Matic Network – Project Updates #12

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For insights into Matic’s progress on our mission to scale the global blockchain ecosystem, we invite you to read our Project Updates covering all areas of our activities over the past six weeks.

The Matic mainnet officially went live at the end of May, and staking on testnet is now live. We announced several new network validators, including NYSE listed $40bn Indian tech icon Infosys, and welcomed 8 new projects joining our growing ecosystem of 50+ DApps.

The mainnet launch signals the beginning of the next exciting chapter for Matic Network, and things are heating up on all fronts.

Major Highlights

The Matic Network Mainnet went Live on May 31!

After two years relentlessly planning, developing and testing several iterations of our network along our journey, on May 31 we were thrilled to announce that the Matic Network mainnet was officially live! 🎉

Following our mainnet rollout strategy, Step #1 of the mainnet rollout, starting the network with an initial set of validators, is now complete.

We are proud to say that we have come a long way on our mission to bring mass adoption to blockchains. With the mainnet going live, our progress in achieving this goal is going to be accelerated massively!

Read the full details of the mainnet launch here:

Thank you to our partners and ecosystem DApps which sent us messages congratulating us on the launch of our mainnet:


Somnium Space

Blockade Games


EverdreamSoft (creators of Spells of Genesis)

Cheers to the next era of the exciting journey of Matic!

Testnet Staking on Matic Network is Now Live

On June 15 we announced the launch of our Staking Education Initiative, enabling the community to try out delegation on the Matic testnet.

Participants are experiencing a hands-on trial of our delegation process, in preparation for staking on mainnet going live by June 29. This includes getting acquainted with the features of the Staking Dashboard, delegating to a validator, claiming rewards & withdrawing/re-staking rewards.

Details of the delegation process can be found here:

You can still register to take part in our testnet staking initiative here:

NYSE Listed $40bn Indian Tech Icon Infosys Joins Matic Network as Early Validator

We were proud to announce on May 27 that Indian tech icon Infosys will be running a Matic Network validator node.

Infosys is rapidly establishing a deep understanding of the blockchain industry. Infosys’ leadership’s matured understanding of the open source, public & transparent nature of the blockchain industry is helping it expand its horizons into public blockchain space as well.

They intend to join as an early validator on Matic Network to get a thorough understanding of the secure, high-performance infrastructure required for the global public DApp ecosystem, like Matic, to reach mass adoption.

The move is also a part of Matic’s increasing enterprise focus. We are currently exploring synergies and areas of collaboration with various mainstream enterprises.

Read more:

The collaboration with Infosys is a testament to the growing recognition by large enterprises of our contribution in the blockchain space.

Matic Joins T-Block with Tech Mahindra to Foster the Growth of the Indian Blockchain Ecosystem

On May 10 we revealed that Matic has joined the T-Block accelerator program, organized by Tech Mahindra and the Telangana government, as official platform partner alongside Harmony!

The aim of T-Block is to provide promising Indian blockchain startups with the support and tools required to flourish and thrive. The initiative will further the Telangana government’s mission to make Telangana the ‘Blockchain Capital of the World’.

Matic, along with Harmony, will be providing T-Block startups with support and the infrastructure required to build DApps with the performance required to facilitate mass adoption.

“We will extend Matic Network’s infrastructure and our in-house expertise to mentor and train the participating startups.”

Jaynti Kanani, CEO – Matic Network

We’re honored to be playing a prominent role in establishing India as a major hub of blockchain innovation!

Read more:

Matic Network (MATIC) Was Listed on Binance US

After previously announcing their plans to list MATIC once our mainnet was live, Binance US listed MATIC on June 5th via the pairs MATIC/USD and MATIC/BUSD trading pairs.

Read more:

Ecosystem and Integration

The Second Matic DApp Week Took Place Early May

May 4: Following our first hugely successful Dapp Week held in February, our second Dapp Week took place in May. Each day from May 4-8 we introduced another new DApp to the Matic ecosystem, mostly within the gaming sphere.

With our mainnet now live, we are seeing interest and adoption from DApps growing exponentially. Those revealed during DApp Week are just a few of the many DApps to be deployed on our mainnet to become #PoweredByMatic.

See below for details of the DApps announced during Dapp Week.

Welcoming Popular Space-themed Game OxUniverse to the Matic Ecosystem

May 4: We were thrilled to kick off Dapp Week by welcoming 0xUniverse into the Matic ecosystem!

