Matic Network – Project Updates #7

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Major Highlight: β-Mainnet Launch

At Matic Network, we try to do things differently.

-Sandeep Nailwal, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer of Matic Network

On September 30th, Matic Network announced the roll out of 6 projects that would be instantly integrated with the Matic Network beta-mainnet. The β-Mainnet is our 2nd-iteration on the top of Ethereum Mainnet. Developers can build and test their full end-to-end applications with this version as well. A major step towards our final mainnet release, we only moments away from a secure and battle-tested final mainnet.

Technical Updates

Matic Makes a Step Towards More Generalized Plasma

On September 27, we introduced Plasma predicates in our upcoming release, bringing newer state transition support to existing Plasma contracts, without having to redeploy existing root contracts. Developers can now add new Plasma functionality by creating a new contract that implements the necessary logic for that feature and then have our main contract reference the new one. These external contracts are called ‘predicates’.

Heimdall and Bor: Matic’s Block Production and Validation Layers

As part of the upcoming Matic Beta- mainnet release, we announced Heimdall and Bor on September 29. These are Matic’s block production and validation layers. Heimdall is a Proof-of-Stake verifier layer that the serves the important role of checkpointing a representation of the Plasma blocks to the main chain in our architecture.

The Bor node (the block producer implementation) is the EVM-compatible sidechain operator. Block Producers are chosen from the Validator set and are shuffled using historical Ethereum block hashes. However, we are exploring sources of randomness for this selection.

Announcing Counter Stake: Our Public Testing Platform With Rewards

Matic launched Counter Stake — An incentivized public validator network to test the staking process. This stress testing network will be launched with an incentivized version on our Beta mainnet and has a 3 million-Matic token reward pool. Applications for testers are now open!

Integrations and Partnerships

β-Mainnet Integrations

Koinfox Spearheads New Era of Trading Tools

On September 30th, Koinfox announced its integration onto Matic’s β-Mainnet. The trading platform with over 50K users from 30+ countries is designed to empower users with advanced tools and features to automate strategies, minimize risk, & maximize results across multiple exchanges. Koinfox aims to establish new standards of transparency, verification, and trustworthiness pertaining to trading data.

Trial Of Artemis To Launch NFT Sale On Matic Network

An NFT token sale is being launched on Matic network to kick off the upcoming Trial of Artemis game launch. Trial of Artemis is a cryptokitty-like game in which you can purchase nine different exclusive pets in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT). Players will also be able to spawn these pets on Chainbreakers parcels in the Decentraland metaverse.

Biconomy Tackles Crypto Adoption & Onboarding

On October 3, Biconomy — a dApp solution that enables users to access blockchain dApps without external wallets or tokens joined the Matic beta mainnet. It makes the process of signing up for blockchain products and services quick and almost effortless. This enables dApp developers to cover the cost of Ethereum gas fees instead of having users pay repeatedly for every little thing they do.

SpringRole Pioneers New Recruitment Platform

SpringRole — once on our Alpha mainnet, has now joined Matic’s beta mainnet. SpringRole is a decentralized blockchain-powered LinkedIn-like platform that has a highly user-friendly onboarding experience, an employment verification procedure, and a snappy user interface that you wouldn’t even know runs on a blockchain!

On October 7th, SpringRole CEO, Kartik Mandaville, showcased a live product demo of their recruitment solution while operating in real-time on the Matic beta-mainnet. Through its infrastructure, Springrole displayed how Matic would power its platform for mass-adoption.

Tradelink Streamlines Business Management for Enterprises

The business management platform Tradelink has integrated into the Matic beta-mainnet. Tradelink is a blockchain-powered business management platform which aims to remove inefficiencies, redundancy and process delays by integrating key business practices with blockchain. It features rapid (almost instant) transactions while utilizing blockchain for account reconciliation.

Tradelink was demoed on the Matic network to show how businesses can use it to manage crucial operations such as creating sales and purchase orders in a secure and decentralized — but resource-efficient and scalable manner.

On October 8, Tradelink demoed their next-generation business management platform, powered by Matic.

DocBlock Administers Student Admissions On The Blockchain

On October 4, Docblock — a blockchain-powered student lifecycle management suite joined the Matic beta mainnet. DocBlock is designed to securely manage the admissions and student record tracking for educational institutions such as universities. Docblock is poised to be a powerful tool for corporations and district courts as well.

Binance Now Supports Matic BEP2 Deposits & Withdrawls

Binance added support for deposits and withdrawls of Matic BEP2 tokens. This means that Binance users will now be able to select whether they want to use the Matic ERC20 or Matic BEP2 networks for deposits or withdrawls.

