Matic Network – Project Updates #14

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For insights into Matic’s progress on our mission to scale the global blockchain ecosystem, we invite you to read our Project Updates covering all areas of our activities over the past six weeks.

Matic’s developer ecosystem is growing, and our DApp count is on the rise. We have made huge strides on the staking and mainnet development fronts, and we’re becoming deeply ingrained into the DeFi ecosystem.

Major Highlights

Accelerating Innovation on Matic Network via our Build-n-Earn Developer Incentive Program

As part of our massive push for developers building on Matic, on July 14th we were thrilled to announce Build-n-Earn!

Build-n-Earn is an incentive program offering monthly recurring benefits, designed to enable devs to create the best possible version of their DApps.

The response from the developer community has been incredible! We already have 37 DApps registered for Build-n-Earn which will all be deployed on the Matic mainnet by mid-September!

Benefits of the program include:

  • Funding allocation from a total pool of $50,000 per month, provided by the Matic Foundation
  • Technical support
  • Valuable user feedback

Are you interested in learning more about Build-n-Earn and how you can bootstrap your DApp businesses with a steady cash flow whilst growing your user base?

Read about Build-n-Earn and register your DApp here👇

Launching our Multi-million Dollar DeFi-focused Incubator Program

July 27: Stemming from the huge interest from many DeFi teams for Layer2, we recently announced our multi-million dollar DeFi-focused incubator program!

The incubator has attracted huge interest from the DeFi developer community and there are already multiple DeFi-focused projects beginning to blossom on Matic Network.

Benefits of the incubator include :

  • Assistance with financial and business development support.
  • Matic Ecosystem tokens to be used to help DeFi projects.
  • Access to and assistance with a range of developer tooling .

Are you a DeFi innovator? Apply here for the incubator :

India’s Largest Exchange, WazirX, to Launch an Automated Market Maker (AMM) DeFi Protocol on Matic Network!

Aug 12: Binance-owned exchange WazirX is launching an AMM DEX, enabling users to swap crypto assets in a decentralized manner and earn fees by providing liquidity.

WazirX has chosen to build on Matic to overcome the current performance bottlenecks of the DeFi space via our high-speed, low-fee infrastructure.

DEX features:
• Decentralized exchange for pair swaps
• Liquidity provider pools for passive interest
• Accumulate WRX for utilizing the protocol
• Low slippage + instant confirmations

We’re thrilled to be working alongside WazirX to further the DeFi movement! This is just the beginning of our DeFi activities: DeFi projects are quickly recognizing the necessity of Layer 2 and we’re seeing huge interest.

Read more:

Ecosystem & Integration

Blockchain Cuties Held the First-Ever NFT Sale on Matic!

July 16: Blockchain Cuties is the first NFT collectible game to join the Samsung Blockchain universe and has onboarded to Matic’s mainnet to take advantage of our high-throughput, low-fee infrastructure. They recently held the first-ever NFT sale on Matic!

A total of seven exclusive Matic-inspired Cuties were offered during their presale. Each Cutie is based on famous Indian movie characters, folklore, and crypto/blockchain themes.

Singh Cutie was our first reveal : “Crime stops in its tracks when he is around!”.

Android Cutie is an advanced andro-humanoid robot. Also known as “The Robot”, Android Cutie’s memory was packed with almost all the existing world knowledge and a super-powerful CPU to process it.

Shivudu’s sheer strength helps him to overcome his enemies in battle. Extremely strong and courageous, this Cutie never backs down from a fight and always stays true to his morals.

Bengal Tiger Cutie is beautifully designed, based on the national animal of India – the majestic Bengal Tiger. His sharp claws and teeth make him a fierce opponent in battle and an excellent companion for adventures in the Blockchain Cuties universe.

The presale was a huge success, massively increasing the number of Blockchain Cuties NFT holders and users.

Matic Network Launches Gaming Week

Aug 2: Matic Network is quickly becoming the go-to platform for gaming DApps! We introduced 5 new games migrating to Matic in our first ever Gaming Week!

Since our mainnet launch we’ve seen a huge surge in interest from DApps wanting to take advantage of our high-performance, low-fee infrastructure. We therefore held Gaming Week to showcase some of the new gaming DApps joining our ecosystem.

🎮 5 new gaming DApps onboarding to Matic.
📅 One per day revealed from August 3-7.

Synergy of Serra Joins the Matic Ecosystem

On Aug 3 we announced our first DApp of Gaming Week – Synergy of Serra!

Synergy of Serra is a new breed of blockchain-powered trading card game, merging classic strategy card games with the infinite game experience possibilities of deck-builder card games.

🔛 Onboarding to the Matic mainnet later this month.
⚔️ Defend the planet Serra from an alien threat.
📦 Synergy of Serra’s NFT trading card presale is still ongoing!

Presale details: There are 2 types of crates on offer, Transcendent and Base crates. Each crate contains a selection of 6 cards, with the chance to secure a unique item.

Join the journey and take part in the presale here:

Crypcade Onboards to Matic Network

Aug 4: For day 2 of Gaming Week we were thrilled to welcome CrypCade into the Matic ecosystem!

CrypCade is a gaming/entertainment ecosystem integrating skill-based gaming and luck-based gambling, with a huge range of games already on offer.

Currently running on the TRON blockchain, they’ve chosen to onboard to Matic Network in order to provide their users with a seamless gameplay experience.

⛓Provably fair blockchain-powered games.
🚀CrypCade’s games will be powered by Matic.
🔛MATIC token will be integrated into the platform.

📺CrypCade promo video:

We’re thrilled to be powering the next generation of arcade gaming experience whilst providing another layer of utility for MATIC token.