0xUniverse is the popular open-economy space-themed game by 0xGames. They’ve chosen to onboard to Matic Network to take advantage of our high-performance transactional infrastructure, in order to provide a superior gameplay experience for their growing user base.

0xUniverse will release a new galaxy with a new set of legendary-tier planets available!

Read more about our collaboration here:

Matic Onboards Gold & Silver Investment Platform OroPocket

May 5: On day 2 of DappWeek, we were excited to announce that OroPocket was onboarding to Matic.

OroPocket is a blockchain-powered fractional investment platform specializing in precious metals. Through asset tokenization, OroPocket enables investments in gold and silver with as little as 1 cent. Their physical asset reserves are 100% insured and regularly audited.

By onboarding to Matic, the OroPocket platform will be empowered with near-instant order execution times and negligible transaction fees, providing a superior UX.

Read more about our collaboration and find out how you can get 1mg of gold for free through an exclusive signup link:

We look forward to working with OroPocket to enable the next generation of investment platform!

Award-Winning Game Blocklords Migrates from Loom to Matic for Better UX

May 6: For our third integration of Dapp Week, we were excited to announce that Blocklords had migrated from Loom to Matic!

Blocklords is an award-winning blockchain-powered medieval strategy game built by Arctic Seascape, a game development studio dedicated to bringing innovative high-quality blockchain strategy games to the masses.

Therefore, after testing out an array of platforms (including TRON, NEO, Icon and Loom), Blocklords decided to onboard to our mainnet to provide a better UX. Our infrastructure will power Blocklords’ user-driven NFT economy, enabling seamless transfers with negligible fees.

Read more:

FLETA Achieves Greater Decentralization by Utilizing Matic’s Open-Source Code

May 7: It was great to see FLETA utilizing Matic’s open-source code to achieve greater decentralization of their FLETA Gateway!

One of the core components of the FLETA ecosystem is the FLETA Gateway, which enables auto-swaps between FLETA ERC-20 tokens and native coins. However, at present their Gateway is somewhat centralized.

Therefore, FLETA decided to utilize Matic’s open-source code (specifically, our deposit & withdrawal bridge and checkpointing mechanism) to upgrade their Gateway to allow greater decentralization and provide a more convenient deposit & withdrawal system for FLETA users.

Read more:

Our core goal is to advance the global decentralized movement. We are therefore happy to see the appreciation and integration of Matic’s open-source code and components by upcoming protocols!

Matic Welcomes Dungeon Explorer Game Ethernal to into our Ecosystem

May 7: We were happy to welcome Ethernal as our fourth Dapp of May’s Dapp Week!

Ethernal is a multiplayer dungeon game that is entirely generated from the blockchain. Players can collaborate to explore dungeons, defeat monsters and discover a wide variety of loot. Blockchain enables guaranteed rarity of Ethernal NFT items, true asset ownership, and NFT interoperability.

By joining Matic’s ecosystem, our infrastructure will enable Ethernal users to experience seamless gameplay and transfer of in-game NFT items.

We’re proud to be providing a seamless UX for Ethernal and encouraging the growth of the NFT community.

Read more:

BadBit.Games Smart Casino Migrates to Matic from Loom!

May 8: Rounding off May’s Dapp Week on a high, we were thrilled to announce BadBit.Games’ migration over from Loom to Matic!

BadBit.Games is a 100% decentralized Smart Casino which provides their users with innovative and exciting casino-style games managed by open-sourced smart contracts.

To achieve their goal of offering one of the fastest blockchain gambling experiences in the world, BadBit.Games is migrating from Loom to Matic to take advantage of our high-performance infrastructure.

Matic will not only empower BadBit.Games’ platform with even greater performance, but our Plasma-based PoS network enhances the security of their in-platform transactions.

Read more:

Our second Dapp Week was a huge success, and there are many more to come!

Blockchain & AI Powered Recruitment Platform Ispolink Onboards to Matic

May 25: Ispolink is an innovative matchmaking recruitment platform utilizing blockchain and AI technology, designed to resolve the underlying issues in the HR industry by enabling businesses and talented individuals to connect seamlessly.

Ispolink will be onboarding to our mainnet in order to power their in-built crypto payment system, allowing platform users to pay for premium features, exchange value and pay for services quickly, cheaply and securely.

We will also be helping to kick-start adoption of Ispolink within the blockchain industry by becoming one of the first blockchain companies to utilize the platform for sourcing top industry talent.

