Matic Network – Project Updates #9

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Project Updates as of January 22nd.

We’ve crossed over to the new year more determined and motivated than ever on our mission to develop the global blockchain ecosystem. Last year we worked relentlessly on all fronts to lay the foundation for an even more successful 2020, and we’ve never been more excited for what the future holds.

To gain a better understanding of Matic’s progress on our journey so far, we invite you to read this month’s Project Updates.

-The Matic Network team

Major Highlights

MATIC Has Been Listed On Coinbase Custody

We were proud to recently announce that MATIC has been listed on Coinbase Custody!

Coinbase Custody offers institutional grade solution for large investors to securely store their digital assets.

Matic Network joins an exclusive group of digital assets listed on Coinbase Custody alongside top-20 market cap assets such as LINK, XTZ, XLM, BTC, LTC etc.

Initiating Our Top-Tier Validator Onboarding Process

To ensure the utmost network security and performance, we have initiated our process of onboarding tier-1 industry Validators to take part in our mainnet PoS consensus as official Staking Partners. We were therefore thrilled to recently announce as an official MATIC Staking Partner! is one of the industry’s leading staking service providers and is the first of many top-tier Validators to be welcomed as an official Staking Partner. They will be operating a Validator node for Matic Network to become part of the network’s PoS consensus mechanism.

Revealing The Matic Network Staking Interface

We were proud to reveal our user-friendly, clean, and intuitive staking user interface (Staking UI) for validators and delegators to manage their staking accounts.

Access to the interface is coming soon!

Ecosystem & Integration

BetProtocol Launched $BEPRO Community Private Sale Using $MATIC

December 13: BetProtocol was the latest top project building on Matic Network to use the MATIC token for their private sale! The response was incredible, with a 4x oversubscription for the amount of BEPRO tokens on offer.

All proceeds from the private sale are being allocated towards scholarships which will fund the development and deployment of fully regulated gaming applications on BetProtocol (and by extension Matic Network).

An increasing amount of projects are exploring integrations & possible synergies with Matic. Our ecosystem is becoming stronger every day!

BetProtocol Running On Matic Network

Frontier Joined Matic As Staking Service Provider

January 3: Frontier – an advanced crypto wallet app which combines all of your wallets into one integrated interface without ever asking for your private key – is now one of Matic’s official staking service providers!

Our collaboration enables $MATIC holders to use Frontier to stake their tokens seamlessly from any of their wallets (including Metamask, Trust Wallet and Coinbase Wallet) in a non-custodial manner on mobile devices.

Users will also be able to use Frontier’s user-friendly interface to track their staking positions, current rewards and staking APR rates.

We’re continuously improving user experience for MATIC stakers & Frontier is therefore a valuable new member of our staking ecosystem.

Read more about our collaboration here.

Matic Collaborates With Incognito To Bring Privacy To Ethereum

December 20: We were thrilled to announce our collaboration with Incognito! Using Incognito, MATIC holders can now send, receive, and store their MATIC tokens with 100% confidentiality.

Incognito is a decentralized platform for privacy tokens, powered by its own Proof-of-Stake side chains that can attach to other blockchains to confidentially transfer crypto assets.

MATIC token holders must deposit their native MATIC tokens into the Incognito Wallet to receive pMATIC – a 1:1 privacy coin powered by zero-knowledge proofs!

MATIC will also be listed on the first completely anonymous decentralized exchange – pDEX – where anyone can trade with full privacy.

Learn more about our collaboration with Incognito.

Terminal Integrated With Matic Network

December 20: Terminal has now integrated with Matic Network. Terminal is a Dapp monitoring platform that allows developers to surface side chain data in a convenient and comprehensible manner.

With the Matic ecosystem being composed of a diverse assortment of high throughput chains, organizing a block explorer interface that organizes this information in a comprehensive manner is quite difficult.

Terminal’s Dapp monitoring platform takes away all the noise and only collects material that is actionable and relevant for developers and end users.

We look forward to driving mass adoption through pushing through bottlenecks and make #BUIDLing easier for developers!

Showcase Scales Up With Matic Network

January 6: Showcase has joined the Matic ecosystem! Showcase is the first blockchain-powered platform allowing influencers to create & sell customized digital collectibles, known as ‘Badges’. Over 1,000 influencers are already using Showcase to connect more closely with more than 5 million fans.