Read more:

Welcoming Pirates 2048 into the Matic Ecosystem

Aug 5: For our third integration of Gaming Week, we were excited to announce that Pirates 2048 had onboarded to Matic Network!

Set in a future in which climate change & WW3 have reduced the planet to nothing but open sea and nuclear wasteland, Pirates 2048 is an upcoming multiplayer pirate ship battle game.

Each player controls a pirate ship and must fight to survive at sea by battling other ships. Crypto is rewarded as a prize for destroying other players’ ships.

💰 Each player ship you destroy earns you 0.005 ETH & 50 points.
🔛 Matic will power Pirate 2048’s in-game token transfers.
🚀Enabling a seamless gameplay experience for their growing user base.

🎮 Play Pirates 2048 here:

CryptoAssault Joins Matic as our Fourth DApp of Gaming Week

Aug 6th: CryptoAssault is a strategy war MMO with economic incentives. Players move their battle units around an expansive 3D map to capture territory, mine resources and battle other units. Each unit is an NFT which can be combined together to form stronger units.

💰 Players are rewarded daily with ETH based on the amount of land they own.
🔛 Onboarding to the Matic mainnet later this month.
🚀 Matic is powering CryptoAssault’s in-game transfers for a smooth gameplay experience.

Read more:

Matic Welcomes Boom Elements to Round Off Gaming Week

Aug 7: We rounded off Gaming Week by proudly welcoming Boom Elements into the Matic ecosystem!

Boom Elements is created by Eggies World. Each player must select at least 1 of 4 elements before playing. If the selected element doesn’t crush your robot at the end of each round, you win!

Currently running on TRON, Boom Elements will soon also be powered by Matic Network for a superior gameplay experience.

🔛 MATIC token will be integrated into their game.
💰 Every 6 hours 10% of the dividends pool will be paid out to BOOM! token holders.

Play Boom Elements here:

Why Matic is Quickly Becoming the Go-To Platform for Gaming DApps & Beyond!

Aug 10: During our recent Gaming Week we announced 5 new gaming DApps which are onboarding to Matic.

Matic is not only becoming the go-to platform for gaming DApps, but for DApps of all types, with our rapidly growing ecosystem of 70+ projects including those in gaming, DeFi, social platforms, business, and much more.

Reasons why developers are flocking to Matic include:
• Near-instant transactions, with block times of ~2 seconds.
• Fees less than 1/1000th of the fees on the Ethereum mainchain.
• Unparalleled support for developers.
• Wide range of developer tooling.
• Developer support programs including our DSP, Build-n-Earn incentive program, and DeFi incubator.

Read more about how Matic is scaling the global blockchain ecosystem:

DApp developers, let’s BUIDL together!

If you have a DApp of any kind, you could benefit from Matic’s high-speed, low-fee infrastructure and assistance to transform your DApp from a great idea into a successful DApp business.

Join here to connect with us on Discord:

Matic and EasyFi Join Forces to Power Low-Cost DeFi Transactions on Ethereum

Aug 17: EasyFi is launching a universal Layer 2 DeFi lending protocol for digital assets on Ethereum.

Built on top of Compound’s solid codebase & powered by Matic, EasyFi will offer faster & low-cost DeFi transactions and sophisticated consumer-centric financial products.

Some of the core functions will include:

  • Secured (Collateralized) Loans
  • Under Collateralized Loans
  • Micro-Lending
  • Credit Delegation
  • Credit Default Swaps

EasyFi believes in a community-centric approach. Therefore, in the near future, the protocol plans to hand over complete control to its user’s community through innovative governance modules.

Learn more here:

Ethereum Push Notification Service (EPNS) Will Utilize Matic Network for Optimization and Scalability

Aug 18: Ethereum Push Notification Service is a DeFi protocol for sending notifications of activity on Ethereum to a user’s mobile, Chrome browser, and even your favourite wallets.

Some of the core functions of EPNS will include:
• Messages from DApps
• Earning crypto
• Push notifications, and much more!

EPNSProject will bring the flexibility to users to be notified about their DApps, wallets, and much more in a decentralized manner.

Matic Network will empower EPNS with high-performance and the ability to seamlessly cater to large numbers of users.

Learn more about EPNS here:

Top-5 Ethereum Game MegaCryptoPolis is Onboarding to Matic!

August 27: MegaCryptoPolis 3D is a decentralized city builder strategy game running on Ethereum and TRON. Launched in 2018, it has grown to become one of the most popular DApps in the industry.

Every in-game item is an NFT that can be traded on the open market. To overcome the crippling congestion on the Ethereum mainchain, MegaCryptoPolis 3D is onboarding to Matic to power their extensive in-game economy.

🥇 Top-5 Ethereum game & top-20 overall TRON DApp by volume.
🚀Onboarding to Matic to provide a seamless gameplay experience for their growing user base.
🎮 Play MegaCryptoPolis here:

Read more:

The Matic ecosystem continues to grow stronger as DApps are increasingly recognizing the necessity of our high-performance, and low-fee infrastructure for scalability and adoption.

DeFi Updates

Stafi Launches $40k StakingDrop for Matic Stakers!

July 27: As our first DeFi-focused initiative StaFi Protocol launched a $40K StakingDrop for MATIC stakers! $40K of StaFi’s FIS tokens were distributed to MATIC stakers.

If you’re not yet staking your MATIC, learn how to stake here and start earning over 37% APR on your MATIC holdings:

MahaDAO is Building Indian DeFi Stablecoin on Matic!

