Matic Network Provides $3k in Bounties for the Dapp Jedi Hackathon

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The next installment of the ETHIndia Online hackathon series, Dapp Jedi, is right around the corner. We’re proud to be accelerating the growth of the Ethereum ecosystem by supporting the event, which is organised by our longstanding hackathon partners Devfolio.

The month long virtual hackathon is taking place entirely online from August 8 – September 6 and is bringing together developers from across the globe to help build our decentralized future.

The Matic team is providing a range of bounty tracks with prizes totalling up to $3000 for hackers BUIDLing innovative solutions on Matic Network.

Background Info & Useful Resources

Before we dive into the bounties on offer, first take some time to become acquainted with our range of resources which will help you to gain a better idea of Matic Network and how to build on our infrastructure.

This page below will act as your guide into the Matic ecosystem. You’ll find links to some useful resources and websites to get you up and started with building on Matic in particular and blockchain in general:

We also have a dedicated Discord channel for direct communication with developers during hackathons. If you have any doubts regarding any of the above information, please join our Discord channel to get your queries answered:

Judging Criteria

  1. The importance of Matic Network’s infrastructure in the application/originality of the idea.
  2. User experience: intuitive, easy to use and interact with.
  3. Technical complexity: going above and beyond the specification. Code quality, bug free, documentation quality.
  4. Polish: how refined the project is.

Note: The bounty payout amount for each winning submission is determined by the quality of the application.

Matic Network Bounty Track Details

We have ideated some interesting bounty tracks to inspire the Dapp Jedi hackers to build innovative solutions on Matic Network.

Bounty: Up to $1000 per track

1) Open Track

Let your imagination run wild while you build a DApp that makes use of Matic Network for scalability, improved UX, DeFi, or more!

2) Utility

Create an innovative hack to provide enhanced utility for developers and users on the Matic Network chain.

a) Explorer for Deposits and Withdrawals

An explorer-like UI that gives real-time updates of:

  • Successful deposits
  • Successful state-syncs
  • Status of all 3 stages of withdrawals for each token. 

Can be a single/multi page application. 

Retrieve data from Matic’s blockchain (Mumbai testnet) for all deposits (either ERC20/ERC721 – preferred if you can show for both) – a deposit event is emitted and will be displayed on the UI. Similarly, retrieve data for all withdrawals (keep in mind that withdrawals are a three step process, read here for more details) the emitted events (withdraw event from token and withdraw event from processExits) need to be displayed specific to each token accordingly. 


b) GSNv2 Dashboard

A simple dashboard application that provides the following functionalities:

  • Upload a GSN-enabled smart contract (deployed on Matic’s Testnetv3)
  • Fund it with ETH (on Matic’s Testnetv3)
  • View all active Relayers
  • View each Relayer’s status
  • Enable multiple developers to fund a single contract for their respective users through the interface – e.g. multiple DApps might want to pay on behalf of their users for the common single DAI token transfers on Matic


3) Dev Tooling

a) Cross-Chain Communication

This is an open request for design specification along with a basic PoC of a utility that could enable cross-chain communication with Matic and other blockchain networks (eg. Ethereum <> Matic). You are free to use any existing solutions (or build one!) for this hack. (eg. using Oracles to provide arbitrary data access across chains).

Dapp Jedis, Let’s #BUIDL!

Now you have the background knowledge of building on Matic Network and information regarding the bounties on offer, it’s over to you! Let your ingenuity, creativity and development talent guide you to build an awesome hack to further the decentralized movement.

Matic remains ever dedicated to accelerating the decentralized revolution. We are therefore excited to see not only what these hackers from all over the world will create by building on Matic, but also seeing how the world will benefit from the new ideas birthed at Dapp Jedi!

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