By utilizing Matic’s infrastructure, Showcase will be able to deploy their ERC1155 NFT collectibles on our network & will therefore be empowered with the fast, low cost and high throughput transactions provided by our scaling architecture – a crucial requirement for mainstream adoption.

We look forward to working with Showcase to bring a new era of digital collectible assets to the mainstream!

Welcoming Hxro into the Matic Ecosystem

January 14: The Hxro gaming platform has recently joined Matic Network!

Hxro is re-imagining the way people interact with the market by merging cryptocurrency trading with skill-based, social gaming. Since the launch of its MVP product early last year, the platform has grown to more than 85,000 registered users across 180 countries globally.

Through integrating with Matic Network, Hxro users will be able to use our infrastructure for in-platform trades to exchange Ethereum and other ERC-20 tokens for HXRO tokens at lightning-fast speeds, providing a superb user experience.

Though the platform is already live with their flagship product ‘MoonRekt’, Hxro will be launching a series of significant upgrades and new products as it moves its next phase later this quarter.

We look forward to working with Hxro to provide their rapidly growing user base with a superior UX.

TradeStars Went Live On Matic’s Beta-Mainnet

January 21: Earlier this week, we were thrilled to announce that TradeStars’ next-gen fantasy sports platform is now live on Matic’s β-Mainnet!

You can now join 7.7k+ users to own, create & trade NFTs that represent cricket players’ performances & get rewarded for your sport knowledge.

The launch of TradeStars signals the growing adoption of our Beta-mainnet & the strengthening of the Matic ecosystem. We are thrilled to be working together to revolutionise fantasy sports!

Tech Updates & Education

The Matic Tech Talk Series Has Been Launched

December 19: We recently announced the launch of our new educational video series, ‘Matic Tech Talk’!

Matic’s very own Protocol Developers Ashish Rajpurohit & Arpit Agarwal teamed up to create the new video series that aims to educate the community about Matic’s tech stack!

In the first video of the Matic Tech Talk series, Ashish & Arpit provide an overall understanding Matic Network’s architecture while giving an illustrated demonstration on how digital transactions and smart contracts perform between Ethereum mainchain and Matic side-chain.

Throughout the Matic Tech Talk series, we will be covering the ins and outs of Matic Network and its infrastructure.

We look forward to releasing the remaining Matic Tech Series videos to help those who wish to better understand Matic Network!

Releasing Part 2 Of The Plasmatic Education Series

January 3: We previously announced the launch of our PlasMatic Education Series to give better insights into the history and more granular technicals of Matic’s More Viable Plasma (MoreVP) adaptation.

Part 1 was ‘A Brief History of Plasma’, in which we discussed the history of the Plasma framework and its potential to scale blockchains to billions of state updates per second.

In our next installment, we focused on the topic of Matic Plasma: Increasing Scalability of Smart Contracts. We briefly introduce how Matic’s Plasma Contracts facilitate transactions for one of our biggest partners, Decentraland.

If you haven’t read Part 2 already, you can do so here.

Exchange Listings & Updates

Coinone Users Can Now Pre-Stake Matic

December 18: As a part of onboarding top-tier exchanges in Matic mainnet staking, our pre-staking initiative with Coinone went live last month!

Coinone users are now able to lockup their $MATIC tokens during 30-day lockup periods at an interest rate of 30.29% APR!

Using these tokens locked up during the pre-staking initiative, Coinone will be running a Validator node for Matic’s mainnet.

Many more global exchanges will be increasingly added to the list to support MATIC Mainnet Staking. Stay tuned for further updates as our pre-staking plans progress!

Read the full details on our blog.

CoinEx Exchange Listed MATIC

December 31: We were happy to announce that Hong Kong-based exchange CoinEx has listed MATIC! Trading is now available via the MATIC/BTC and MATIC/USDT pairs. CoinEx also held a special event to celebrate the listing!

More details can be found here.


Supporting The Syntax Error Hackathon At IIT Roorkee

December 11: Matic supported the Syntax Error hackathon at IIT Roorkee, India. We helped the students of IIT Roorkee to BUIDL many excellent projects on Matic Network, including:

Solution for sharing computational power in exchange for cryptocurrencies using Matic API.