Aug 12: MahaDAO, a MakerDAO fork, is a decentralized organization which is focused on promoting DeFi, blockchain and crypto innovation in India.

They will be creating India’s first stablecoin, ARTH, is an algorithmically maintained stablecoin that is backed by other USD stablecoins (like USDT, TUSD etc..). It will natively support meta-transactions and is completely decentralized and, governed by the MahaDAO. 

MahaDAO is building their solution on Matic Network’s high-performance, low-fee infrastructure.

Matic’s DeFi Ecosystem is Exploding: Razor Network Brings Truly Decentralized Oracle Services to Matic!

August 24: Razor’s blockchain platform provides decentralized oracle services to connect smart contracts with real-world data in a fast and secure manner.

🚀 Developers on Matic get access to real-world data.
📈 Decentralized data for DeFi, lending, stablecoins, identity and other applications.

Our collaboration will ensure that developers on Matic can access best-in-class decentralized oracle services. This will increase the value of Matic’s solution.

Hrishikesh Huilgolkar, CEO, Razor Network

Matic developers will now be able to access verified data seamlessy through Razor’s decentralized oracle services. This integration will add increased utlity to the ever-growing developer ecosystem on Matic.

Sandeep Nailwal, COO, Matic Network

🌐 Read more:

Integrating Deeper into the DeFi space, MATIC is Now Added to Leading DeFi Trading Protocol Kyber Network!

August 26: Kyber Network is an on-chain liquidity protocol that enables instant, decentralized token swaps, ERC20 payments, and more. Kyber is the most popular DeFi protocol in terms of number of users and integrations.

Users are now able to swap to and from MATIC via any of Kyber’s 70+ supported tokens using their KyberSwap service.

Kyber Network features include:

  • Instant swaps
  • Compatible with Metamask, Ledger, Trezor, Torus, and more
  • Decentralized exchange with limit orders
  • Liquidity provider for many DeFi protocols
  • KyberDAO

🌐 Read more about the listing:

DeFi Prediction Markets Protocol PlotX will Utilize Matic Network for Scalability!

August 25: PlotX is a non-custodial prediction markets protocol created by Ish Goel that enables users to earn unlimited rewards on high-yield prediction markets. Ish is a successful blockchain entrepreneur who founded GovBlocks and was previously CTO of Nexus Mutual.

In order to provide a seamless UX, PlotX user assets will be transferred to Matic Network’s Layer 2 sidechain and markets are opened and settled on Matic. Users can then transfer their assets back to the Ethereum mainchain when they wish to.

📈 PlotX is essentially a ‘Uniswap for prediction markets’.
🚀 Features include automated market making, instant rewards and liquidity mining.
👥 Community-driven: decentralized, pragmatic community governance.

DeFi is Evolving on Matic Network! EasyFi is Launching Under-Collateralized Lending, Powered by Matic! 🤝

August 28: The current collateralization average for DeFi loans stands at 196% – meaning $196 is required for a loan of just $100. This is a roadblock to the widespread adoption of DeFi, but has so far been necessary due to the lack of a reliable credit scoring system in the space.

This changes now, with the emergence of under-collateralized loans via EasyFi’s lending protocol, enabled by credit scoring system TrustScore built by Koinfox. Built using Proof of Reputation based smart contracts powered by Matic, the scoring system is transparent, cost-effective, and error-free.

With this system, DeFi users will be empowered over time with more borrowing capacity and lower collateralization requirements, while establishing their individual creditworthiness.

🌐Full details:

We’ve Joined Forces with Safe Haven to Bring DeFi and Digital Inheritance Services to the Indian Masses!

August 29: Safe Haven is a decentralized B2B2C platform for digital asset management and FinTech solutions. They have been building a range of DeFi applications since 2017 including Inheriti, Safe Haven’s digital inheritance solution.

Due to our shared mission to accelerate DeFi adoption, Safe Haven has chosen Matic as their regional partner to push Inheriti to the Indian masses.

🥇 Inheriti is the only patent-pending decentralized digital inheritance solution.

🛠 Developers on Matic now have full authorization to integrate any public Safe Haven solutions: ThorBlock, MySafeWallet & SafeKey.

Upon the release of Inheriti, Matic will look to immediately work alongside Safe Haven to introduce the solution to India.

🌐 Read more:

Synthetic Assets are Launching on Matic Network!

September 1: OroPocket is launching Open Finance protocol on Matic Network to give exposure to real-world assets through DeFi (aka Synthetic assets), which are gaining huge popularity in the DeFi movement.

We’re pleased to introduce the Open Finance (OpFi) Protocol in collaboration with OroPocket, enabling custody of real-world assets on blockchains and unlocking the value of these underlying assets.

🥇Developers can build applications tokenizing real-world assets like gold.
📈 Instant trade, low-cost loans and yield on tokenized gold, silver, etc.
⛓Sharing of assets between various chains.

Matic’s high transaction throughput, low fees and an open and decentralized network powered by a passionate community ensure it is the best-suited solution for DeFi protocols, enabling efficient microtransactions and a superior user experience.

🌐 Full Details:

Mainnet Deployments

Matic Mainnet Deployment Week Runs Parallel with Gaming Week

Aug 4: DApp deployments to our mainnet are increasing exponentially! We were thrilled to showcase some of these onboardings during Matic Network Mainnet Deployment Week.

In addition to the surging amount of interest from DApps wanting to join the Matic ecosystem to take advantage of our high-performance, low-fee infrastructure, our current ecosystem DApps are lining up to onboard to our mainnet.

Therefore, we launched Deployment Week – to run in parallel with Gaming Week!

