Matic Network – Project Updates #11

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For insights into Matic’s progress on our mission to scale the global blockchain ecosystem, we invite you to read our Project Updates covering all areas of our activities over the past seven weeks.

Matic’s developer ecosystem is growing, and our DApp count is on the rise. We have made huge strides on the staking and mainnet development front, and we’re continuing to expand our awareness globally.

With mainnet and staking launch just around the corner, we’ve never been more excited for what the future holds!

Major Highlights

Code-Complete Status Achieved on All Mainnet Components

On March 16, we officially announced that we have completed all three components of the mainnet code! We are now in the later stages of testing it, coordinating with validators, and resolving bugs.

We had hoped that the mainnet launch would have occurred sooner, however the unfortunate circumstances around the globe have made it more challenging to coordinate its launch. That said, the launch is now closer than ever.

The final major milestone on the journey to mainnet launch is the completion of Stage 2 of our Counter Stake incentivised staking testnet initiative, which is due to commence very soon. Stay tuned to our announcement channel for an update on that front!

Counter Stake Stage 1 is Now Complete! The Final Stage Begins!

On April 28, we were thrilled to announce the completion of Counter Stake Stage 1! With the assistance of our Counter Stake validators, we’ve comprehensively tested the network to identify and repair any issues, and have achieved a consistently running network. The latest iteration of our Counter Stake testnet (CS-2006) has now been running perfectly for over two weeks – in short, Stage 1 has been a huge success!

The final stage, Stage 2, will officially commence in the coming days. Our validators will essentially attempt to ‘break’ the network, in order to ensure with certainty that all bugs and issues have been identified and rectified during Stage 1.

We will be providing frequent progress updates for our community during this stage. Stage 2 marks the final hurdle before our mainnet is ready to launch, and we couldn’t be more excited!

Read our full report of Counter Stake Stage 1 here.

April 2020 Token Unlock: 100% of Team & Foundation Tokens Allocated to Staking

On April 6, we released the full details of the April 2020 MATIC token unlock, and announced that we have allocated 100% of the Team and Foundation tokens which are being unlocked towards staking activities.

Key highlights:

• 100% of unlocked Team and Foundation tokens are being allocated towards staking activities.
• 100% of Ecosystem tokens are to be used gradually for the long-term growth of the Matic ecosystem via a series of initiatives.
• Approximately 89% of tokens unlocked on 26 April 2020 will NOT be released into the market.
• Only ~1.3% of the total supply, the Advisory tokens (133,000,000), will actually be distributed. Of these, our advisors have committed to voluntarily deploy at least 50% of these tokens to staking.

We take pride in being the most community-centric project. Our token release schedule was painstakingly designed by the team with the best interests of the community and the Matic Network ecosystem in mind.

Read the full April 2020 token unlock details here.

Setting New Standards of Transparency for the Industry

We announced our transparency initiative on March 31. Moving forward, any MATIC token transfers from the Matic Foundation wallet will be annotated along with a reason for the movement in a public spreadsheet so that our community is, at all times, aware as to why any token movement is taking place.

At Matic, we are strong believers in transparency and we have always maintained that the well-being of the Matic community is our first priority.

You can view our activities in the transparency spreadsheet here.

Ecosystem and Integration

Sapien Joins the Matic Ecosystem

March 17: We were thrilled to announce that Sapien had onboarded to Matic to scale its decentralized social networking platform. Sapien is a Reddit-like social network that runs on Ethereum.

Sapien’s platform prioritizes user privacy, which centralized social platforms notoriously fail to uphold, and incorporates aspects of incentivisation.

By integrating with Matic Network, Sapien users will be empowered with high-throughput, low-fee infrastructure for sending transactions, tips, and the promotion of high-quality posts and comments.

The Sandbox has Onboarded to Matic Network

March 19: The Sandbox, a tremendously popular open-world game has joined Matic Network! Partnering with Matic will help The Sandbox to provide a better user experience (UX), reduce network fees, and enable them to scale their already huge user base to even greater levels.

The Sandbox is a decentralized gaming platform leveraging NFTs and blockchain technology to empower creators, artists and gamers. The Sandbox team is backed by Animoca Brands, one of the largest publicly listed gaming companies active in the blockchain space.

