Matic Network Provides $4K of Bounties at ETHWaterloo

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This weekend, we’ll be kicking off the three-day ETHWaterloo hackathon at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada — one of Canada’s most prestigious universities! Matic is a proud supporter of ETHWaterloo, an Ethereum-focused hackathon at which hackers will develop cutting edge technologies to run on and enhance the Ethereum network.

The Matic team will be offering bounty tracks to the ETHWaterloo attendees who will have a chance to produce their most impressive Dapps to be built on Matic Network — or even better Matic + MoiBit!

MoiBit is a decentralized data storage solution designed to tackle the issue of data security, offer high performance, and give users greater control over their personal data. MoiBit recently integrated with Matic Network.

Matic Bounties Offered at ETHWaterloo

ETHWaterloo bounty prizes are sized based on the quality of your Dapp submission.

  • 1st place: The best submission that utilizes both Matic and MoiBit is rewarded with $2,000.
  • 2nd place: The second-best submission utilizing both Matic and MoiBit is rewarded with $1,000.
  • 3rd place: The two third-best submissions will be rewarded with $500. This option is available to projects that use either Matic only or Matic with MoiBit. The two prizes above are only for submissions that utilize both.

Matic Bounty Challenges for ETHWaterloo

1. Demonstrate Micropayments

For this challenge, hackers will build a Dapp that demonstrates repeated micropayments on Matic Network. This would ideally be an application in which micropayments are needed or beneficial.

For example: A Dapp that automatically tips content producers on social media platforms, or something similar that helps to fund the internet’s economy in a quick, seamless, and economic manner. A key objective of this approach is to provide an alternative to advertisements and user data collection.

This project could be presented in the form of a plug-in widget or browser extension that can integrate with content providers’ websites and pay them a little whenever you access their content.

Resources that could help with this project:

2. Build a Decentralized Exchange on Matic

An excellent way to put your talent to use would be to build a decentralized exchange on Matic Network. It should use Plasma to back the exchange of assets. Demonstrate the deposit of two tokens from the Ethereum main chain to Matic’s blockchain and use them to perform an asset swap.

Decentralized exchanges are shaking up the world of finance, and their ability to provide affordable, fast transactions on any scale will play a major role in facilitating mainstream adoption.

Key Requirements

  • The user must be able to deposit their tokens onto Matic Network and sign an order.
  • There must be a page that displays all signed orders.
  • A function that matches buy/sell orders and executes atomic swaps between the two tokens accordingly.
  • Note: Matic’s Plasma-backed asset swaps makes use of a signed transfer method (ref. transferWithSig method in the above two contracts and the Marketplace.sol smart contract)

Useful resources: Codebase for child contracts deployed on Matic – ChildERC20 and ChildERC721.

3. Build an NFT Marketplace

This challenge entails constructing a marketplace for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on Matic Network. The user must be able to exchange in-game items deployed on Matic sidechains.

Note: Use Matic TEST ERC721 token for this (addresses).

The user must be able to (in the following order):

  1. Access an NFT marketplace on the Matic chain.
  2. Swap their NFTs with available non-fungible tokens.

4. Incentivized Torrent Client

Build a simple torrent client that is (ideally) served directly via a web browser and has or involves:

  • An associated Ethereum account.
  • Both a seeder (serves the file) and a leecher (downloads the file).
  • The leecher would pay the seeder byte-by-byte for the data packets transferred, and the payments would occur before their respective transfers. This will demonstrate the power and speed of Matic microtransactions and just how far you can go with them.
  • A faucet that provides test tokens to facilitate this demo’s transactions.

5. Open Track

The Open Track bounty enables you to deploy impressive hacks for a reward, and with no restrictions. You just need to utilize Matic Network and have a proper use-case.

As a high-performance layer-2 scaling solution, Matic’s objective is to facilitate technologies such as micropayments, DEXes, and many others so that Dapps have not only great user experience but can handle the workload of millions of users. This is the key to the mainstream adoption of blockchain!

Further reading: Learn more about apps that can be built with Matic and MoiBit.

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