🎮 5 Matic ecosystem DApps onboarding to the Matic Network mainnet.
📅 One per day revealed from August 5-9.

Adoption and mainnet onboardings are picking up steam rapidly! Stay tuned to our social channels for more updates.

Matic mainnet explorer:

Popular Space Game 0xUniverse Now Live on the Matic Mainnet

On Aug 5 we announced the first DApp of Deployment Week: 0xUniverse!

0xUniverse is the popular open-economy space-themed game by 0xGames. Players can build spaceships, explore the galaxy, and colonize planets whilst extracting resources and carrying out research to conquer the remotest corners of the galaxy.

🚀 Now running on the Matic mainnet to provide a superior gameplay experience for their growing user base.
🤝 Collect different tiers of NFT planets and trade them for profit.
🌏 Explore 0xUniverse’s new galaxy based on Matic Network, which includes a new set of legendary-tier planets!

Play 0xUniverse here:

Award-Winning Strategy Game Blocklords Deploys on Matic

Aug 6: We were thrilled to announce award-winning strategy game Blocklords as our second DApp of Deployment Week!

Blocklords is a blockchain-powered medieval strategy game built by Arctic Seascape. After testing out an array of platforms (including TRON, NEO, Icon and Loom), Blocklords previously decided to migrate from Loom to Matic to provide a better UX, and they’re now live on our mainnet!

  • Matic is powering Blocklords’ user-driven NFT economy.
  • Enabling seamless NFT imports and exports with negligible fees.

Join the fight and try Blocklords for free here:

Welcoming 0xRacers as our Third Onboarding of Deployment Week!

Aug 7: 0xRacers is a multiplayer open-economy racing manager by 0xGames, a blockchain gaming development studio with over 10 years of experience in game development.

Players can own, tune, and race their custom cars in PVP racing events. 0xRacers has onboarded to Matic Network to take advantage of our high-performance transactional infrastructure.

  • Now live on the Matic mainnet!
  • Purchase cars and tuning packs on Matic at a 50% discount for a limited time.
  • Play 0xRacers here:

Blockchain Cuties Officially Onboards to the Matic Mainnet!

Aug 8: Blockchain Cuties is a multi-blockchain adventure game in which players collect, breed, battle, and level up a variety of collectible NFT creatures. Blockchain Cuties is now utilizing our high-performance, low-fee infrastructure for their in-game transactions, in order to provide a superior gameplay experience for their growing user base.

  • First collectible game to join the Samsung Blockchain universe.
  • Currently holding the first-ever NFT sale on Matic.
  • Secure your Matic-themed Cutie here:

“Matic might just be the future of blockchain gaming, and we can’t wait to give you guys a piece of that pie.”

Blockchain Cuties team

0xWarriors Battler RPG Game Onboards to Matic

Aug 9: Deployment Week was such a huge success! 0xWarriors was revealed as our final onboarding!

0xWarriors is a competitive battler RPG in which players manage squads of warriors and equip them with hundreds of unique weapons and armor.

Join the fight and play 0xWarriors here:

Deployment Week has showcased only a few of the 70+ DApps in our ecosystem which will consistently continue to onboard to the mainnet. Stay tuned for more mainnet deployment updates!

Transactions on the mainnet are increasing exponentially! You can monitor stats via our mainnet explorer here:

Tech & Staking Updates

Enabling Mass Adoption: Providing Massive Scalability for Ethereum with Extremely Low Gas Fees

July 14: We were pleased to announce in July that our CS-2008 testnet achieved 7,200 TPS during stress testing. This has huge implications for the future of the Ethereum ecosystem:

  • Matic facilitates Ethereum transactions in a fraction of the time at 1/1000th the gas cost.
  • Lessens congestion on the Ethereum mainchain.
  • Provides Ethereum with the scalability required to reach mass adoption.

Read here to learn more:

We’re honored to be playing a prominent role in assisting the Ethereum ecosystem to reach its full potential!

Torus Now Running a Mainnet Validator Node

July 19: Torus, leading wallet provider backed by Coinbase and Binance, is now running a Matic Network validator node!

Torus is the first to onboard as initial DApp partner validator.

  • Torus is contributing vital infrastructure to validate transactions on Matic Network.
  • Ensuring a secure and robust Matic mainnet to power our growing ecosystem of DApps.

We continued to onboard our other DApp partner validators over the following days.

Indian Tech Icon Infosys Onboards as a Matic Network Validator!

July 28: NYSE listed $40bn Indian tech icon Infosys’ Matic Network validator node is now live!

  • Infosys was the next initial DApp partner validator to onboard.
  • They are helping to secure the Matic mainnet by running a validator node.
  • The move is part of Matic’s growing enterprise focus and Infosys’ expansion into the public blockchain space.

“We are extremely proud to welcome Infosys as a network validator. Infosys has been the pioneer of the Indian tech success story and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be working with the iconic institution to make an impact in the new decentralized world order.”

Sandeep Nailwal – Co-Founder & COO, Matic Network

Matic Goes to the Great Reddit Scaling Bakeoff!

July 28: We submitted our POC for Reddit Scaling Bake-off. Matic sidechain processed 3mn transactions over 12 hours with a total gas fee of USD 3.52!

We believe Matic is the only solution which offers a complete set of features required for a platform like Reddit! Namely: Security, Composability, High Scalability, Smart Contracts.

Our Submission is here:
Detailed blog is here :

Matic Offers

  1. Security via Plasma predicates on Ethereum: Reliable exits to Ethereum (Proof-of-Stake based decentralized multi-operator Plasma construction which mitigates mass exit occurrence).
  2. Composability (EVM support).
  3. Extremely high scalability with each sidechain (multiple sidechains in future, hence suitable for the scale of Reddit).
  4. Ability to add custom smart contract features (via Ethereum Plasma predicates) for future product innovation.