Somnium Space Selects Matic to Scale Their VR World

March 24: We were excited to announce that Somnium Space has joined the Matic ecosystem! Somnium Space is an open, social, blockchain-powered virtual reality world, in which users can buy land, build or import objects and easily monetize their experiences.

Originally using Loom Network, Somnium Space decided to migrate onto Matic’s high-performance infrastructure to power their complex in-game economy – comprising items such as avatars, NFT collectibles, and more. Learn more here.

We have also established a presence in the Somnium Space VR world by building our waterfront Matic HQ!

Arkane Network Integrates Matic

March 25: Arkane Network has added support for Matic wallets and transactions!

Arkane Network simplifies the development of any blockchain-related product or service by providing multi-chain blockchain APIs and wallets for developers, with a large focus on increasing the usability and UX of DApps.

As part of their latest upgrade, Arkane has added support for Matic wallets and transactions to their interface. Developers using Arkane Network can now seamlessly integrate Matic wallets into their applications, and can take advantage of our high-throughput, low-fee transactional infrastructure.

Collaborating with KardiaChain to Enhance Interoperability for Matic

April 7: We were thrilled to announce our collaboration with KardiaChain, enabling Matic to become interoperable with more top-tier blockchains!

KardiaChain is an interoperable hybrid blockchain infrastructure. Our collaboration enables Matic’s sidechains to become interoperable with blockchain platforms which KardiaChain has integrated with, such as NEO and TRON, meaning NEO and TRON-based asset support on Matic sidechains, and vice versa.

In addition, KardiaChain utilizes Matic’s layer 2 solution to meet the high-throughput demands of their growing ecosystem of enterprise solutions – including a mobile payment gateway in collaboration with Vitenam’s largest telco company & a popular sports content platform with 200K+ users.

Joining Forces with LTO Network to Launch an Advanced NFT-Integrated Supply Chain Solution

April 29: We recently announced our collaboration with LTO Network to create a range of enterprise products in order to bridge Indian and European ecosystems. Our first product is a next-gen blockchain-powered supply chain solution designed to combat the problem of QR code replicability by incorporating NFTs into the process.

We’re thrilled to be ushering in the next generation of blockchain-powered supply chain solution alongside LTO Network, and look forward to a long and fruitful relationship.

COVID-19 Pandemic Contact Tracing DApp Tracy Chooses Matic Network

April 29: We were thrilled to announce that the Tracy citizens app will be migrating to Matic Network to power their in-app transactions. Tracy is the first blockchain-powered application to perform COVID-19 contact tracing, enabling safe movement for individuals and helping health professionals to better manage their response to the pandemic.

The Tracy citizens app will be migrating to Matic Network to power their in-app transactions. Through our infrastructure, Tracy will be empowered with the performance required for adoption by a large masses in India and match the requirements of true scale.

Tracy also utilizes our decentralized storage partner MoiBit for secure personal data sharing. We’re proud to be working alongside Tracy and MoiBit in the fight against COVID-19 together!

Collaborating with Cartesi to Power Cartesi DApps and for Exit Dispute Resolution R&D

April 30: Cartesi is an off-chain decentralized computation platform which combines computational scaling with a Linux operating system. In order to empower DApps building on Cartesi with a seamless UX, they will utilize Matic’s high-performance, low-fee infrastructure. The first fully-decentralized DApp running on Linux, Creepts, has already been successfully deployed on our testnet.

In addition, we will be collaborating with Cartesi on R&D in the area of dispute resolution for Plasma exits. Cartesi uses an innovative dispute resolution protocol, and conducting joint R&D on this front will be valuable for improving our own infrastructure.

You can read more about our collaboration here.


Launching the Matic Master Class Series

On March 18 we launched Matic Master Class, a series of webinars and AMA sessions designed to educate developers and the wider cryptocurrency community on fundamental aspects of blockchain development and technology.

The first session was a webinar hosted by Matic’s CEO, Jaynti Kanani, on the topic of Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solutions. Jaynti dived deep into current scaling solutions and cutting-edge developments in the scaling arena, including Plasma and Rollups.

If you missed the session live, you can view a recording of the workshop here.