Scoring system for workspaces using Matic API.

Bhawan Election Application
This is an Android app which makes the election process more secure and convenient.

IITR voting application
A voting system, which enhances the security of the vote casting process, as it does not rely on a centralised server.

Furniture store
This is an Android app using AR to allow users to shift furniture goods or place them according to their need.

All of the projects were impressive, but ShareMat was the Matic bounty prize winner thanks to their highly innovative solution. Congratulations to the ShareMat team!

Matic Supported The KJSCE Hack Hackathon

December 12: It was an honor to support the BUIDLers at the KJSCE Hack 2019 hackathon!

Attendees built many excellent projects on the Matic Network, but the winner of the Matic bounty was the Legs Miserables team. Their project was a Progressive Web App to motivate people by incentivising them to participate in marathons. Congratulations!

Other impressive projects built on Matic include:

A decentralized solution for the secure handling of medical patient data.

Blockchain-based application to verify essential documents during the hiring process.

P2P file sharing application which combats issues such as the illegal distribution of copyrighted content.

The talent at KJSCE Hack was humbling. It’s clear that India has a bright decentralized future ahead.

Announcing The Winners Of The Hackout Hackathon

December 12: We were proud to have supported the Hackout Hackathon this past October at DA-IICT in Gujarat, India. The winner of Matic’s bounty track was announced on December 12.

It was exciting to see hackers bind together to build on Matic Network. We’d like to congratulate the winning team once again, Dblock Asset Portal who took home the Matic bounty for their blockchain-based portal that allows people to create property and sell it without any paperwork.

Competing projects built on Matic included:

Decentralized Voting Machine
Solves the problem of EVM rigging and votes tampering by decentralizing the entire voting process of India.

It was an honor seeing these hacks go from being an idea to fruition. India’s decentralized future is in great hands.

Pledging $50,000 To Devfolio’s Developer Support Fund

December 14: We were thrilled to announce that we pledged $50,000 to the Developer Support Fund for Devfolio hackers, to help them fund the creation of their projects.

We’ve been honored to have been working with our hackathon partners, Devfolio, for over a year and in that time have supported 50+ hackathons! What started at the first ever ETHIndia in Bangalore in 2018 has grown into one of the strongest developer-focused communities out there.

Matic is committed to #BUIDLing India’s decentralized future and we look forward to seeing it thrive.

Matic Supported The Hack.IT Hackathon At BVP

December 16: We had the honor of supporting the Hack.IT@BVP Hackathon at the Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College of Engineering, Delhi. It was wonderful seeing hackers work together to build on Matic Network.

The winners of this event was the Ethereum Track DigiCast team who built a decentralized video streaming platform that allows users to own and earn from videos. We were humbled to see so many upcoming developers hack it out and #BUIDL on Matic. India’s decentralized future is looking bright!

Supporting The Hack-A-Bit Hackathon

December 17: We were proud to support the Hack-a-BIT hackathon at Birla Institute of Technology, India!

It was exciting to see so many BUIDLers join together to create innovative solutions on Matic Network. Congratulations again to the Distributed EC2 Over Blockchain team, who won the Matic bounty prize for their efficient & cost-effective decentralized cloud computing system.

Honorary mention: Conserve-a-BIT – A decentralized & transparent blockchain-based crowdfunding platform, whereby contributors have the authority to release funds from the contract if they see fit.

Matic Supported The Everest Hack Hackathon In Nepal

December 19: We had the privilege of being able to support the Everest Hack at Kathmandu, Nepal.

It was a fierce competition between the four teams that took part in #BUIDLing on Matic Network. The winner that came out on top was the Li-Chain team who built a project to issue licenses in a decentralized, transparent and immutable way mitigating corruption using Ethereum’s blockchain & IPFS technology.

Other contenders:

A blockchain-based application that aimed to create a Life Coin like reward for people’s involvement in voluntary activities.

Land Market
Land contracts that are built in the blockchain which eliminates the need for a middleman so buyers and sellers can access the history of the land.