Matic Staking via Frontier is Now LIVE on Android and iOS!

July 29: As a part of our ongoing push into the DeFi Ecosystem, MATIC staking is now live via Frontier, A DeFi mobile interface.

MATIC holders can now stake tokens seamlessly from any of their wallets (including Trust Wallet, Metamask, imToken and Fortmatic) in a completely non-custodial manner on mobile devices using Frontier.

  • Stake your MATIC via mobile
  • Track your MATIC staking positions and returns
  • Connect your Mobile Wallet with Frontier
  • Non-custodial staking: no need to import your private key

Read Frontier’s MATIC staking guide for Android here:
Download the iOS app here:

Frontier is a valuable partner in furthering our goal of making the staking process as simple & seamless for our community as possible.

Phase 1 of our Staking Rollout is now Complete!

Aug 9: Onwards to an increasingly decentralized network!

During Phase 1, a total of 11 validators were added to the network, including our DApp partner validators:
Infosys– $40bn Indian tech icon
ChainGuardians– Anime-style NFT game building on Matic
Biconomy– UX enhancement solution utilizing meta transactions
Torus– Leading wallet provider backed by Coinbase & Binance

With the start of Phase 2, we are opening up the network to 25 additional public validators! More will follow. Individual entities can participate in the auctions for validator slots.

Staking results as of August 9th:

  • Over 25% of the MATIC circulating supply staked (~813m MATIC)
  • Current APR over 38%
  • Staking rewards distributed: ~47.5m MATIC (~$1.1m)

Thank you to everyone who is helping to secure the network via staking! If you’re not staking your MATIC yet, learn how here:

Welcoming BCW Group as a Matic Network Validator

Aug 17: With our Phase 2 validator onboarding is on full swing, we were thrilled to have welcomed BCW Group into our growing network of top-tier validators!

BCW Group is a global blockchain strategy & management consulting firm with a variety of high-profile corporate clients. They have joined the list of top-tier Matic mainnet validators including Infosys, Torus, Biconomy and Chain Guardians.

  • BCW Group is now running a mainnet validator node (named ‘AutoMATIC Generator’).
  • Helping to ensure a secure network to power our growing ecosystem of DApps.

Decentral Games Joins Us as a Matic Network Validator

Aug 19: Decentral Games was the second Phase 2 validators to be welcomed to the network.

Decentral Games is building a range of casinos in Decentraland’s metaverse, offering provably fair casino-style virtual games. They are utilizing Matic Network to ensure a smooth, seamless gameplay experience.

  • Contributing to an increasingly decentralized network.
  • Helping to secure the mainnet for our growing DApp ecosystem.

Award-winning Validator Node A-Team Joins Matic’s Validator Ecosystem as Phase 2 Gains Momentum!

August 27: Node A-Team is a top-tier validator with an impressive record of winning awards for their validation services.

Based out of South Korea, Node A-Team will be an extremely valuable partner for not only securing the Matic mainnet, but also for expanding our awareness in the Korean blockchain ecosystem.

⛓ Node A-Team provides validation services for 10 leading PoS blockchains including Cosmos, Kava and now Matic Network.
🦾 Over $8m of assets locked in their nodes.
🤝 Our third Phase 2 validator after BCW and Decentral Games.

Read more about our collaboration:

Many more industry-leading validators are queueing up to join our increasingly decentralized network. Stay tuned for more updates!

Developer Ecosystem

Matic Adds Additional $1.5 Million USD to Developer Support Program

July 21: Now that our mainnet is live, Matic Network is quickly becoming the go-to platform for DApps of all types and adoption is increasing rapidly.

Hence, we have decided to expand the Developer Support Program funding pool to USD 2 Million from a previous size of USD 500k!

Our Developer Support Program provides developers on Matic with financial, technical and other support for them to flourish and thrive. Part of our increased efforts to build a strong Matic dev ecosystem.

Hosting Matic Build-n-Earn Virtual Meetups for DApp Developers

July 30: Since late July we’ve been hosting meetups every Wednesday at 8 PM IST for DApp teams interested in learning more about our Build-n-Earn developer incentive program. Every week we also invite two Build-n-Earn projects to showcase their products.

Do you have a DApp on Matic or any other blockchain? You could be eligible to take part in Build-n-Earn and earn incentives including a share of $50K per month funding!

Join us for the meetup to learn about the opportunities provided by the program.

📅 Every Wednesday at 8 PM IST.
🌐 Register here:

Bringing DApps on Matic Closer to Full Decentralization with Bluzelle’s Decentralized Storage Solution

August 4: By utilizing Matic’s scaling solution alongside Bluzelle’s decentralized data storage network, DApp developers are now being empowered with the ability to create DApps which can effectively provide large user numbers with secure, high-performance data storage.

🔒 Decentralized, secure, tamper-proof, and highly scalable data storage solution.
🛠 Bluzelle will be contributing up to $10,000 per month to our Build-n-Earn developer incentive program.
🤝 Integrating Matic into the Cosmos DApp ecosystem.

We’re thrilled to be collaborating with Bluzelle to advance our goal of providing Matic developers with a fully-decentralized tech stack.

Read more about our collaboration here:

Seamless DApp Creation & Deployment with MaticVigil by BlockVigil

Aug 11: BlockVigil is a DApp creation solution which removes the complexities from building decentralized applications. After struggling with the high gas fees and slow transaction times on the Ethereum mainchain, they have decided to launch a new product on the Matic mainnet – MaticVigil.

