Matic Network – Project Updates #8

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Project updates as of December 10th.

To gain a better understanding of Matic’s role in fulfilling its mission to develop the global blockchain ecosystem, we invite you to read this month’s Project Updates.

We’ve never been more excited for what the future holds.

-The Matic Network team

Major Highlights

Launch of Counter Stake

Matic’s staking initiative, Counter Stake, has arrived!

The launch of Counter Stake was officially revealed on November 27th. We have been working relentlessly on enabling the Proof-of-Stake layer on Matic Network, and Matic’s public incentivized staking testnet event is now live!

Counter Stake is taking place in several stages, beginning with Stage 0 (setup stage) which is now active! We have therefore released a detailed step-by-step guide to assist you to install dependencies and set up your node, along with information in the proceeding stages.

There are more than 3 million mainnet MATIC tokens to be shared among the winners and participants of Stages 1 and 2.

Join here to ask your staking related queries:

Ecosystem & Integration

Battle Racers Game Scales Up With Matic

On November 18th, Matic was proud to announce that Battle Racers, an upcoming action-packed arcade-style racing game housed in the Decentraland metaverse, will be utilizing Matic’s Layer 2 scaling solution!

Gaming helped the concept of digital asset ownership take off with various in-game currencies and purchases. It is likely to do the same for blockchain, which is why Matic is proud to help facilitate that with its Layer 2 scaling solution. The early access game was launched on November 25th.

The Battle Racers Season 1 Crate Sale began on December 2, and will continue onto the 20th of December. There are four types of crate on offer (Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Wood), each containing up to four random parts belonging to the 52 new sets of cars that are exclusively for the item sale.

This is your chance to grab yourself some awesome Season 1 exclusive car parts to get a leg up on the competition and increase your chances of becoming an arcade racing champion!

There is also a CryptoKitties Crate sale by Battle Racers beginning on December 11 at 7 PM EST. Battle Racers will be offering crates each containing 2 random parts from the RoboKitty set. A total of only 1200 parts will be available in this limited edition set, enough to assemble 300 complete cars! The crates will be purchasable on the Battle Racers website and available through playing CryptoKitties.

Welcoming Zawadi Ticketing Platform

Zawadi, the official ticketing partner for Latin America’s biggest conference LABITCONF has integrated with the Matic ecosystem to improve its scalability.

Zawadi is a mobile ticket delivery platform that provides event organizers and ticketing companies with the tools and APIs to deliver tokenized event tickets to their attendees through social media messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook & WeChat.

Through Matic’s infrastructure, each ticket holder will be able to store their tokenized ticket on the blockchain. This will eliminate fake or duplicate tickets by ensuring all transactions are transparent.

Teaming up with Blockade Games Developer Platform

Matic is teaming up with Blockade Games as their recommended blockchain partner! Blockade is the company behind the highly-anticipated Neon District Game.

Blockade Games is a leading video game development company, which specializes in games that incorporate crypto-assets in a way that pulls together today’s largest blockchain gaming communities.

Blockade games will also release a surprise Neon District release on Matic as well as companion games on Matic Network

TradeStars Scales Up With Matic Network

We were thrilled to officially welcome TradeStars into the Matic ecosystem on December 2!

TradeStars is a new breed of fantasy sports game where users can own, create & trade NFTs which represent real-life sports personalities. TradeStars is an innovative fusion of blockchain and sport with the potential to introduce many of the world’s billions of sports fans into the blockchain space.

Through onboarding to Matic Network, TradeStars will be empowered with instant & scalable blockchain transactions required to provide a superb user experience. Together, we will be able to power their unique platform with mass-adoption level performance.

MintFlint Joins the Matic Ecosystem

On December 6, we also announced that MintFlint has chosen Matic Network as their scaling solution for their token launch! MintFlint is a platform which allows you to subscribe to traders and be notified when they buy/sell coins. MintFlint have also been running an airdrop to all Matic token holders beginning December 9th! The airdrop conversion will be as follows: 1 MATIC = 0.02 FLINT.