Matic Master Class: Solidity 101

March 21: The second session of the Matic Master Class series was a workshop delivered by our Blockchain Engineer, Arpit Agarwal, on the topic of ‘Solidity 101: Intro to Ethereum Smart Contracts and Solidity’. Arpit provided insights into the basics of programming and using smart contracts on Ethereum.

Matic Master Class: Layer 2 Crypto Wallet Panel Discussion

March 27: For the third session of the Matic Master Class series, our CPO, Anurag Arjun, our Android Engineer, Abhriya Roy, and our Application Engineer, Sayli Patil, conducted a panel discussion sharing their technical insights on layer 2 cryptocurrency wallet development.

If you missed the session live, you can catch up here.

Matic Master Class: Building Full-Stack DApps

April 8: The next Matic Master Class session was a workshop delivered by our Application Developer, Angela Gilhotra, on the topic of how to build a full-stack decentralized application.

Angela provided technical insights on the tooling and process behind DApp creation to equip you with the know-how required to start building your own awesome DApps.

Matic Master Class: Future of Blockchain Gaming

April 12: For our latest Matic Master Class session, we moved away from the technical aspects of blockchain development to discuss one of the most promising use cases of blockchain, & one which Matic is heavily involved in – gaming.

We invited Idon Liu – Chain Guardians, Patrick – BattleRacers, Miles Anthony – Decentral Games & Robert Hoogendoorn – Light Trail Rush for a panel discussion on the topic of ‘The Future of Blockchain Gaming’, hosted by our Growth Hacker & Community Manager, Nirbhik Jangid.

We discussed a range of topics, including games in the Matic ecosystem, the current state of blockchain gaming, and where the industry is headed on the road to mass adoption.

Exchange Listings

Listing on Giottus Exchange with our First-Ever MATIC/INR Trading Pair

March 23: Giottus exchange has listed MATIC with our first-ever MATIC/INR trading pair! Giottus is one of India’s fastest exchanges, and they offer near-instant INR withdrawals & various fiat trading pairs, increasing $MATIC liquidity to our Indian community.

Deposits and trading of MATIC are now live via INR, BTC, USDT, and TUSD trading pairs.

MATIC was Listed on

April 6: As part of our continued efforts to expand the availability of MATIC tokens around the world, we were thrilled to announce our listing on

Established in 2013, is a reliable and feature-rich exchange specializing in crypto-to-fiat trading pairs, with 3.3m registered users & a global coverage of 99% of countries worldwide – including 42 US states! users can instantly purchase MATIC via payment card, use their instant buy/sell service, and easily deposit & withdraw using multiple methods.

Increasing Global Availability of MATIC via our Listing on Poloniex

April 11: Matic has been listed on Poloniex exchange! Poloniex is a major global digital assets exchange which is known for its advanced trading features. Poloniex users can trade MATIC via the pairs MATIC/BTC, MATIC/USDT, and MATIC/TRX. Read more about the listing here.

In celebration of the listing, Poloniex launched multiple community campaigns. The first was a 7-day trading competition, offering users the chance to win a share of a prize pool of 2,100,000 MATIC tokens.

The trading competition was such a huge success that they have recently launched yet another campaign for MATIC token holders – their 21-day ‘MATIC Hodl & Earn’ campaign, offering the community the chance to earn 35% APR on your MATIC balance, simply by holding your tokens on Poloniex. The campaign is live until May 8th. You can find more details here.


Recap of our Time Supporting the ETHIndia Online Hackathon

On March 20, we released our recap of the ETHIndia Online hackathon. It was an honor to help accelerate the growth of the Indian developer ecosystem by supporting the BUIDLers during ETHIndia Online, the world’s biggest online Ethereum hackathon! The event brought together developers from across the globe to help build our decentralized future.

We were able to connect with a wide base of hackers to share our insights on the importance and technical details of blockchain technology and development via workshops on ‘Blockchain 101’ and ‘DApp 101’.

In order to encourage the ETHIndia Online hackers to experience the possibilities available by utilizing Matic’s high-performance blockchain infrastructure, the Matic team provided a range of lucrative bounties for those building on Matic Network – and the hacks built were incredible.

Read our full recap here.

Supporting the BUIDLers at the Hack36 Hackathon

March 23: Hack36 launched its 36-hour coding marathon at MNNIT Allahabad, India. Local developers congregated to develop unique ideas and deploy tangible prototypes.