MaticVigil allows developers to quickly deploy and build on smart contracts over the MaticVigil API gateway with minimal knowledge of the Ethereum EVM or Solidity.

MaticVigil takes care of:
• Private key management
• Transaction lifecycle management
• Gas limits/executions
• Encoding & decoding of transaction data

This rollout will enable devs to easily build scalable DApps on Matic, unlocking blockchain innovation within a myriad of industries!

Read more:

Springworks is Joining Forces with Matic to Contribute to the Success of our Developer Support Program (DSP) Developers

August 26: Springworks, the mother company of Matic ecosystem project SpringRole, is a HR tech company based in California and India with a global client base of over 1000 businesses.

Springworks will be providing discounted/free services for DSP projects that cover critical business aspects – including talent sourcing, background verification & post-hire engagement.

🤝 Since the inception of the DSP in March 2019, we’ve provided over $1m in funding to support DApps.
👔 Springworks’ services for DSP developers are valued at upwards of $10,000.
🦾Contributing to the success of DApps building on Matic.

Read more about our collaboration here:


Bitcoin Whitepaper Now Available in Hindi

July 21: The Bitcoin whitepaper is now available in Hindi, thanks to the efforts of Crypto News Hindi in association with WazirX!

  • Hindi is the third most widely spoken language globally, with 615m Hindi speakers.
  • Educational resources relating to Bitcoin and blockchain are currently overwhelmingly aimed at English and European audiences.
  • We are supporting the initiative as official partners to help to spread awareness of the global decentralized revolution across India.

We encourage all Hindi speakers to share this translation as far as possible!

बिटकॉइन व्हाइटपर पढ़े, “बिटकॉइन: बियर-टू-बियरइलेक्ट्रॉबनकनकदप्रणाली” हिंदी में यहाँ:

Connecting Matic with the Outside World:
A Matic Masterclass with Provable

July 24: For our latest oracle-focused Masterclass, Alice Corsini, COO at Provable, joined us for a live webinar on the topic of ‘How to connect Matic with the external world’.

With over $3.5B of assets currently locked in DeFi, decentralized finance has taken the crypto industry by storm. DeFi protocols rely on oracles to provide accurate price data.

Alice shared with the community how to connect Matic with the external world through Provable’s oracle service.

Provable has been active in the space since 2015 and is widely adopted for connecting blockchain applications to the real world with a cryptographic authenticity proof.

Masterclass on ‘How Blockchain is Transforming Online Gaming’, Powered by Devfolio!

Aug 12: Marguerite deCourcelle, Founder of leading blockchain game development studio Blockade Games, joined us to discuss the revolutionary impact of blockchain on the online gaming industry.

Blockade Games is the company behind Neon District, one of the most highly anticipated blockchain games, which is building on Matic. They are focused on creating an experience which will bring blockchain gaming to the mainstream.

Masterclass talking points included:
• Introduction to Neon District and Blockade Games
• Play 2 Earn
• In-game asset ownership
• Decentralized environment for developers
• The necessity of scaling solutions

It was a pleasure to host Marguerite for a particularly insightful Masterclass! The community was able to learn about the future of gaming from one of the industry’s foremost experts.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) on Ethereum: A Masterclass by Aave!

Aug 15: We were excited to host DeFi leaders Aave for our recent Masterclass session!

With the amount of value locked in DeFi protocols booming from less than $1bn to over $6bn in the past three months alone, the decentralized finance movement is gaining steam rapidly. Open source lending/borrowing DeFi protocol Aave is one of the innovators at the forefront of the DeFi revolution.

David Truong, Software Engineer at Aave, joined us to deliver our Masterclass on the topic of ‘DeFi on Ethereum’.

Talking points included:
• Introduction to Aave
• Decentralized lending and borrowing on Ethereum
• Current state of the DeFi space
• The future of DeFi

David shared some excellent insights into the evolution of DeFi, the biggest financial revolution of our lifetime!

Exchange Listings

Probit Exchange Lists MATIC!

July 14: Global crypto exchange ProBit listed MATIC on July 23 via the trading pairs MATIC/USDT and MATIC/KRW.

To celebrate the listing, ProBit offered a ProBit Exclusive sale, offering MATIC at a 50% discount!

ProBit has a prominent presence in Korea. We’re therefore thrilled to be becoming further integrated into the thriving Korean blockchain ecosystem alongside ProBit! Enables Credit/Debit Card Purchases for MATIC!

July 28: users are now able to purchase MATIC through direct purchases with credit/debit cards!

The following fiat currencies are accepted:

Learn more about it here:

We’re ecstatic to be getting more user features on Binance and offering users another way to access MATIC!

MATIC Added to Indonesia’s Largest Exchange, Indodax!

Aug 12: Indonesia’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange, Indodax, has listed MATIC with our first-ever official IDR pairing!

Indodax is Indonesia’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, with over 2.1 million registered users. They offer fiat-to-crypto trading pairs and a range of features to provide a seamless trading experience.

Indodax users can now trade MATIC via the MATIC/IDR trading pair.

Full details:

We’re thrilled to be becoming more deeply integrated into the rapidly growing Indonesian crypto community!


Supporting the BUIDLers at HackCorona

July 19: Matic was proud to support the many bright young minds who came together to battle COVID pandemic distress at Nibble Computer Society’s online HackCovid event!

Participants were instructed to ‘Build anything that can help the society, your friends, or even your family in this time of pandemic’.