Read more:

We’re thrilled to be empowering Ispolink with the performance required to facilitate large numbers of users of their next-gen recruitment platform

Matic and Koinfox Team Up to Launch TrustScore, a Financial Reputation System

June 10: Matic and Koinfox team up to launch TrustScore, a first of its kind universal scoring mechanism designed to enhance trust within the blockchain industry & beyond.

Koinfox, widely known as “the intelligent trading platform for crypto”, is launching an innovative financial reputation scoring system, named TrustScore, powered by Matic Network.

TrustScore keeps track of an individual’s performance in the financial markets to formulate a score indicating their trustworthiness. This has huge value for an array of actors in the blockchain industry, including DeFi lenders, fund investors, traders, and many more.

Built using Proof of Reputation based smart contracts powered by Matic, the scoring system is transparent, cost-effective, and error-free.

Read more:

Collectible Crypto Game Blockchain Cuties Onboards to Matic!

June 11: We were excited to welcome collectible crypto game Blockchain Cuties into the Matic ecosystem!

Blockchain Cuties is a multi-blockchain adventure game in which players collect, breed, battle, and level up a variety of collectible NFT creatures. They were also the first full-featured collectible game to join the Samsung Blockchain universe.

By onboarding to our mainnet, Blockchain Cuties will be able to take advantage of our high-performance, low-fee infrastructure for their in-game transactions, in order to provide a superior gameplay experience for their growing user base.

“Matic might just be the future of blockchain gaming, and we can’t wait to give you guys a piece of that pie.”

– Blockchain Cuties team

Read more:

We’re thrilled to be powering Blockchain Cuties with the performance required to achieve mass adoption.

Decentraland and Matic Team-up for Mini-Games Creators’ Fund Worth $100k in Grants!

June 12: We’re building a joint fund with Decentraland to launch a Mini-Games Creators Program – $100k worth of grants available!

The initiative is designed to incentivise creators to build innovative and exciting games within the Decentraland metaverse by using the Decentraland SDK. Creators will be able to apply for a grant of up to $6k USD worth of MANA/MATIC per team.

In addition to the grants, there is a series of prizes offered based on performance, including mini-games with the most active users and highest retention rates, the most events hosted, the most MANA transacted, and more.

Creators will have two months to complete their projects, which need to be multiplayer and competitive. Examples of creations include first-person shooters, arcade games, quizzes, escape rooms, sports, and anything else you can conjure up. Let your imagination run wild!

For more details, see here:

Staking Updates

Our Network of Top-Tier Validators is Growing Rapidly!

May 12: We are committed to building the strongest possible validator ecosystem to ensure the utmost security and robustness of our mainnet. Therefore, alongside our decentralized network of community-run nodes, we are also onboarding a series of top-tier industry validators.

Having already announced the onboarding of Stake Capital and before May, this was only the beginning. We have since announced many more industry-leading validators joining our network of official Staking Partners which will be running nodes to secure our mainnet, along with our Dapp Partner validators which will be running the initial validator nodes on the network.

We’re thrilled by the huge amount of interest from the validator community in wanting to become a part of our staking ecosystem.

Read below to see some of our recently announced Staking Partners. Many more are yet to be announced. Stay tuned to our social channels!

Staked to Become Validator on Matic Network!

May 13: Another prominent industry validator, Staked, joined our network of top-tier validators.

We were thrilled to announce Staked as the next leading industry Validator to be welcomed into our staking ecosystem! Staked operates highly reliable and secure staking infrastructure for 20+ PoS protocols on behalf of the leading investors in the industry.

Staked will be operating a Validator node for Matic Network, enabling MATIC holders to delegate their tokens to Staked. They will provide a trusted MATIC staking option for large players as well as retail investors.

In addition, our delegator marketing and outreach efforts alongside Staked will begin soon!

Read more on our blog:

Announcing Arkane Network as our First Dapp Partner Validator

May 19: Following our mainnet launch strategy, we began announcing our network of trusted Dapp partners which will be running validator nodes once our mainnet goes live at the end of May. Arkane Network was announced as our first Dapp partner validator.

Arkane Network provides multi-chain blockchain APIs and wallets for developers. In March they added support for Matic wallets and transactions, and also recently announced their partnership with entertainment giant Atari.

We’re already working together to facilitate a seamless developer environment & superior UX, and now we’ll be working alongside Arkane Network to ensure a secure and robust mainnet.