There were many excellent hacks built on Matic Network, but we’re very proud to announce crypto-integrated music streaming platform MoodBeats as the winner of Matic’s Hack36 bounty!

MoodBeats debuted an entirely new & original ‘mood-based music player’ that utilizes the user’s live camera feed to play songs based on their mood. Users can earn cryptocurrency by lending processing power to the platform or by watching optional ads.

Encouraging Blockchain Adoption at HackJNU – North India’s Biggest Hackathon

March 30: It was a privilege to support the HackJNU hackathon, and to watch first-hand as budding innovators advanced their skills in design, development and pitching by creating solutions to real-world problems using cutting-edge technologies.

In order to encourage developer adoption of blockchain, we provided a range of lucrative bounties for the hackers who decided to BUIDL on Matic. It was inspiring to see so many hackers try their hand at blockchain development using Matic.

The talent on display at HackJNU was humbling. India is leading the charge to a decentralized future – let’s keep BUIDLing!

Matic Supported The S.P.I.T Hackathon

March 31: We were proud to support this year’s S.P.I.T. Hackathon at Sardar Patel Institute of Technology! It was inspiring to watch the innovators and techno geeks of India get together for the techno-cultural fest of S.P.I.T. Hackers combined their expertise to create usable software with the goal of creating a functional product by the end of the event.

We provided a range of interesting bounty tracks for the hackers who decided to BUIDL their solutions on Matic. It is an honor to take part in driving developer adoption of blockchain. The BUIDLers of India’s decentralized movement never cease to amaze us!

Supporting UtkalHacks 2.0 – Odisha’s Largest Hackathon

April 1: Matic was pleased to support the wide range of undergrads, recent grads, working professionals, and designers who mixed minds and skillsets together under unique speakers and mentors for three busy days of BUIDLing at the UtkalHacks hackathon.

Organizers from the Emisha community intentionally slowed down the frenzy of other hackathons by first working on problem statements with UX designers, brainstorming and prototyping together, before developers jumped into problem-solving mode.

We were in awe at the work of the hacker teams, many of whom decided to build their brilliant solutions on Matic Network.

Encouraging the Evolution of DeFi at the Money Legos Hackathon

April 1-15: We proudly supported the growth of the DeFi ecosystem by providing more than $4,000 in bounties for the Money Legos hackathon! At the 15-day virtual hackathon, hackers set out to build the future of finance by transforming traditional financial products into trustless & transparent solutions without intermediaries.

Bounty tracks included:

  • DeFi testnet on Matic theme (up to $500 per protocol)
  • DEX on Plasma (up to $1000)
  • NFT marketplace for Decentraland (up to $1000)
  • Open track (up to $500)

Read more on our blog here.

Promoting Blockchain Development at the .hack() Hackathon in Kerala

April 2: The Matic team was proud to support the .hack() hackathon in Kerala, India! .hack(); brought together some of India’s brightest young developer talent from across the country to build innovative solutions to a variety of real-world problems.

The event aimed to create opportunities that students generally lack, including real-life practical experience, an arena to test their rapid problem solving skills, and the ability to connect with industry professionals to create marketable solutions.

The Matic team provided a range of bounty tracks to inspire the hackers to try their hand at blockchain development using Matic, and we were honored by the positive response!

Proudly Supporting the Hack Camp Hackathon in Kerala

April 6: The Matic team was proud to support blockchain development at the Hack Camp hackathon in Kerala, India! Hackers came together to build innovative solutions using a variety of cutting-edge technologies including IoT, AI, AR/VR, and of course blockchain.

We provided a range of interesting bounty tracks for the hackers who decided to try their hand at blockchain development. It was an honor to see so many hackers BUIDL their solutions on Matic – many even with no prior knowledge of dApp development.

One of our core goals is to introduce mainstream developers to blockchain. We were therefore thrilled to connect with such a wide array of budding developers to present the opportunities that blockchain development can provide.

Encouraging Developer Adoption of Blockchain at Bennett University

April 8: Matic was proud to have supported HackPhoria, Bennett University’s first national-level hackathon!

The two-day event saw 200 of India’s brightest young developers taking part in workshops, speaker sessions and constructing innovative ideas! Hackers banded together from different domains and universities, pushing their previous limits of creativity and skills to create solutions to real-world problems using a variety of cutting-edge technologies – including blockchain, ML, IoT, and VR.