By building on Matic, the teams developed solutions to problems currently being faced in the industries of healthcare and technology, and focused on supporting at-risk and quarantined people. Judges gave extra merit to projects based upon the impact of a team’s idea to society, and the idea’s uniqueness overall.

We remain dedicated to supporting India’s young blockchain talent, & especially those who are dedicated to utilizing blockchain technology for the good of others.

Helping Ingenious Hackers to BUIDL on Matic Network

July 20: We were proud to support the talented young developers who joined forces from across India at Ingenious Hackathon, one of the most sought after and prestigious events of the IEEE festival.

Hackers had just 36 hours to build innovative hacks to compete for ₹130,000 worth of prizes.

Tracks included:

  • Healthcare Tech
  • Agro Tech
  • Mobility, and of course
  • Blockchain.

We assisted Ingenious hacker teams to build a variety of decentralized solutions on Matic.

The BUIDLers of India’s decentralized movement never cease to amaze us. Matic remains privileged to be supporting India’s bright decentralized future via local hackathons!

Supporting DeFi Acceleration at Money Legos Hackathon

July 22: Money Legos was a DeFi-focused hackathon organized by our hackathon partner Devfolio. We provided a range of interesting bounties, with prizes totalling up to $4K+, to encourage the Money Legos hackers to build their DeFi hacks on Matic Network.

Winning hacks which utilized Matic include:

HashCash 2.0– Crypto-economic protocol for better public communication.
SmartSwap– All-in-one platform for DeFi protocol interactions.
AtomiX Network– Seamless, gasless cross-chain token swaps.
EthPay– User-friendly P2P DeFi payment DApp.
Gasless Uniswap– Swap tokens without gas fees.

Click on the hack names above to learn more.

The future of finance is decentralized. We’re proud to be contributing to the acceleration of the financial revolution.

Encouraging Blockchain Innovation at ETHIndia Online’s Chain Runner Hackathon

July 25: We were proud to recently support the BUIDLers at the month-long Chain Runner virtual hackathon, part of the ETHIndia Online hackathon series.

Developers from across the globe joined forces to help build our decentralized future by building innovative hacks on Matic.

Winning hacks include:
• TokenizedTweets – A bot that turns tweets into NFTs
• ZoomTipper – Enabling live tipping during Zoom meetings
• Matic-DEX – Seamless interactions between Matic and Ethereum
• Libertas – Global unstoppable video streaming solution
• ETHREON – DApp for sharing & consuming content
• Paaradarshak – Blockchain-based transparent fund manager

The level of talent on display was incredible! We forged new relationships with many budding blockchain developers who were able to experience the power of Matic Network first-hand.

Learn more about the winning hacks here:

Supporting the BUIDLers at the Parallax Hackathon

July 26: We recently encouraged blockchain innovation at Parallax, a 36-hour hackathon held at Vellore Institute of Technology in India. Some of India’s brightest young minds came together to utilize cutting-edge tech to solve real-world problems.

  • Hackers were encouraged to employ new perspectives to conjure up innovative solutions.
  • Themes included FinTech, Healthcare, Industrial Development and Defence.
  • We introduced many mainstream devs to blockchain through innovating on Matic.

One of our core goals is to spread the word to the developer population regarding the benefits & opportunities blockchain can provide, and we will continue to do so.

Accelerating Indian DeFi Ecosystem Growth at Binance’s Build for Bharat Hackathon

August 25: We’re teaming up with other major innovators including Google Cloud, Binance, WazirX, Marlin, Band and Ankr to support Indian DeFi innovation at the upcoming Build for Bharat hackathon.

100 teams from across India will be competing for a prize pool of 30,00,000+ INR and winning teams will receive acceleration via Polaris, along with close mentoring from leading industry experts and the Binance team itself.

Are you an Indian blockchain innovator? This is your moment!

🌐 See the full details and register here:

“With the second largest blockchain developer base in the world – India has already kickstarted the revolution of decentralization and we’re here to fuel it!”

Changpeng Zhao (CZ), CEO of Binance

Interviews, AMAs, Industry Events

Matic’s CEO, Jaynti Kanani, interviewed by Girl Gone Crypto!

July 16: Our CEO, Jaynti Kanani, was recently interviewed by Girl Gone Crypto!

Jaynti shares his insights into Matic’s progress on our mission to scale the global blockchain ecosystem, the necessity of innovation on the second layer, and the future of the DeFi industry.

“I see DeFi needing to cater for different tiers of users. First is the average user, who doesn’t understand DeFi but still wants to use DeFi products, secondly the individuals who know about crypto and know how to interact with the current DeFi protocols, and thirdly users at the institutional level.”

Other topics covered include:
• Staking on Matic
• Mainnet adoption
• Value of Layer 2 solutions
• Blockchain interoperability

Watch the full interview above.

Matic x Tominoya live VR meetup in Decentraland

July 23: Thank you to all the speakers and attendees of the Matic x Tominoya live VR meetup, powered by Matic Network and in association with Decentral Games!

The gaming-focused event featured some of blockchain’s most prominent gaming personalities, who provided their insights during a series of lightning talks and panel discussions.

• Miles Anthony – Decentral Games
• Shaban Shaame – Spells of Genesis
• Jiho – Axie Infinity
• Andrew J. – Blockchain Cuties
• Ben Heidorn – Neon District
• Emma Liu – Chain Guardians

⚡️ Lightning talk topics:
• Seamless DApp UX
• Blockchainization, the feature that brings high retention
• Multi-blockchain use in blockchain games
• Play to Earn gaming
• The evolution of blockchain gaming
• Blockade Games and Matic

Panel discussions:
• Challenges balancing investors and players
• How Play to Earn is evolving

It was a pleasure to host this groundbreaking VR event in the Decentraland metaverse! Watch the stream from the event above.

