flow problems.

It was exciting to watch India’s next generation of BUIDLers innovate together to create real-world decentralized solutions!

Interviews, AMAs, and Community Outreach

Interview with Jaynti Kanani by SimpleID

January 31: Our CEO, Jaynti Kanani, joined SimpleID for an interview to provide his insights on Matic’s mission, our journey so far and the challenges of the blockchain space as we move forward on our journey towards mainstream adoption.

“We should want to get to the point where we don’t ask if apps are using blockchain. By default, we should use blockchain. To get there, we need to make sure the infrastructure is strong.”

Jaynti Kanani, CEO – Matic Network

Hosting an AMA with Bitrue

February 3: We were thrilled to have Bitrue’s CEO, Curis Wang, join the Matic Telegram group for an AMA hosted by our VP of Marketing and Operations, Chandresh Aharwar!

Topics discussed included Matic’s listing on Bitrue exchange, what differentiates Bitrue from other exchanges, and more. 500 $BTR tokens were awarded to those who asked the best questions.

Interview with Sandeep Nailwal on CoinGecko Podcast

February 10: Our Co-founder & COO, Sandeep Nailwal, joined CoinGecko’s Co-founder, Bobby Ong, for a one-on-one podcast interview. They discussed various topics regarding Matic’s background & technical capabilities, Ethereum 2.0, the events that took place early December, the current state of crypto in India, and much more.

Ethereum is looking to become the world computer. From the point where the Ethereum base chain is able to handle for example 10K TPS, 10x or 100x more applications will be being built, which will again eat up the entire bandwidth. Layer 2 solutions will always be necessary to meet this demand.

Sandeep Nailwal, Co-founder & COO – Matic Network

Watch the full interview here.

AMA with BiKi Chinese Community

February 14: Our VP of Marketing & Operations, Chandresh Aharwar, joined the BiKi Chinese WeChat group to connect with the community and answer their questions regarding Matic Network and the importance of our listing on BiKi exchange.

It was a pleasure to connect with the Chinese crypto community!

AMA with the Binance Spanish Community

February 25: Our VP of Marketing & Operations, Chandresh Aharwar, joined the Binance Spanish Telegram group for a particularly active AMA.

Spain is home to a growing crypto community and a government which is becoming increasingly progressive towards blockchain technology. It was a pleasure to spread the word of Matic’s mission to the thriving Spanish crypto community!

Hosting an AMA with BiKi Exchange

February 26: BiKi’s Marketing Director, Nicole Lim, joined the Matic Network Telegram group for an AMA hosted by Matic’s VP of Marketing & Operations, Chandresh Aharwar, to connect with the community and answer your questions regarding BiKi exchange, Matic’s listing, and more.

AMA with the Binance India Community

March 4: Our VP of Marketing & Operations, Chandresh Aharwar, joined the Binance India Telegram group to connect with the community and answer your questions. We then held a quiz in the Matic Network India Community Telegram group.

There was a significant rewards pool of $250 in MATIC tokens distributed for participants. Thank you to everyone who joined for making it such an exciting AMA!

AMA with the Binance Russia Community

March 5: Continuing our relentless community outreach efforts, our VP of Marketing & Operations, Chandresh Aharwar, made a special appearance in the Binance Russia Telegram group to connect with the community and answer their questions.

It was a pleasure to connect with the Russian crypto community!

Community Updates and Events

Perry Appointed as Matic Network Community Guard of Honor

January 23: We were proud to present Perry Hessenauer with the title of Matic Network Community Guard of Honor. You may know Perry as the well-spoken gifted writer with plenty of published Matic-related articles.

Perry currently holds the titles as a Matic Mitra, MVCM, and now Community Guard of Honor.

Some of Perry’s latest articles:

Matic Supported Blockchain Weekend

January 24: Matic proudly supported the Blockchain Weekend meetup in Bangalore. We educated the attendees on the basics of blockchain and Matic Network.

Our Protocol Engineer, Venkatesh Mankena, (formerly a Consensys engineer) provided a masterclass, and our VP of Marketing and Operations, Chandresh Aharwar, gave a speech about how Matic is driving blockchain mass adoption.

Supporting the 2020 Genesis Block Conference

January 25-26: Matic was thrilled to participate at several events during Genesis Block 2020! The Genesis Block Conference was a two-day event with the aim of celebrating the birth of Bitcoin and blockchain technology, with a forward-looking perspective on the future of the decentralized movement.

Topics covered include: the road ahead for Bitcoin, scaling crypto adoption, the future of DeFi, lightning, Plasma and more!