We helped the hackers build some excellent hacks on Matic Network, helping to spread awareness of blockchain among the mainstream developer population and advance the Indian decentralization movement.

Supporting the BUIDLers at DevHack 2.0

April 10: We recently enjoyed the privilege of supporting the DevHack 2.0 hackathon, and assisted budding innovators as they advanced their development, design, and pitching skills by creating solutions to real-world problems using cutting-edge technologies.

In order to encourage blockchain adoption among developers, we provided a range of lucrative bounties for the hackers who decided to build out their projects on Matic Network. It was inspiring to see so many developers try their hand at blockchain development using Matic, helping them to understand the possibilities and opportunities that blockchain development can provide.

Encouraging Blockchain Innovation at the Hack Studio Hackathon

April 16: We were proud to witness many exciting new ideas springing from some of India’s brightest young minds gathered at Hack Studio. Hundreds of developers joined together to brainstorm and build new technological solutions to challenging problems.

Many Hack Studio participants built on Matic Network to sharpen their competitive edge by discovering blockchain-based innovations, while also competing for lucrative prizes. Industry executives offered keynotes and workshops to further inspire and mentor brilliant students who are taking the reins and ensuring that a bright, decentralized future is ahead for India.

Proudly Supporting the HexaHive 2.0 Hackathon

April 28: Some of India’s brightest young developer talent came together at Parul University in Gujarat, India, for HexaHive 2.0 in order to advance their skills in design, development and pitching by creating solutions to real-world problems using cutting-edge technologies.

We provided support and a range of lucrative bounties to encourage the hackers to immerse themselves in the world of blockchain development by building on Matic. It was a pleasure to watch India’s next generation of BUIDLers innovate together to create real-world decentralized solutions!

Interviews, AMAs, and Community Outreach

SpringRole & TradeStars Interview with BlockTV

March 31: We were proud to congratulate Matic ecosystem projects SpringRole & TradeStars on their coverage by BlockTV, which has 250K daily visitors & a reach of 1.5m! 🥂

For the debut of BlockTV’s ‘The DApp Show’, designed to dive into the best DApps currently building in the blockchain ecosystem, Kartik Mandaville of SpringRole and Christian Hentschel of TradeStars were invited to join BlockTV reporter, Yonah Hochhauser, for an in-depth interview.

We’re thrilled to see our ecosystem projects being recognised as top DApps in the industry and receiving interest from huge industry players!

Watch the full interview above.

Sandeep Nailwal Shared His Insights During a District0x Livestream

April 1: Matic’s Co-Founder & COO, Sandeep Nailwal, went live on DApp Digest with District0x. During the interview, Sandeep discussed Matic’s background in the space, Matic’s tech, Plasma, our long-term mission and more.

Hosting an AMA with AnkerPay

April 9: AnkerPay CMO, Les Vorster, joined the Matic Network Telegram group to connect with the community and answer your questions via an AMA session and quiz hosted by our Growth Hacker & Community Manager, Nirbhik Jangid.

There were prizes totalling 12,000 MATIC tokens for the 10 best AMA questions, and $100 in MATIC tokens for the winners of the quiz.

Matic Joined a BEF 2020 Panel Discussion

April 9: Matic’s co-founder and COO Sandeep Nailwal joined a panel discussion regarding the impact of COVID-19 on businesses in Southeast Asia, China and India, as part of the 2020 Blockchain Economic Forum.

Matic is committed to serving the broader blockchain community helping to overcome the COVID-19 crisis. It was a pleasure to connect with other industry thought leaders to share our insights.

Interview with Sandeep Nailwal by FUD TV

April 16: Our Co-founder & COO, Sandeep Nailwal, sat down with FUD TV for an in-depth interview touching on the value propositions of Matic Network.

The two discussed the current state of Ethereum and its maintained success against its competitors, how Matic compares to other scaling solutions, what characteristics gained the support of Binance and Coinbase to back Matic, the large amount of DApps BUIDLing in our ecosystem, and more!

Interview with Chandresh Aharwar by KryptosChain

April 20: Our VP of Marketing, Chandresh Aharwar, was invited for an in-depth interview with KryptosChain to discuss Matic’s progress so far and our plans for 2020. Topics covered include current development progress, our upcoming staking process, blockchain gaming, exchanges and much more.