Matic Futures Listed On FTX Crypto Derivatives Exchange

As a result of a community vote, Matic futures have been listed on the FTX cryptocurrency derivatives exchange! This listing will provide Matic’s ecosystem with additional liquidity and international exposure, thanks to this unique exchange.

Binance Lending Now Supports Matic

As of October 16, 2019, Binance Lending has added support for Matic tokens so that users can now earn interest on their Matic token holdings via Binance’s 14-day fixed term lending products. Matic is the first token outside the top 30 (by market capitalization) to be incorporated into Binance Lending products!

Matic Listed On BitOne Trade HK Exchange

The Matic token has been listed on BitOne Trade, a Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange. This will help to increase Matic’s availability in the South East Asia region, where there is strong interest in cryptocurrency.

Matic Can Now Be Margin Traded On The BitMax Exchange

As of October 30, Matic can now be margin traded with 3X leverage on the BitMax cryptocurrency exchange via the MATIC/BTC and MATIC/USDT trading pairs.


Matic Sponsors the Syntax Error Hackathon

On September 26, Matic sponsored the Syntax Error hackathon. The hackathon took place between September 27 and September 29th in IIT Roorke, and lasted a hefty 36 hours. Attendees of the hackathon were mentored by other Ethereum developers, and Matic handed out promotional merch and swag. Eventually, the top three projects were awarded prizes!

Matic Network Makes Joint Announcement with Axie Infinity

On September 29th, Matic made an exciting joint announcement with Axie Infinity, a game about collecting and raising fantasy creatures called Axie. Ultimately, both projects announced that they’d be co-hosting Game Oasis Bengaluru together, one of the world’s premier blockchain gaming hackathons. Axie Infinity is one of the biggest games in the blockchain space right now, and we are happy to help them scale up to an even bigger future!

Matic Sponsors First-Ever Game Oasis Hackathon In Bengaluru

On September 27, Matic Network successfully executed on the first-ever Game Oasis Hackathon in Bengaluru, India, alongside Binance LabsMakerDAOAxie InfinityCelerCocos-BCX and Marlin Protocol. Matic supported the Game Oasis Hackathon Bengaluru at which we offered bounty prizes amounting to $4,000 and discussed employment opportunities.

We had three winning entrants that received Matic’s bounty prizes:

Track I – Bounties on the Axie – Matic Ecosystem

  • Team: Nissaram
  • Project: AxieBet

3rd person betting arena for Axie Infinity deployed on Matic Network.

Team Nissaram received an Axie, known as Puff (pictured above), alongside the monetary bounty prize for their incredible winning hack.

Open Track

  • Team: Panchjanya
  • Project: BlockLeague

Generalized fantasy league betting platform on a blockchain using DAI, Matic and Axie.

Honorary Mentions

  • Team: The Procrastinators
  • Project: Crypto Arcade-Runner

A game allowing users to bet on themselves essentially going head to head against our company. If they can finish the arcade in 3 attempts or less they win the bet.

  • Team: Decent Games
  • Project: Battleship

Completely decentralized strategy and a skill-based game that solves various problems of games being developed in the blockchain space, such as secrecy, privacy and governance.

Needless to say, we were very encouraged to see all of the participants at the Game Oasis Hackathon in Bengaluru. To read a full recap of the event, click here.

DeFi/nite Meetup in Seoul: Shaping The Future Of Crypto Finance

On September 30, we attended the DeFi/nite meetup in Seoul, South Korea as part of Korea Blockchain Week (KBW) — the world’s premier blockchain event. The event was about decentralized finance, including the current state of the DeFi space to the BUIDLing of the future of the DeFi ecosystem. Representatives from major players in decentralized finance attended, including Binance and MakerDao for a series of speeches and panel discussions.

We also attended the DeFi Drinks event on October 9 as part of the DeFi/nite meetup. It was a networking event for those in the decentralized finance space, including top projects like Matic, 0x, and AAVE. Matic’s vice president of marketing and strategy Siddharth Jain also spoke on a panel, providing insights on how Matic is contributing to the decentralized finance movement.

Matic Sponsored The Wiz-A-Thon Hackathon

On October 3, Matic sponsored the Wiz-A-Thon hackathon at Parul University. The Wiz-A-Thon hackathon took place between October 5 and October 6 at Parul University in India. The purpose of this event was to help spur innovation by sponsoring/providing the facilities for the most brilliant developers to incorporate cutting edge technologies into their projects, including blockchain.

Mentoring Developers At Hack To The Moon

On October 10, the Matic team was honored to mentor the attendees of the Hack To The Moon hackathon as they built their projects on Matic.

The winning teams of the Matic bounty prizes are as follows:

Track I: Enabling Micropayments
CrowdClick :

Track II: Open Track
ForkBomb :

The hackathon in Prague witnessed a good handful of the world’s leading blockchain firms in attendance. The Hackers Congress event followed the Hackathon shortly afterwards. As one of the top supporters, alongside Binance X, Oasis Labs, Top Network, and Rockaway Blockchain, Matic was honored to have supported such a successful event.