Matic Joined the ‘Crypto Adoption in the New Decade’ Event

January 29: Matic joined our ecosystem project, Biconomy, & our official staking service provider, Frontier Wallet, at ‘Crypto Adoption in the New Decade’. At the Dubai-based event, we connected with the crypto community to share our insights on industry trends leading into 2020 & our general future outlook for the blockchain space.

Crypto in the New Decade event entrance

The guest speakers included our CEO, Jaynti Kanani, & our COO, Sandeep Nailwal, who introduced the attendees to Matic Network and discussed how Matic is facilitating mainstream adoption through our high-performance Layer 2 scaling solution.

Read our full recap of the meetup here.

Supporting the Trust-Less 2020 Validator Event

February 1: Matic was proud to have supported Trust-Less 2020 – the blockchain industry’s largest validator event. The Matic team was joined by our growing network of top-tier validators, including stakefish and Stake Capital, alongside other leading PoS projects, to provide developers and entrepreneurs with the necessary know-how to be able to run their own PoS validator nodes, and even build their own staking-as-a-service startup!

Our Blockchain Engineer, Vaibhav Chellani, delivered a workshop on how to stake and run a PoS validator node on Matic Network. Our COO, Sandeep Nailwal, also delivered a presentation on how Matic’s true Layer2 construction is different and interesting for Validators.

Educating the Community on DeFi at the Nuo Spark Meetup

February 16: Our VP of Marketing & Operations, Chandresh Aharwar, joined other panelists addressing the topic of ‘Where CeFi meets DeFi and how building on native blockchains is different from building on Ethereum’.

We were joined by fellow blockchain industry leaders to discuss what’s happening in the DeFi and CeFi space through a series of speaker sessions, masterclasses, trading competition, and networking.

Hosting our First-Ever Los Angeles Meetup

February 17: Our COO, Sandeep Nailwal, and VP of Operations & Marketing, Siddhartha Jain, travelled to Los Angeles to connect with the US blockchain community at our first ever Matic meetup in LA.

Some of the attendees of the Matic Network LA meetup

The event was organised by some of our Matic Mitras from Lunar Digital Assets in conjunction with CryptoMondays. It was a pleasure to connect with the US-based Matic community to discuss Matic Network and the importance of Layer 2 solutions in the wider decentralized movement.

Proudly Supporting NFT.NYC 2020

February 20: NFT.NYC 2019 was the first major NFT event in North America and this year’s event was even more impressive. The attendees enjoyed a series of speeches, panel discussions, NFT giveaways, networking and much more.

Our VP of Operations & Marketing, Siddhartha Jain, delivered a speech on the topic of ‘How Matic and Layer 2 are enabling mainstream NFT use cases’.

Crypto Secret Circle Appointed as Matic Network Guard of Honor

February 27: We were proud to recently present Crypto Secret Circle with the title of Matic Network Community Guard of Honor!

Having already won our monthly MVCM initiative, Crypto Secret Circle has taken his commitment to spreading the word of Matic’s mission to the next level. In addition to his consistent support on Twitter & in Telegram, Crypto Secret Circle has created many excellent videos to educate the community about Matic & our ecosystem.

Recent examples include:

Interview with Chain Guardians

February 27: We recently launched our new ‘Dapp 101’ series, designed to provide the community with insights and updates on Dapps building in the Matic ecosystem.

In the first instalment of the series, our Growth Hacker & Community Manager, Nirbhik Jangid, was joined by Robbie Cochrane and Idon Liu, two of the co-founders of Chain Guardians, for an in-depth update interview. They discussed the thought process behind Chain Guardians, the unique aspects separating them from other games, and their exciting plans for progression moving into 2020.

“We are focusing on making sure that our Chain Guardians NFT assets have an increasing amount of utility value, including making them interoperable with other blockchain games.”

Idon Liu, Co-founder – Chain Guardians

Growing our African Community Alongside our Mitra

March 6: Over the last few months, we have been continually spreading awareness of Matic Network & blockchain and expanding our community across Africa via a series of meetups organised in conjunction with one of our valued Matic Mitras, Chid Olisa.

It is an honor to witness so much proactivity, passion and dedication from our Mitras. Together, we are bringing Matic strongly into the global spotlight!

Read our full recap of our Africa meetups on our blog here.

Educating the Google Developer Community About Blockchain Development

March 7: We recently announced our Google Developer Group (GDG) meetup at the Matic Office, co-hosted alongside Chainlink, taking place on March 14th!

The aim of the event is to introduce India’s Enterprise developer community – from beginner to expert – to blockchain, and equip them with the base technical knowledge to get involved BUIDLing in the blockchain space.

Our Co-founder & CPO, Anurag Arjun, will be delivering a presentation on ‘Introduction to Blockchain Application Development Stack & Toolkit’. Chainlink team member, Keenan Olsen, will also be offering his insights on blockchain development.

Read more & find the link to register here.

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