Sapien Joined our Network of Dapp Partner Validators

May 20: We were excited to announce Sapien as our newest Dapp partner, helping to further secure the network by running an initial validator node on Matic.

Sapien is an innovative privacy-focused Web3 social network (essentially a next-gen decentralised version of Reddit) building on Matic, which rewards content creators and puts users back in control of their data.

Matic is powering Sapien’s in-platform transactions, and Sapien will help to power our mainnet 🤝

We’re grateful to have such a strong ecosystem of Dapps and partners. Together, we’re making Matic Network a secure and robust platform for Sapien and the rest of our Dapp ecosystem.

Matic is Proud to Have Biconomy Join Us as a Dapp Partner Validator!

May 24: Matic ecosystem project Biconomy was our next Dapp partner validator to be announced.

Biconomy is a user-experience enhancement solution that makes the process of interacting with Dapps on the blockchain seamless and quick for end-users, by enabling meta transactions to negate the need for gas fees. Earlier, Biconomy onboarded to Matic to make that snappy, fee-less dream a reality.

By joining us as a Dapp partner validator, Biconomy will be contributing vital infrastructure to validate transactions on Matic, thereby making the network more secure!

At Matic, we are ensuring the utmost security and robustness of our mainnet from the outset.

Frontier Wallet MATIC Staking Tutorial

May 26: We’re onboarding an array of wallets as official staking service providers to make the staking process as flexible as possible for our community.

This includes advanced DeFi wallet Frontier. As seen in the sneak peek above, MATIC holders will be able to browse validators and stake tokens seamlessly from any of their wallets (including Coinbase Wallet, Trust Wallet, Metamask, imToken and Fortmatic) in a completely non-custodial manner on mobile devices using Frontier.

Users will also be able to track their staking positions, current rewards & staking APR rates via Frontier’s user-friendly interface.

Frontier is a valuable partner in furthering our goal of making the staking process as simple and seamless for our community as possible. We’re excited to see it in action with live staking very soon!

Staking and Delegation Update

June 10: We recently published an update for the community regarding our staking launch and public delegation availability.

See the full details on our blog here:

Key points:

1) Staking UI to be publicly available on testnet by 15th June and functional for our Staking Education Initiative, in which participants will be able to experience live delegation to validator nodes on testnet.

This is now live, but you can still register here to take part and to get a hands-on staking experience alongside the 110+ validators live on our CS-2008 testnet:

2) Final staking & delegation to Foundation nodes on the Matic mainnet to go live on or before 29th June.

3) Public deposits and withdrawals for end users using the Matic Web Wallet will go live on 20th June.

4) All of our adoption & developer initiatives will go ahead full throttle.

We’re excited to be rolling out staking for the Matic community!

Chainflow Joins Matic Network as a Top-Tier Validator

June 12: We are thrilled to welcome Chainflow, one of the most respected validators in the industry, into our growing network of top-tier validators!

Chainflow is a top-tier validation service provider created by Chris Remus, who has been adding value to the crypto and blockchain industry since early 2016. Chainflow offers staking services for a range of PoS networks including Cosmos, Livepeer and Solana.

Chainflow consistently places within the top-40 Cosmos validators in terms of total staked ATOM, with more than 1 million ATOM currently staked via their node.

Chainflow will be operating a validator node for Matic Network, enabling MATIC holders to delegate their tokens to their node to generate a passive income.

In addition, due to his unparalleled expertise in the staking arena, we will also be working alongside Chris to perfect our staking strategy.

Read more on our blog:

Education & Industry Events

Matic Masterclass Webinar Delivered by Frontier Wallet Founder, Ravindra Kumar

May 8: We invited Ravindra Kumar, Founder of Frontier Wallet, to share his insights on the topic of ‘DeFi wallets and staking’ via a live webinar.

Frontier is an advanced, non-custodial DeFi wallet which enables seamless staking from any of your wallets (including Metamask, Trust Wallet and Coinbase Wallet) through one simple interface. We previously announced Frontier Wallet as an official Matic Network staking service provider, which you can see in the above section.

Ravindra has built a wealth of knowledge on the subject of DeFi wallets and staking during his career and was able to share a great deal of his expertise with the community.

See our recap of the Masterclass on Twitter here:

Sandeep Nailwal Joined LAToken’s Online Roadshow Panel Discussion

May 14: Our Co-Founder & COO, Sandeep Nailwal, joined other thought leaders in the space for a panel discussion on the topic of ‘The Laws of Investments During the COVID-19 Pandemic’.