Community Updates


Matic, Marlin and MIH Ventures team up for the Beyond Scalability Meetup

We were ecstatic to host the Beyond Scalability Meetup for this year’s Korea Blockchain Week! We hosted the event on September 28 alongside Marlin and our long-time supporter MIH Ventures. It was centered around blockchain scalability, and included speeches, a panel discussion and a networking session. Our COO and cofounder Sandeep Nailwal spoke on the topic of building the foundation for mass adoption — Matic’s core goal.

Attending Korea Blockchain Week (KBW) 2019

We were happy to attend to attend Korea Blockhain Week 2019 in Seoul — the world’s largest blockchain event! We kicked off the event on October 2 with a 5-way powerhouse meetup between Matic, Harmony, Contentos, Cere and Wax.

Each of these projects presented development updates and the direction each of them is headed in. We also discussed the future of adoption on gaming and data sharing, then concluded with a Q&A session.

For more information on our visit to Seoul, here’s a recap of our participation in Korea Blockchain Week.

Matic Launches the β-Mainnet Scholar Challenge

On October 3, Matic launched the Beta Mainnet Scholar Challenge for Matic community members. During the six day event, participants had the opportunity to win up to $100 USD in Matic tokens, and the first participant to correctly answer the fact-based question won $10. The best answer to open-ended questions received a $20 reward. This community engagement initiative was a great opportunity to test community members on their knowledge of the project!

Token Unlock: 100% Of Matic Foundation Tokens Allocated To Staking

October 25: We will use 100% of the unlocked Matic Treasury tokens for staking activities. 80% of unlocked Matic tokens will not be released into the market, so only 20% of them will be released. This is the final time tokens will be unlocked.

Matic Attends Devcon 5 In Osaka

On October 5, Matic attended Devcon 5 in Osaka, Japan. This is an event held by the Ethereum Foundation for developers and researchers to discuss the future of building in the Ethereum ecosystem.

We attended the Layer-2 Meetup, where Layer-2 solutions experts discussed the technology, and our cofounder/COO Anurag Arjun discussed UX and DX in Layer-2 solutions. There were Lightning talks, panel discussions, and networking to conclude the event.

We also attended the OFFDevcon post-conference rooftop event at the Hyatt (after the first day of the Devcon 5 conference), where we mingled and kicked off the evening program.

We also attended the Binance X Dev Meetup at Devcon 5, which was organized by Binance, Matic, Torus, CertiK, Decore, NYM and Republic on October 10th. Binance X is a new initiative that seeks to foster innovation in the Binance ecosystem and in the blockchain ecosystem at large. Industry leaders and recognised blockchain developers provided insights about next steps for the blockchain ecosystem in a series of lightning talks and a panel discussion.

To top off Devcon 5, we hosted the User X Devcon afterparty for Devcon 5 attendees. Representatives from various projects spoke at that event. Meeting supporters of Matic Network from all over the world was nothing short of spectacular.

We Attended Beyond Consensus: Crypto In Asia

On October 9, we attended the Beyond Consensus: Crypto In Asia meetup to discuss all things crypto with representatives of eastern cryptocurrency projects. It provided an excellent opportunity to learn about local communities’ outlook on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies, expected trends in blockchain development, and what the most anticipated blockchain applications in the region are.

Matic Launches Ethereum India Meetup Series

On October 16, Matic hosted the Ethereum India Meetup at Matic Haveli in Bengaluru, an event organized to raise awareness and bring developers together to network. This meetup — our first is part of Matic’s continued effort to introduce more developers to the Ethereum blockchain, as well as our complimentary Layer 2 scaling solution to make it more scalable.

Matic Supported InOut 6.0: India’s Biggest Community Hackathon

InOut6.0 Hackathon

Since 2015, InOut has been the event at which tech leaders and the brightest minds gather to build tools and solve real problems. The Matic team thoroughly enjoys supporting such events, which cultivate the future of blockchain in India.

InOut, located in JP Nagar, Bangalore is now India’s largest community hackathon! On October 19, we welcomed developers from all backgrounds to bring their diverse skill sets and ideas to see what they can #BUIDL on the Matic Network — and receive a range of lucrative bounties.

Challenges were presented to attendees to try their hand at building on Matic Network, including a turn-based card game, a Fantasy League platform, and a Meta transaction dApp using GSN. On stage, Matic Network’s blockchain engineer Arpit Agarwal discussed the topic of ‘Blockchain 101’.