“There are around 50+ DApps being built on Matic currently, so when our mainnet goes live, we already have a large number of DApps in our ecosystem ready to migrate.”

Chandresh Aharwar Shared his Insights During an Interview with Uncle Bob Crypto

April 22: Our VP of Marketing & Operations, Chandresh Aharwar, shared his insights with Uncle Bob Crypto during a one-on-one interview!

It was a pleasure speaking with Bob regarding our mission to facilitate the mass adoption of blockchain. Topics covered include our reasons for choosing to begin our scaling journey with Ethereum, the growing number of DApps building on Matic, the state of the Indian blockchain ecosystem and Matic’s role within it, our plans for 2020, and much more.

“The Indian crypto industry is growing rapidly, and we are proud to be at the forefront in driving the acceleration of the Indian blockchain movement… around 90% of Indian DApps are building on Matic.”

Sandeep Nailwal Took Part in the NFT London Virtual Meetup Alongside Matic Ecosystem Projects

April 23: Our COO & Co-founder, Sandeep Nailwal, joined Sebastien Borget of The Sandbox and Vita Pur of Somnium Space for the NFT London virtual meetup. Sandeep delivered a presentation discussing how Layer 2 solutions will enable widespread adoption of NFTs in gaming, and connected with the community via a live AMA session.

You can watch the stream here.

Interview with Chandresh Aharwar by MacMac007

April 24: Our VP of Operations & Marketing, Chandresh Aharwar, was invited to join MacMac007 for an in-depth interview discussing our achievements so far and focus areas for 2020.

Chandresh provided his insights on topics including our role in advancing the Indian blockchain ecosystem, a detailed explanation of our Counter Stake progress so far and our ongoing enterprise-focused work.

“Matic has ramped up its focus on large enterprises and the team is currently exploring multiple angles to engage with enterprises.”

Sharing Insights During the ChainBusters Global ‘CrashNBurn’ Live Panel Discussion

April 27: Our COO & Co-founder, Sandeep Nailwal, was invited to provide his insights alongside some of the industry’s top thought leaders for the first instalment of the ChainBusters Global series, entitled ‘CrashNBurn’. The discussion was focused around Black Thursday (March 12th, 2020), which saw the crypto markets plummet by around 40% in a matter of hours.

Amongst other topics, the panellists discussed the causes and circumstances surrounding the crash, the ramifications for the crypto space and community, and potential solutions to help us prepare for any potential similar future events.

Connecting with the Community for a Live AMA

April 29: Our VP of Marketing & Operations, Chandresh Aharwar, joined the Telegram group to connect with the community and answer their questions during a Q&A with the host and a live AMA session with the community.

Chandresh shared his insights about Matic, our plans for 2020, and much more. It was a pleasure connecting with the community!

Jaynti Kanani Joined the Second Chainbusters Global Live Panel Discussion

May 1: Our CEO & Co-founder, Jaynti Kanani, was invited to join other blockchain thought leaders for the next Chainbusters Global live panel discussion. The topic under the spotlight for this installment of the series was Ethereum 2.0: The Next Level.

Talking points included:
• What changes will Eth2.0 bring?
• What problems & solutions can we foresee during the upgrade?
• Will it help to increase DApp adoption, usage and retention?
• How should DApp developers prepare for the upgrade?

Community Updates and Events

Matic Community Quiz Challenge

March 18: Matic launched a community quiz challenge to test our community’s knowledge of Matic, which provided the opportunity to win a share of 10,000 MATIC tokens! The weekly community quiz challenge was held in our Telegram channel.

Our second Community Quiz Challenge took place on March 28 in the Binance Turkish Telegram community. We offered Binance Turkish community members the opportunity to show their Matic knowledge and battle it out to win a share of the prize pool ($100 in MATIC tokens).

Vishal Kothari was Appointed our Newest Guard of Honor

April 1: We were incredibly proud to appoint Vishal Kothari as the newest Matic Network Community Guard Of Honor!

Vishal has been instrumental in spreading the word of Matic online and educating the wider community about our mission. His relentless efforts on social media have even gained him a follow on Twitter by Binance CEO, CZ.