The panelists shared their insights on how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the investment landscape.

Talking points included:
• Are investors/VCs still investing in during this pandemic?
• What are your predictions of areas that investors will desire to invest in and why?
• Is crypto a good investment during this time?
• What is the recipe for successful startups to stay alive now?

You can see a full recording of the discussion here:

Providing Insights on Layer 2 at REIMAGINE 2020 Virtual Blockchain Conference

May 17: REIMAGINE 2020 offered a 72-hour virtual blockchain conference and networking event organized by MouseBelt, with the aim of inspiring attendees about the future of blockchain innovation via a series of engaging workshops and speeches delivered by some of the industry’s top thought leaders.

Our COO & Co-founder, Sandeep Nailwal, was invited to share his insights on the topic of ‘State of Layer 2’, discussing the integral role of Layer 2 solutions in the blockchain ecosystem.

The event focused on the fundamentals, benefits, and trends of blockchain technology, taught by some of the industry’s most prominent personalities.

Teaching UX/UI and Best Design Practices at REIMAGINE 2020

May 19: We hosted a special class for all front-end developers as part of the REIMAGINE 2020 virtual blockchain conference!

Our Head of Design, Dalpat Prajapati, hosted an open workshop discussing ‘UX/UI and best design practices for blockchain based applications’.

Developers and blockchain enthusiasts joined us to learn about current industry trends in DApp UX/UI & design, and how to stay ahead of the curve with their blockchain-based application builds.

Sharing Our Insights on NFT Design at ANON Summit 2020

May 19: Our COO & Co-founder, Sandeep Nailwal took part in a panel discussion on the topic of ‘NFT Design Practices’ alongside representatives of prominent NFT-related projects, including Axie Infinity and Matic ecosystem project Somnium Space, as part of the ANON Sumit 2020 virtual conference.

ANON 2020 was a virtual blockchain conference packed with panel discussions and workshops from some of the industry’s most prominent players. We were thrilled to be sharing our knowledge with the attendees!

Discussing the Matic Mainnet Launch at the Mainnet 2020 Virtual Event by Messari

June 3: Mainnet 2020 was a 3-day virtual event enabling attendees to connect with the industry’s foremost thought leaders, investors, and builders via a series of keynotes, panel discussions, fireside chats and much more.

Our COO & Co-founder, Sandeep Nailwal, joined other prominent industry personalities at Mainnet 2020, including Joseph Lubin and CZ, to educate the attendees about Matic and to provide updates regarding our ongoing mainnet launch.

50% of profits generated by the event went towards COVID-19 relief efforts!

We appreciate those who joined us to connect with likeminded people and industry leaders, gain insights into the rapidly-evolving blockchain landscape, and help the fight against COVID-19 in the process.

Hosting a Masterclass on the Evolution of Play to Earn

June 4: Blockchain gamers really enjoyed this recent Masterclass session – a discussion by Jiho of Axie Infinity, powered by BGA!

We invited Axie Infinity Co-founder, Jiho, to share his insights in a Masterclass session discussing the topic of ‘How Play to Earn is Evolving!’ hosted by NFT Enthusiast and Community Manager of Gamers Hub, Alegria.

Jiho introduced attendees to the fantasy creature NFT collectible battler game Axie Infinity, and also discussed various aspects of the evolution of blockchain gaming.

Talking points included:
• How to get started with Axie
• The future of Play to Earn
• Instant liquidity mechanics for NFTs
• The role of DeFi wallets in the blockchain gaming evolution

EthHub Co-Founder Anthony Sassano Delivered a Masterclass on The Growth of DeFi

June 5: Anthony Sassano, Co-founder of leading Ethereum-related research and educational resources provider EthHub, joined us to deliver a talk on the topic of ‘The Growth of DeFi’, hosted by Sanket Shah of Matic Network.

The DeFi movement is transforming traditional financial products into trustless & transparent solutions without intermediaries. Anthony discussed the exciting evolution of DeFi from its beginnings to where we are now, and what to expect in the future.

It was a fascinating experience to learn so much about the bleeding edge of decentralized financial revolution from one of the industry’s experts!

See our recap of the Masterclass on Twitter here:

Discussing Blockchain Gaming at CoinGecko’s Virtual Meetup

June 10: Our COO & Co-founder, Sandeep Nailwal, was invited to join other industry thought leaders, including Aleksander Larsen of our partner project Axie Infinity, for the previous installment of the CoinGecko virtual meetup series.