ChainGuardians Mudra NFT Sale Held On Matic

The ChainGuardians Mudra NFT Mudra NFT sale was launched on Matic network in late November. ChainGuardians, a crypto-meets-anime NFT game building on Matic Network, has launched a sale event for the ultra-rare Mudra NFT!

Mudra is the Guardian of the World of Matic. These specific limited edition Mudra NFTs which are to be integrated into the Matic Network and ChainGuardians game world will be supercharged with extra power for in-game superiority.

To celebrate, we also launched a giveaway of up to $250 in MATIC tokens for 10 winners, as well as $250 in ChainGuardians’ $CGC coin and 10 ChainGuardians NFTs.

MATIC Can Now Be Spent With Monolith Card

You can now spend your MATIC tokens with the Monolith debit card, internationally! Monolith is a decentralised banking alternative powered by Ethereum, designed to offer a full DeFi experience whilst allowing users to retain complete control over their funds. By integrating MATIC, token holders can now use MATIC for real-world purchases anywhere globally that accepts Visa.

Matic Collaborates With Binance Launchpad’s TROY

It was announced on November 26 that Matic will collaborate with TROY, an upcoming Binance Launchpad project.

TROY is a global prime broker specializing in crypto trading and asset management, with the mission is to reshape the crypto market by providing brokerage services for institutional clients and professional traders with revolutionary products.

By utilizing Matic Network, TROY will be empowered with vastly improved scalability and the user experience required to bring institutional adoption to their revolutionary trading platform. We will also be jointly devoting R&D resources towards research and development of Layer-2 scaling solutions.


Matic Network Provided $4K of Bounties at ETHWaterloo

Matic Network was thrilled to support ETHWaterloo in November – ETHGlobal’s premiere hackathon event of 2019.

Not only did our CEO, Jaynti Kanani, deliver a tech talk on ‘Making L2 usable’ & host a workshop on ‘Building applications using fast Plasma asset swaps on Matic’, but we also provided a range of bounties to encourage the hackers to try their hand at building on Matic.

Congratulations to the winners of the Matic Network bounty prizes! The winning hacks are as follows:

Incentivised torrent which enables seeders to receive MATIC tokens based on the data they seed.

Ethereum Listener
Real-time Ethereum transaction visualizer utilizing Matic Dagger APIs.

It was a joy to see over 500+ developers hack together with a common goal of strengthening the Ethereum ecosystem.

Read more about the winning hacks on our blog:

Matic Bounty Track @ Gitcoin Hackathon 2019

From December 2 to January 2, Matic Network is offering a bounty track for participants to ‘Create a Video Tutorial on setting up the Matic Validator Node’ and sync it with the Counter Stake public testnet.

We will be offering $600 in prizes for the top 3 video tutorials:
1st place – $300.
2nd place – $200.
3rd place – $100.

Community Updates & Events

Matic Joined The Binance Super Meetup In Singapore

Matic’s Co-founder and COO Sandeep Nailwal joined a discussion panel at the Binance Super Meetup in Singapore — a city-state known for being a tech metropolis. It was conducted by Binance Managing Director, Erick Zhang alongside the CEOs of Band Protocol, Kava Labs, and Chiliz.

Hosting the First Ever Ethereum India Meetup Series

Matic initiated and hosted its first Ethereum India Meetup on October 18, 2019! Developers and Ethereum enthusiasts joined us at the Matic Haveli in Bangalore for a night of learning and networking.

Ethereum has positioned itself firmly at the forefront of the global decentralized movement. As a key player spearheading India’s blockchain space, and a Layer 2 solution primarily focused on assisting the Ethereum ecosystem to reach mass-adoption levels, Matic is thrilled to be accelerating awareness and strengthening the Indian Ethereum community through our Ethereum India Meetup series.