Not only has Vishal contributed heavily to the Matic community, but he’s taken the title of Community Guard of Honor to a new level by assisting his local community in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Vishal has been providing food for those in need & has set up a fundraiser to help those affected by the crisis.

As Vishal likes to say, he’s a “Man on Mission with Matic” and we couldn’t be prouder! Read Vishal’s story and find out how you can help in his battle against COVID-19 here.

Launching the Debut of the Matic Network Treasure Hunt

April 15: We recently held the first-ever Matic Network digital Treasure Hunt, designed to enable the community to learn more about Matic through a fun activity and get a chance to win MATIC tokens in the process.

Thank you to everyone who took part for making the Treasure Hunt a huge success! Over 1000 people participated, and the feedback received was overwhelmingly positive.

10 lucky winners were chosen at random from those who managed to complete the Hunt in time. Each winner received $30 in MATIC tokens.

We have many ideas to make the next Treasure Hunt bigger, better and even more exciting. Stay tuned!

Announcing Essah as our Newest MVCM

April 28: We were proud to present Essah with the title of Matic Network Most Valuable Community Member!

Essah is one of our long-time Matic supporters and continues to help guide new members in the right direction. From answering questions and fighting FUD, to creating content and sharing insights, Essah is an invaluable asset to the community.

Matic prides itself on having such a strong community and we’d like to thank each and every one of you for your support. The Matic team aims to recognize all of our outstanding supporters and their efforts. You could be our next MVCM!

Matic Team Updates

Strengthening the Matic Network Team, Beginning with Ravikanth Yegineni

March 25: We have recently onboarded several new highly skilled team members to help accelerate us on our mission to build a strong global blockchain ecosystem.

The first to be introduced was our new Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer, Ravikanth Yegineni.

Ravikanth has six years of software testing experience and is highly proficient in many programming languages. He is passionate about testing APIs and networks and has strong experience in web, Android and iOS application automation.

Welcoming Himanshu Garg into the Matic Team

March 28: It was a pleasure to introduce another new Matic team member – DevOps Engineer Intern, Himanshu Garg! As DevOps Engineer Intern, he will be assisting our developer team to oversee code releases and deployments.

Himanshu is a Computer Science Engineering graduate and is proficient in a range of programming languages and DevOps Engineering tools. He has developed several websites and applications, and shares our passion for decentralized technologies.

Hiring Sumit Shinde as our Senior Product Marketing Manager

March 30: We were proud to introduce our new Senior Product Marketing Manager, Sumit Shinde! Sumit is an experienced full-stack marketer with expertise in a wide range of aspects of digital marketing. During his years of hands-on experience, Sumit has become highly proficient in strategy & planning, brand management, social media marketing and content marketing – to name just a few areas of expertise.

In his role as Senior Product Marketing Manager for Matic, Sumit’s main responsibilities will include streamlining digital operations, identifying business opportunities and executing marketing tactics and strategies across channels.

Our VP of Ecosystem Growth, Siddhartha Jain, was Published in Hackernoon!

April 11: Our VP of Ecosystem Growth, Siddhartha Jain, has written an incredibly insightful and comprehensive article, alongside analyst Saurabh Deshpande, on the growth of the Indian blockchain ecosystem & the road to India’s bright decentralized future. It was even chosen to be published in Hackernoon!

‘The first wave of Indian blockchain startups are the ones who had to put up a fight for their survival, to establish India as a key player of the global blockchain ecosystem… We now have resources, capital and the legal system on the right path, that are at the disposal of entrepreneurs and developers to unleash the second wave.’

Read the full article here.

Welcoming Sanchari Roy into the Matic Team

April 17: The latest new Matic team member to be announced was Sanchari Roy. As HR Lead, she will be playing a major role in helping us to refine and enhance HR processes within Matic.

Sanchari has gained extensive experience in core HR and recruitment during her career working with major companies including Amazon and Deloitte. She is especially adept at scaling teams and streamlining HR processes within organisations.

It’s a pleasure to welcome Sanchari, and all of our new team members, into the Matic team 🤝

COVID or no COVID, Matic Network will continue to grow stronger!

Thank you for reading. To keep up-to-date with our upcoming announcements please follow us on our Blog, Twitter and Telegram announcement channel

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