Together they discussed ‘What’s Coming Next in Blockchain Games’. Panelists shared their insights on the current state of the blockchain gaming industry, the challenges to overcome before we see mass adoption, and the future of blockchain games.

Blockchain is enabling a new generation of games which will transform the gaming industry as we know it. This was a particularly insightful discussion about the future of blockchain gaming by some of the industry’s leading experts.

Teaming up with Inblox to Support their Blockchain eWeekend Webinar Series

June 6: Matic teamed up with Inblox to support their Blockchain eWeekend educational webinar series!

Inblox shares our goal of bringing blockchain education to the masses. Blockchain eWeekend is their flagship series of educational events. Their series is currently covering a wide range of topics over a five week period (through July 5th) from building payment systems on blockchain to planning the best crypto portfolios.

The first webinar was titled ‘The Career Opportunities in Blockchain’. Vikas Singh, Founder & CEO of Bloque Labs, and Abhishek Srivastava, Co-founder of, shared insights on how blockchain technology is creating new career avenues and opportunities globally.

We’re proud to be working alongside Inblox to educate the wider community about blockchain to foster the growth of a diverse, thriving blockchain ecosystem!

Samyak Jain of InstaDApp Joined us for a ‘DeFi Smart Accounts’ Masterclass

June 12: We were proud to present the leaders of DeFi from India, InstaDApp, for our most recent Masterclass session, powered by Devfolio!

With DeFi user numbers booming from 140k to 190k in the last two months alone, the decentralized finance movement is gaining steam rapidly. Trustless DeFi Smart Wallet InstaDApp is one of the innovators at the forefront of the DeFi revolution.

InstaDApp Co-founder, Samyak Jain, recently joined us to deliver a Masterclass session on the topic of ‘DeFi Smart Accounts’. Smart Accounts provide users and developers with a single point of integration to access all DeFi protocols.

Talking points included:
• Traditional UX and security challenges of DeFi
• What are Smart Accounts?
• Benefits for DeFi users, developers, wallets & protocols

Inblox and Matic Team-up for Second eWeekend Webinar: ‘Building Payment Systems on Different Blockchains’

June 13: We’re supporting Inblox’s Blockchain eWeekend webinar series to encourage the spread of blockchain education. The last webinar was a discussion on the topic of ‘Building Payment Systems on Different Blockchains’.

Speakers included Shane Hong and Sunny Jain, Marketing Manager and Head of Product at Kyber Network respectively, and Sami Start, Co-founder of Transak, who discussed how blockchain is enabling a new generation of seamless global payment systems.

Talking points included:
• Advantages of blockchain-driven payment solutions
• Financial firms investing in blockchain tech
• Will we see blockchain demolish the SWIFT system?
• Future evolutions of blockchain payment systems

There are three more upcoming eWeekend Webinars planned through July 5th, so watch our official announcement channel for the next topic and details on how you can attend!

Our Next DeFi-Foucsed Masterclass is Approaching!

June 15: Don’t miss our next DeFi-focused Masterclass session with Zapper.Fi Co-Founder, Nodar Janashia, on the topic of ‘DeFi Derivatives’!

According to Investopedia, the derivatives market is estimated to be a $1 quadrillion dollar market. This massive market size is due to the large amount of derivatives in existence on virtually every possible type of investment asset.

DeFi Derivatives offer immense flexibility across multiple assets and platforms. Smart contracts can issue tokenized derivative contracts which are executed permissionless and automatically.

Derivatives are shaping up to be a major part of the DeFi revolution, which is giving economic power back to the people by creating a financial system that is accessible, efficient, and transparent.

Join us to gain deeper insights from an industry expert.

Date & time: June 19th, 8 PM IST (2:30PM GMT)

Register here:

Exchange Listings

WazirX Adds MATIC/INR Trading Pair

May 14: In celebration of Matic’s Mainnet Launch Sequence, a MATIC/INR trading pair went live on WazirX on May 14th. WazirX is India’s largest cryptocurrency exchange with over 400,000 registered users!

Cheers to further integration into the Indian blockchain ecosystem and MATIC becoming more accessible to India’s 1.3B population.

Users are now able to use WazirX’s instant INR deposits to trade MATIC via the new MATIC/INR pairing.

We’re honored to join an elite class of tokens that are available in an INR trading pair such as ETH, XRP, TRX, and LTC.

Read more on their blog: Exchange Listed MATIC!