Glass Governance
Solving the lack of trust and responsibility with those in authoritative positions and enforces those to be held accountable for the services they provide.

Supporting The Codebreak 1.0 Hackathon

December 21: During the Codebreak 1.0 hackathon at the MIT School of Engineering, India, hackers had just 26 hours to build an innovative solution in a domain of their choice, ranging from AI, Blockchain, Cloud, and other emerging technologies!

The Matic team provided a range of bounty tracks to inspire the hackers to try their hand at blockchain development using Matic. We were honored by the number of hackers who decided to BUIDL their solutions on Matic Network – many even with no prior knowledge of Dapp development.

It was a pleasure connecting with India’s budding BUIDLers to help to drive India’s decentralized future forward.

Proudly Supporting The ETHIndia Online Hackathon

January 13: Matic was proud to announce that we will support the ETHIndia Online global hackathon taking place from January 22 to February 20.

The hugely successful ETHIndia hackathon series has brought many developers into the blockchain movement, including our very own Blockchain Engineer, Arpit Agarwal. We look forward to helping ETHIndia grow the Ethereum developer community!

For more info about EthIndia Online and for details on how to register, please visit here.

Interviews, AMAs & Community Outreach

Staking AMA With Matic Developers

December 6: Our core Protocol Developers, Vaibhav Chellani, Ashish Rajpurohit, Venkatesh Mankena & Project Manager, Ateeta Sharma, joined our Telegram community for an AMA session hosted by our Community Manager, Nirbhik Jangid, to answer all questions relating to Counter Stake and the staking process in general.

The AMA was thoroughly engaging and many excellent questions were asked. We were honoured by the amount of interest in our staking program! If you weren’t able to attend the AMA live, we’ve got you covered. You can find a recap of the entire AMA on our blog here.

YouTube Livestream AMA

December 10: On the morning of December 10th, MATIC was subjected to a coordinated attack which resulted in the price plummeting ~70% in a matter of minutes before recovering slightly and stabilizing.

Still in the midst of all the chaos, we were quick to initiate our Outreach Program by conducting a live AMA with the Matic community to address all questions and concerns at the time to the best of our ability.

Matic’s ecosystem has been growing exponentially due to its fundamental value, despite the attack on MATIC – and will continue to do so!

Interview With CryptoWendy

December 10: Matic COO Sandeep Nailwal joined CryptoWendy for an interview via YouTube livestream to address the situation regarding the price decline with the wider crypto community.

AMA With Signal Express

December 12: Matic’s VP of marketing, Chandresh Aharwar, joined Signal Express for a Twitter AMA session. During the AMA, the team discussed Matic’s Mitra program, growth promotion efforts, the state of Matic adoption, and much more!

Those who asked the 10 best questions received a share of $100 in MATIC tokens.

Interview With Blockchain Brad

December 11: Our COO & Co-founder, Sandeep Nailwal, continued our Outreach Program by sitting down with Blockchain Brad for an in-depth and engaging interview. We discussed a range of topics, including the recent market movement, technical developments, unlock schedules & more!

Matic Joined iBlock TV For An Interview

December 12: Our COO, Sandeep Nailwal, and VP of Marketing, Chandresh Aharwar, joined Dusan Spalevich of iBlock TV for an in-depth interview to discuss the Matic team’s perspective on recent events, our main achievements on our journey so far, plans moving forward & more.

AMA With Crypto VIP Signal

December 13: Our VP of Marketing & Operations, Chandresh Aharwar, connected with the wider crypto community for an AMA session on Crypto VIP Signal’s Twitter account.

Topics discussed in the AMA include Matic’s relationship with Ethereum and the 40+ dApps already running on Matic, among other exciting topics! Those who asked the best questions won a share of $100 in MATIC tokens.

Hosting An AMA With BetProtocol

December 17: Justin Wu, Co-founder & COO of BetProtocol, joined Matic’s Community Manager, Nirbhik Jangid, for an AMA with the Matic Telegram community.

BetProtocol is an underlying scalability solution for betting applications to help enable developers to deploy betting platforms with little coding knowledge.

It was a pleasure to connect with Justin for more insights into BetProtocol’s innovative solution.