Indian developers learning about Ethereum + Matic at the first ever Ethereum India Meetup

San Francisco Blockchain Week Recap

Our recap of our time at San Francisco Blockchain Week (SFBW) was released on December 5. We had an incredible time at SFBW 2019. The Matic team joined fellow industry leaders for various events to discuss DeFi, the importance of Layer 2 solutions & advancing the blockchain space towards mainstream adoption.

Amongst all the hackathons, events and meetups we were able to network with fellow leaders of the blockchain space, connect with the attendees and spread the word of Matic’s mission to the wider blockchain community.

We look forward to an even more momentous event at San Francisco Blockchain Week in 2020! See our full recap of the event.

Matic Supported Genesis DevCon 2019

The Matic team recently attended Genesis DevCon 2019 in order to support the growth of the Indian blockchain ecosystem. We connected with the attendees to share valuable knowledge and expertise in a slew of activities ranging from tech talks, panel discussions, interviews and workshops.

It was a pleasure to connect with the builders of India’s blockchain movement at Genesis DevCon.

Read the full recap of Genesis DevCon here.

Matic Supported Thailand Blockchain Week

The Matic team was proud to support Thailand Blockchain Week 2019.

TBW took place in Bangkok, Thailand from November 28 to December 3, and was Thailand’s first ever Blockchain Week. There were 6 major events with a variety of speakers and 5,000 crypto enthusiasts in attendance.

The Matic team attended to support Thailand’s blockchain industry and raise awareness of Matic’s Layer 2 scaling solution. Our VP of Marketing, Chandresh Aharwar, spoke at multiple events during the week!

Matic’s VP of Marketing, Chandresh Aharwar, delivering a speech on the topic of “The Road to Blockchain Mass Adoption” to the TBW attendees.

With a progressive regulatory standpoint and a rapidly growing community of crypto enthusiasts, Thailand is poised to become one of the key blockchain hubs of Southeast Asia.

You can read the full recap of our time at TBW here.

Interviews and AMAs

Joint AMA Alongside SpringRole

On November 12, 2019, Matic’s VP of Marketing, Chandresh Aharwar, joined SpringRole’s CEO Kartik Mandaville for a joint AMA on Telegram. SpringRole is a fast, clean, scalable blockchain-powered job seeking and attestation platform running on the Matic Beta Mainnet. 10 participants were rewarded with an equal share of 10K MATIC & 100K SPRING tokens.

Matic AMA With ID Crypto

On November 21st, Matic held an ask me anything (AMA) session with ID Crypto and connect with the Indonesian cryptocurrency community. Our VP of Operations & Marketing, Chandresh Aharwar joined the AMA in ID Crypto’s Telegram group and gave away a total of 10,000 MATIC tokens to community members who presented the best questions!

Interview with Sandeep Nailwal by CoinCrunch

During Genesis DevCon, Matic’s COO & Co-Founder, Sandeep Nailwal, sat down for an interview with Naimish Sanghvi of CoinCrunch to discuss how Matic Network is bringing massive scaling to Ethereum and explained our relentless efforts on our mission to spearhead and accelerate the growth of blockchain ecosystem in India.

Interview with Nirbhik Jangid by Visionary Media

Our Growth Hacker & Community Manager, Nirbhik Jangid, sat down with Visionary Media to conduct an in-depth inteview during Genesis DevCon. Nirbhik discussed many aspects of Matic’s mission to advance the Indian decentralized ecosystem.

These include our efforts to encourage developers to try their hand at blockchain development through our relentless hackathon endeavours (we aim to attend/support 50 India-based hackathons between May 2019 and April 2020), instigate the building of blockchain-focused Indian communities across India, and our efforts to support budding Indian bockchian developers through our Developer Support Program.

AMA with Binance Thai Community

Matic attended an AMA session in the Binance Thai Telegram group in preparation for Thailand Blockchain Week. There was also a quiz for the community on all things related to Matic Network.