May 14: In our continued efforts to increase the availability of MATIC token, we were thrilled to announce that MATIC was being listed on Exchange with our first-ever BCH pairing! Exchange is a top-tier crypto exchange from the team behind, whose mission is to make crypto accessible to everyone. Their exchange is home to 100K+ registered users and facilitates a daily trading volume surpassing $1.3bn USD.

MATIC is now available to trade on Exchange via MATIC/BCH and MATIC/BTC pairs.

More details:

We’re thrilled to be working with Exchange to provide a secure, seamless method of trading MATIC for the huge and vibrant BCH community!

Binance Has Enabled Isolated Margin Trading for MATIC/BTC & MATIC/USDT!

May 25: Binance users can now leverage trade MATIC via the new MATIC/BTC & MATIC/USDT trading pair with Isolated Margin positions.

Isolated Margin trading is the margin balance allocated to an individual position. Isolated Margin mode allows traders to manage their risk on their individual positions by restricting the amount of margin allocated to each one.

We’re thrilled to be getting added to the exclusive list of available Isolated Margin trading on Binance!

This is another way that Matic is becoming more integrated into the Binance community.


Encouraging Blockchain Innovation at the HackBout Hackathon!

May 14: Bangalore’s Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology served as a temporary home for a wide range of brilliant developer teams meeting for an intense 36-hour hackathon.

Students teamed up to battle it out with each other, creating new and innovative solutions to various technological challenges facing today’s world. Tracks included IoT, ML & Data Science, Future Mobility and, of course, Blockchain & Fintech. We proudly offered support and lucrative bounty prizes to the HackBout teams BUIDLing on Matic.

It was inspiring to support these young hackers as they learned how to combine their talents with blockchain tech to help usher in India’s decentralized future!

Supporting the BUIDLers at Chain Runner, Part of the ETHIndia Online Hackathon Series!

May 24: Chain Runner was a month-long online hackathon organized by Devfolio, running from May 22 – June 21, bringing together developers from across the globe to help BUIDL our decentralized future.

The Matic team supported the event as judges, and we provided a range of bounties to encourage the hackers to build innovative solutions on Matic Network.

Matic bounty details:

We would also like to congratulate the winners of the previous Devfolio-organized hackathon, Money Legos!

It was inspiring to witness so many hackers building together to accelerate the DeFi movement. Winning hacks which utilized Matic include:

• HashCash 2.0
• SmartSwap
• AtomiX Network
• EthPay
• Gasless Uniswap

Proud to Support Blockchain Adoption at HackCovid19 Hackathon!

June 2: HackCovid19 was an online hackathon with the aim of encouraging developers to build innovative hacks that positively impact society. Hackers had just 30 hours to build a solution in a domain of their choice, ranging from blockchain, AI, AR/VR and other emerging technologies.

Many excellent hacks were built on Matic, but the winning submission was WhistleBlower, enabling users to anonymously submit details and evidence of illegal or corrupt practices by a government or organization. The immutability of blockchain makes censorship impossible.

Winning hack:

Congratulations to the WhistleBlower team!

It was inspiring to see so many talented hackers try their hand at blockchain development using Matic. We will continue to spread the word to the developer population about the benefits & opportunities blockchain can provide.

Hacking for COVID Relief at HackOn

June 8: Matic was pleased to lend our support to HackOn, organized by Microsoft Student Partners India and powered by Devfolio!

The week-long event called for India’s most talented young minds to develop solutions to the pressing needs of those affected by COVID-19. Participants joined forces virtually, working from home to build innovative solutions in the battle against the crisis.

Two different hacks were winners of Matic’s bounty. The first was Saarthi, a multi-dimensional solution built on Matic to help those in need of financial support, medical assistance or computational resources using only their phone number or social account.

Equally strong was CoronaRedemption, a solution to help those with corona-based needs to receive direct transfers from donors much more quickly than government aid is arriving.

We were inspired to witness India’s bright young minds hacking together to help at-risk or quarantined people!

Interviews, AMAs, and Community Outreach

Hosting an AMA with Staking Hub

May 3: Staking Hub is a community established by Figment Networks which aims for high-quality conversations about staking and the staking ecosystem. They invited three of our Blockchain Engineers, Vaibhav Chellani, Ashish Rajpurohit and Venkatesh Mankena, for an AMA session to connect with the community and answer their questions.

The main topic of discussion was staking on Matic Network, covering both technical and non-technical questions, but the team members also provided their insights into broader topics relating to Matic and our ecosystem.