Interview On The Chain Reaction Podcast

December 18: Our COO & Co-founder, Sandeep Nailwal, joined Tom Shaughnessy from Chain Reaction Podcast for an insightful interview presented by Delphi Digital, covering a range of topics.

Areas of discussion include Matic’s unique approach to scaling Ethereum, our competitive advantages over other Layer 2 solutions, the future and impacts of ETH 2.0 & more!

The podcast is available on both iTunes and Spotify.

Interview With Rice Crypto

December 20: Continuing our Outreach Program, our Co-founder & COO, Sandeep Nailwal, sat down with Rice Crypto for a one-on-one video interview!

Rice Crypto and Sandeep discussed various topics regarding Matic & the wider ecosystem, including Matic’s infrastructure & approach to scaling, our value relating to the advancement of DeFi, our roadmap & progress heading into 2020, the recent $MATIC market movement, and much more.

We’d like to thank Rice Crypto for having us on his channel and allowing us to share our insights about Matic and to address the attack on MATIC that took place.

AMA With Binance Nigeria

December 24: Our COO & Co-founder, Sandeep Nailwal joined the Binance Nigeria Telegram group to connect with the community to answer their questions.

Nigeria not only represents the largest economy in Africa, but is also home to a rapidly growing community of crypto enthusiasts. It was a pleasure to connect with the Nigerian crypto community!

Launching The Matic Outreach Program

January 6: The Matic Outreach Program is a special campaign launched to provide as much transparency & clarity as possible to our community members relating to the recent $MATIC market movement, as well as other general questions the community may have regarding Matic.

The mantra from Matic’s COO, Sandeep Nailwal, during this tough time was: “Let’s not stop till the last community member is provided with accurate information.” This ongoing campaign has involved AMAs, video interviews, personal discussion with community members by core team members and much more.

Communication & transparency have always been of the utmost importance to the Matic team. Our Outreach Program is therefore still ongoing, and we will continue to reach out to our supporter base & the wider community through AMAs, interviews and direct communication.

Bigcoin Vietnam Telegram AMA

January 6: Our Head of Marketing, Chandresh Aharwar, joined the BigcoinVietnam Telegram community for an exciting AMA session. After some introductory questions by the AMA host, the community asked many insightful questions.

Vietnam is home to a growing crypto community and a developing blockchain industry. We’re excited to continue to spread the word of Matic’s mission to the Vietnamese community.

This was the first in a week of daily AMA sessions with the global crypto community which took place as part of our Outreach Program.

AMA With VozBlockchain

January 7: Matic’s Head of Marketing, Chandresh Aharwar, joined the VozBlockchain Telegram community for the second daily AMA of the week to answer their questions and discuss a range of topics, including Matic’s journey so far, recent updates, and our plans moving forward.

AMA With The Gagarin Community

January 8: Our Head of Marketing, Chandresh Aharwar joined the Gargarin Telegram group to connect with the Russian community and answer any questions they had regarding Matic Network.

$100 of MATIC was rewarded equally to those who asked the 10 best questions!

AMA With The Matic Turkey Community

January 9: Our Head of Marketing, Chandresh Aharwar, joined the Turkish Matic community on Telegram to answer all of their questions.

Turkey has one of the largest rates of cryptocurrency adoption in the world. It was a pleasure to connect with our growing Turkish community for an AMA session!

Hosting An AMA With TradeStars

January 10: TradeStars Founders Gastón Maluendez and Christian Hentschel joined the Matic Gamers Telegram group for an AMA hosted by Matic’s Growth Hacker & Community Manager, Nirbhik Jangid, to discuss their innovative next-gen fantasy sports platform building on Matic.

On the 15th, we held another AMA with the Founders of TradeStars to provide insights into the upcoming launch of their platform, which is now live!

AMA With Crypto Bull And Bear

January 10: To round off our week of daily AMAs as part of the Matic Outreach Program, Matic’s Head of Marketing, Chandresh Aharwar, joined the Crypto Bull And Bear group on Telegram for an engaging AMA to answer any questions they may have had regarding Matic Network and the recent MATIC market movement.

Hosting An AMA with Stake.Fish

January 21: As part of our staking delegation marketing alongside one our Staking Partner to spread awareness of Matic’s staking program,’s Operations Manager, Jun Soo (JK) Kim, joined the Matic Telegram group for an AMA session hosted by our VP of Marketing & Operations, Chandresh Aharwar.