AMA with ProBit Exchange

July 16: Our VP of Marketing & Strategy, Chandresh Aharwar, joined the ProBit Telegram group to answer any questions the community has about Matic’s mainnet launch, staking, DApps onboarding to our mainnet, and much more!

MATIC was listed on ProBit on July 23 via the pairs MATIC/USDT and MATIC/KRW. We were therefore thrilled to be able to connect with the ProBit community!

Q&A with the Chainlink Community

August 11: Our Co-Founder & COO, Sandeep Nailwal, joined the Chainlink Youtube channel to connect with the thriving Chainlink community and answer their questions about Matic.

The discussion centered largely around decentralized oracles meeting the needs of Matic Network, the increasing developer usage of Matic’s blockchain, and the future of blockchain gaming.

Hosting an AMA with BlockVigil

Aug 11: We recently announced the launch of MaticVigil, a DApp creation solution built by BlockVigil enabling developers to seamlessly build scalable DApps on Matic Network.

We were therefore excited to host an AMA with BlockVigil’s Co-Founder & CEO, Swaroop Hegde, in the Matic Telegram group to share more insights about MaticVigil.

MaticVigil is opening the door to seamless DApp development on Matic for mainstream developers worldwide! The platform is poised to be hugely valuable not only for Matic but for the blockchain space as a whole.

Discussing Matic’s Recent Developments at Chainlink’s Smart Contract Summit, the Biggest DeFi Event of 2020!

August 28: Our Co-Founder & COO, Sandeep Nailwal, was invited to speak at Chainlink’s Smart Contract Summit to provide insights on the recent developments at Matic Network.

Smart Contract Summit, powered by Chainlink, featured over 100 industry-leading speakers and partners, with 5000+ registered attendees, to discuss a range of thought-provoking topics including:
• Current state of smart contracts
• Exploring ETH 2.0
• From Ce-Fi to De-Fi
• Traditional banking and DeFi
• Insuring smart contracts

It was a pleasure to share insights into Matic’s progress at the industry’s biggest DeFi conference of 2020!

Community Updates

Essah Announced as Matic’s Newest Guard of Honor

July 22: We were pleased to present Essah with the title of Matic Network Community Guard of Honor!

Essah has been a dedicated supporter of Matic for the past year and we’re honored to have him as a part of our community.

He’s one of the rare community members that does it all; designing graphics, creating videos, promoting Matic on socials, assisting our German community, and much more, Essah’s contributions never cease.

Essah currently holds the titles of Matic Mitra, MVCM, & now Community Guard of Honor. He becomes just the 7th to hold all three titles in the Matic community.

Some of Essah’s best videos include:

We’re honored to have such an amazing community!

The first Build-n-Earn Community Voting Round is Approaching. Discover and Support DApps Building on Matic!

Build-n-Earn is an incentive program established by Matic in collaboration with Gitcoin, enabling devs to create the best possible version of their DApps on Matic and thrive. The program is already gaining huge traction, with 37 projects already registered to take part!

One of the benefits for Build-n-Earn projects is funding allocation from a total pool of $50,000 per month. 30% of the monthly pool ($15,000) will be utilized to match the funds raised by projects donated by the community via voting on Gitcoin.

This allows community members to show their support for their favorite projects, enabling them to BUIDL their products and flourish quicker.

📆 Voting period: September 14th-29th.
🌐 View registered Build-n-Earn DApps here:

Full community voting details:

We have Officially Reached the Huge Milestone of 50K Twitter Followers! 🎉

August 31: Thanks to the support of our amazing community, we are growing stronger every day. The dawn of Matic has only just started & we’re honored to have you all along for the journey!

Here’s to a bright future for Matic Network 🥂

Follow our social accounts if you aren’t already and get involved in the conversation about Matic on different platforms:

Matic Team Updates

The Matic Team Continues to Expand!

July 20: Since the beginning of the year, we have welcomed 20+ new individuals to the Matic Network team, strengthening all areas of our operations.

• Anjan Roy – Blockchain Engineer
• Arpit Temani – Blockchain Engineer
• Denis Ermolin – Sr. Blockchain Engineer
• Rahul Prabhu – Blockchain Engineer
• Ayush Kaul – Blockchain Engineer
• Gaurav Raghuvanshy – Software Engineer II
• Ramakrishna Kosaraju – DevOps Engineer
•ManthanKumar Satani – Front-End Engineer
• Ravikanth Yegineni – QA Engineer
• Jyoti Vyas – iOS Engineer
• Muskan Kalra – Product & Support
• Hridam Basu – Technical Researcher
• Sanchay Mittal – Technical Intern
• Sonu Sourav – Technical Intern

Marketing & Design
• Sumit Shinde – Senior Marketing Manager
• Kashish Arora – Visual Designer
• Deep Joshi – Design Intern
• Sachin Mittal – Marketing Intern

Human Resources
• Sanchari Roy – HR Lead

• Harsh Shah – Finance Intern

COVID or no COVID, we will continue to grow stronger as we advance on our mission to scale the blockchain ecosystem.

Welcome to the Matic Team, Arun Philips!

Aug 6: We were proud to recently introduce our new Marketing Specialist, Arun Philips!

Arun is an experienced marketing expert with active participation in the blockchain space since 2017. Arun has honed his multifaceted skillset during years of experience, and he is especially passionate about building communities and curating narratives to educate others about the revolutionary nature of blockchain.

Even in this difficult global situation, Matic Network continues to grow larger and stronger!

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