Interview with Sandeep Nailwal by Altcoin Buzz

May 10: Layah Heilpern of Altcoin Buzz invited Matic Network’s Co-founder & COO, Sandeep Nailwal, for an interview to discuss the pain points of the current blockchain ecosystems and how Matic is helping to overcome the hurdles to mass adoption.

Sandeep explains the inherent value of decentralized applications, provides an update on Mainnet development, gives his insights on the value proposition of blockchain for various use cases, and much more.

“Taking one benefit in gaming as an example, gamers earn in-game assets over months and years of hard work. There have been multiple instances of gaming organizations banning users, resulting in their earnings being forfeited. With blockchain-based assets, however, the user always maintains control.”

Watch the full interview here:

AMA with Gold and Silver Tokenized Investment Platform, OroPocket

May 20: OroPocket’s CEO, Mohit Madan, and COO, Tarusha Mittal, joined the Matic Network Telegram group to connect with the community and answer questions via an AMA session hosted by our Marketing & Operations Lead, Shreyansh Singh.

OroPocket is a blockchain-powered fractional investment platform specializing in precious metals. It was announced during our recent Dapp Week that OroPocket will be onboarding to our mainnet to power their in-platform transactions.

We Invited Decentral Games Project Lead, Miles Anthony, for an AMA

May 21: Miles joined us to connect with the community and answer your questions via a live AMA session in the Matic Network Telegram group, hosted by our Growth Hacker & Community Manager, Nirbhik Jangid.

Decentral Games is building a range of casinos in Decentraland’s metaverse, which are utilizing Matic Network to ensure a smooth, seamless gameplay experience. The newest Decentral Games casino, ‘Tominoya’, is available to explore in Decentraland here.

We were pleased with the turnout of all those who came to learn more about Decentral Games’ mission to provide a next-gen casino experience, powered by Matic.

Robert Hoogendoorn of Light Trail Rush Joined us for an AMA

May 24: Light Trail Rush’s Communication Lead, Robert Hoogendoorn, joined the Matic Network Telegram group to interact with the community and answer your questions in an AMA session hosted by our Growth Hacker & Community Manager, Nirbhik Jangid.

Light Trail Rush is a fast paced, arcade-style brawler game where players are able to design and ride their tracks in real-time. Light Trail Rush is onboarding to our mainnet to power their in-game NFT transfers.

Watch their demo here:

We hope you joined us to learn more about Light Trail Rush’s innovative Matic-powered racing game!

Discussing Layer 2 Scaling and DeFi DApps with DeFiprime

June 9: Our Co-founder & COO, Sandeep Nailwal, joined the founder of educational media outlet DeFiprime, Nick Sawinyh, for an in-depth interview discussing Matic Network’s approach to Layer 2 scaling and why Matic is an ideal platform for DeFi DApps.

The two discuss Matic’s background and journey so far, technical advantages over its competitors in the scaling arena, how Matic is equipped to help to advance the DeFi movement, our future plans, and much more.

“Our goal is to serve as more than simply a scaling solution, but as an entire global collaborative ecosystem of Dapps running on Matic which will become stronger together as the ecosystem expands.”

We’d like to thank DeFiprime for inviting us to discuss Matic Network and share our insights on the decentralized finance revolution.

Read the full interview here:

Community Updates and Events

Best Of was Appointed our Newest Guard of Honor

May 4: We were proud to present Best Of with the title of Matic Network Community Guard of Honor!

You may know Best Of as one of Matic’s hardest working graphic designers for his outstanding efforts in creating amazing visuals that he shares on Twitter. Best Of’s dedication is incredible.

Best Of currently holds the titles of Matic Mitra, MVCM, & now Community Guard of Honor. He became the 6th community member to be bestowed with our most prestigious title, Guard of Honor.

Some of Best Of’s awesome designs include:

We were proud to announce Shane Latham as our MVCM for the month of May

June 11: Shane has been one of the most dedicated long-term supporters of Matic Network. His continued enthusiasm to assist the community with questions and help to educate others about Matic and our mission is greatly appreciated.

During his time as a Matic Mitra and even before, he’s created some outstanding infographics and other content, spread awareness of Matic on Twitter, provided excellent insights on Telegram, and much more!

Some of Shane’s various content includes:

Matic is proud to have such a strong community and we’d like to thank everyone for your continued support!

Thank you for reading. To keep up-to-date with our upcoming announcements please follow us on our Blog, Twitter and Telegram announcement channel

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