Interview with The Digital Frontier

Our COO & Co-founder, Sandeep Nailwal, conducted an in-depth interview with The Digital Frontier, published on November 25.

In the course of the interview, Sandeep discussed how Matic Network originated, why Matic chose to scale Ethereum versus other blockchains, our staking plans, current roadmap progress & more!

“Matic believes the technical answer to enabling widespread adoption of blockchain technology lies with second-layer solutions focused on scalability. To this end, Matic Network provides massive scaling capabilities whilst leveraging the security and decentralization of the mainchain.”

Read the full interview here:

AMA With Monolith

Brice Berdah, Community Manager at Monolith, joined us on November 30 in the Matic Telegram group for an AMA hosted by our own Community Manager, Nirbhik Jangid, to connect with the community and answer your questions. The AMA covered your questions regarding how Matic’s integration with Monolith works and 10 winners won an equal share of $50 in Matic and Monolith (TKN) tokens!

AMA With Battle Racers

December 3: Gabby Dizon (@gabbydizon), Founder of Battle Racers joined us in the Matic Community group on Telegram alongside our very own Community Manager, Nirbhik Jangid (@nirbhik). As you know, Battle Racers began its Season 1 crate sale on Matic Network. 10 winners equally shared $50 in MATIC & 10 Battle Racers NFTs.

Interview with Chandresh Aharwar by iBLOCKTV

Dushan Spalevich, of iBlockTV joins Chandresh Aharwar, Matic’s VP of Marketing to discuss Matic’s price and its success since the Binance IEO. He also touches on the current state of Ethereum and how Matic aims to push mass adoption through scaling Ethereum blockchain.

Chandresh shares on what is currently in the works for Matic Network and its vision to accomplish in the coming months with Mainnet, staking, and real-world use case Dapps being built on Matic Network.

Check out the full interview below:

Hosting an AMA With ChainGuardians

Matic’s Community Manager, Nirbhik Jangid joined the Co-Founders of ChainGuardians, Robbie Cochrane, Idon Liu, and Emma Liu for an AMA session in the Matic Telegram group to speak about their innovative crypto-meets-anime NFT game building on Matic Network. $100 of Matic tokens & 5 ChainGuradian NFTs were up for grabs for the best questions!

AMA: Matic’s Counter Stake and Staking Process

Many of our community members have expressed interest in our public incentivised staking testnet event, Counter Stake, and our staking process on Matic Network in general.

Therefore, our core protocol devs, Vaibhav Chellani & Ashish Rajpurohit, joined our Community Manager, Nirbhik Jangid, in the Matic Telegram group to connect with the community and answer all your questions relating to Counter Stake and staking on Matic Network.

If you missed the AMA and want to learn more about Counter Stake and our staking process in general, you can see the following resources:

Welcoming Aboard our Matic Mitra

On November 18, Matic welcomed its first round of Mitra applicants, with further rounds of Mitras being announced in subsequent days. Matic Mitra is a community of ambassadors which have a direct line of communication with Matic’s core team.

Mitra members will collaborate on Matic’s global outreach program to help spread the word about Matic’s advanced Layer 2 scaling solution in different international cities to further Matic Network’s engagement with local blockchain communities.

The Mitras come from all around the world, including Brazil, Ghana, India, Nigeria, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey, USA, Venezuela and beyond!

MATIC Listed On Bidesk Exchange

As of November 25, The MATIC token has been listed on the Bidesk cryptocurrency exchange. MATIC has been listed under the MATIC/BTC, MATIC/ETH, and MATIC/USDT trading pairs. The trading fee is 0.1% and the withdrawal fee is 10 MATIC.

Matic Futures Listed On Delta Exchange

As of November 14, MATIC futures have been listed on Delta Exchange! This means that you can now trade MATIC futures with up to 20x leverage using the MATIC/BTC pair. This listing will help integrate Matic further into the Indian blockchain ecosystem. Sign up on Delta to receive a $10 welcome bonus and start trading MATIC (no deposit required).

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