Matic Supported SF Blockchain Week 2019

Starting on October 28th, we supported SF Blockchain Week 2019, an event in which decentralized markets, cryptocurrency, blockchain scaling, decentralized finance, blockchain security and more were discussed.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency experts from Matic, Coinbase, Ethereum, Parity, CNBC, and other prominent projects spoke at the event.

Matic Offered Bounty Tracks At the SF Game Oasis Hackathon

Matic was proud to support the Game Oasis Hackathon (an October 25th event) in San Francisco during SF Blockchain Week. At the event, the Matic team offered a range of bounty tracks with prizes of up to $2,000 for innovative hackers building on the Matic network.

One of Matic’s core focuses is to accelerate blockchain development globally. The gaming industry has been growing rapidly, resulting in increased opportunities in the blockchain gaming sector as well. The gaming sector in particular stands to benefit hugely from blockchain integration.

Matic’s CPO, Anurag Arjun provided his insights on the convergence of Gaming & Blockchain at Game Oasis SF. He addressed how Matic aims to make Blockchain Gaming ubiquitous!

SF Blockchain Week Kickoff Party

On October 28, we kicked off San Francisco Blockchain Week 2019 with a party including IoTeX, Elrond and Harmony at the Press Club. At the event, attendees mingled with investors, industry leaders, and blockchain innovators from around the world!

We Attended ‘Who’s Building On Ethereum’

On October 29, We attended the ‘Who’s Building on Ethereum’ event with Quorum, Mousebelt, and Gitcoin at Berkeley during SF Blockchain Week. The attendees were currently introduced to tools, platforms and dApps that leverage the Ethereum ecosystem.

DeFi and Drinks Meetup

On October 30, we attended the DeFi and Drinks meetup during SD Blockchain Week. The DeFi and Drinks meetup is an opportunity for those who are interested in decentralized finance to network with likeminded individuals, and interact with representatives of prominent projects including AAVE, Elrond, Cere Network, Set and dYdX. There was a crypto/DeFi themed pub quiz with $1000 of DAI in prizes!

Interviews And AMAs

BlockTV @ Ethereal Tel Aviv Interviews Sandeep

On September 25th, our COO and cofounder Sandeep Nailwal joined BlockTV news for an interview titled ‘The Challenge of Scalable and instant Blockchain Transactions’ about Matic’s value proposition. Sandeep discussed Matic’s role in the future Ethereum’s growth, and the benefits that Matic’s sidechain provides to developers.

CNBC Africa Interviews Matic COO, Sandeep Nailwal

On October 5, CNBC Africa interviewed Matic’s cofounder/COO Sandeep Nailwal about scaling Ethereum’s dApp infrastructure. Sandeep was able to dig deep into the weeds about Matic’s value proposition as a Layer-2 scalability platform for projects building on top of the Ethereum main chain.

Due to the ease of developer onboarding, we are getting a lot of traction in terms of adoption. We already have more than 25 Dapps building on Matic Network, and we are one of the fastest growing blockchain platforms in the space.”

-Sandeep Nailwal, Co-Founder & COO of Matic Network

CryptoBazar Interviews Our COO

On October 7, Matic Network COO Sandeep Nailwal discussed Matic’s exponential adoption rates and strategies during an interview with CryptoBazar in Seoul, South Korea. We discussed the reasons behind Matic’s exponential adoption rates, the strategy behind our relentless hackathon efforts and the progress of some of the Dapps BUIDLing on Matic Network.

Matic AMA With Chandresh Aharwar On CryptoIndia

Our VP of Marketing and Strategy Chandresh Aharwar joined CryptoIndia for an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on October 22, 2019. The 10 best questions were rewarded with $10 of Matic tokens each (totaling $100).

Matic AMA In COSS Telegram Group

On October 24, Our VP of Marketing and Strategy Chandresh Aharwar joined an AMA in the COSS Telegram group. Those with the 7 best questions would be awarded with a total of 3,500 Matic tokens.

COSS stands for Crypto One-Stop Solution. It is a cryptocurrency exchange, and Matic was just listed on it! AMA With Siddharth Jain

On Wednesday, October 30th, we participated in a AMA with our VP of Marketing Siddharth Jain and Rene Schmidt of Chainbreakers as part of San Francisco Blockchain Week. We discussed the launch of the new game ‘Trial Of Artemis’ and its upcoming NFT token sale that launched on Matic Network!

Shoutouts And Mentions

“Matic Network is providing the intermediate stage between Ethereum 1.0 and Ethereum 2.0. Once Ethereum 2.0 is live, Matic will continue to further scale the Ethereum ecosystem and provide even greater scalability.”

On October 4th, Blockfolio generously gave Matic Network a shout out after the official launch of its beta-mainnet.

It was an exciting time to say the least, and we’re always appreciative of supporters within the greater blockchain community.

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