There were may excellent questions asked regarding, delegating MATIC tokens and many more topics relating to staking. We were honored by the amount of interest in our staking program! The Matic team is just as excited as the community about our staking endeavours.

Many more tier-1 Validators are joining our staking ecosystem and will be conducting community outreach including AMAs as we continue to approach our staking launch.

Community Updates And Events

Attending Thailand Blockchain Week, Thailand’s First Blockchain Event

December 10th: On December 10th we released our recap of our experience at Thailand’s very first blockchain event: Thailand Blockchain Week.

Chandresh Aharwar, our VP of Marketing joined industry leaders and government officials at TBW events in which he discussed the role Matic plays in the mainstream adoption of blockchain.

Thailand Blockchain Week was a wonderful week full of networking, and we made new connections within the Thai blockchain community as well as reconnecting with familiar friends.

We look forward to the growth of blockchain in Thailand and the next future blockchain events they plan on hosting in 2020!

Read the full recap on our blog.

Hosting The ‘Next In Money’ Blockchain Design Meetup

December 21: We were proud to host the ‘Next in Money’ fintech and blockchain design meetup at the Matic Haveli in Bangalore.

The aim of the event was to educate the Indian designer community on the importance of design in the blockchain & fintech sectors and discuss the opportunities available for designers in the blockchain industry.

The meetup was part of our efforts to bring in top-class designers into the blockchain space to rectify the problem of poor UX & UI of blockchain-based products, thereby encouraging mainstream adoption.

The Design Meetup was a huge success! We were thrilled by the hugely positive response from the attendees and their eagerness to learn more about blockchain and the opportunities in the space.

Read our recap of the event on our blog.

Juan Crypto Maniac Appointed As Matic Community Guard Of Honor

December 23: We recently announced Juan as our newest Matic Network Community Guard of Honor! For those who have been active in the Matic community group, it’s nearly impossible to miss Juan.

From spreading awareness on Twitter to maintaining the integrity of the community Telegram channel, Juan has done a great deal for the Matic community and we are honored to have him as a supporter.

Juan currently holds the titles of Matic Mitra, MVCM, and now Community Guard of Honor. Alongside his fellow Guard of Honor, Gavin McDonald (Gbhoy), the two have earned this title for their sheer dedication to growing the Matic community.

The First Ever Matic Mitra-Supported Events Recently Took Place

December 26th: We were thrilled to announce that our first ever Mitra-supported events had taken place! Olisadon, one of our Matic Mitras, supported two events in Africa’s largest economy, Nigeria, to spread the word of blockchain & Matic.

The first event took place at the Institute of Management Technology in Enugu, with approximately 50 developers in attendance. He educated the young BUIDLers on the importance & opportunities of blockchain, using Matic as a primary case study.

He also attended a second event aimed towards crypto investors and blockchain enthusiasts to push the importance of Matic’s mission within the context of the broader decentralized movement.

It is an honor to witness so much proactivity, passion & dedication from our Mitras even at this early stage. We already have many initiatives lined up from our Mitras over the coming months. Together, we are thrusting Matic firmly into the global spotlight!

2019 Year In Review

December 31: As we said farewell to 2019, we released a Year in Review recap article for the community to reflect on our achievements during the last year.

From holding the best-performing IEO in the industry’s history to welcoming a wide array of projects into our ecosystem building on Matic Network – 2019 was an incredible year for Matic!

You can learn about our development progress, projects that have adopted Matic, our massive social media community growth, and more in our Year In Review.

Matic Joined The Blockchain Bytes Meetup

January 11: We recently joined representatives of other leading protocols to connect with the Indian blockchain community at Blockchain Bytes. The event educated the community on the trends and opportunities in the blockchain space via a series of presentations, a panel discussion and networking session.

Our Head of Ecosystem Growth, Siddhartha Jain, participated in a panel discussion on the topic of ‘Dapps: Usability Vs Scalability’.

It was a pleasure to connect with members of the wider Indian blockchain community, and we were humbled by the amount of interest in Matic and our mission to scale the blockchain ecosystem.

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