Matic Network Provides $4K+ of Bounties for Money Legos Hackathon

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We’re proud to be accelerating the growth of the DeFi ecosystem by supporting Money Legos, a global online DeFi hackathon organised by our longstanding hackathon partners Devfolio.

The 15-day virtual hackathon is taking place entirely online from April 1 – April 15 and aims to bring together developers from across the globe to help build our decentralized future.

Matic will be heavily supporting Money Legos and we are providing a range of bounty challenges for hackers to get a chance to win bounty prizes by BUIDLing innovative solutions on Matic Network.

Background Info & Useful Resources

Before we dive into the bounties on offer, first take some time to become acquainted with our range of resources which will help you to gain a better idea of Matic Network and how to build on our infrastructure.

A. Intro:
B. Docs: 
C. New to Blockchain?
D. New to Matic? 
E. Quickstart:

We also have a dedicated Discord channel for direct communication with developers during hackathons. If you have any doubts regarding any of the above information, please join our Discord channel to get your queries answered:

Matic Network Bounty Track Details

We like to think outside the box when it comes to our bounty tracks, and have come up with some awesome ideas to motivate the Money Legos hackers to try their hand at building on Matic.

Submission Requirements:

  1. Must have an open-source license 
  2. The submission should run on the Matic public testnet
  3. The submission should be accessible seamlessly to anyone with a simple web browser

Judging Criteria:

  1. Usefulness of the submission
  2. UI/UX of the submitted app
  3. Level of technical implementation 
  4. User Oriented Features

Additional Awards:

  • Meta transactions – additional $50 will be awarded
    • GSN
    • Biconomy (e.g. Link
  • Each wallet Integration – additional $50 will be awarded
    • FortMatic
    • Arkane
    • Torus
    • Portis

1. DeFi Testnet on Matic Theme (Rewards up to $500 per protocol)


  1. To enable a set of decentralized protocols on the Matic Network to make it easy for decentralized app (DApp) developers to reuse this functionality in their DApps just like on Ethereum, rather than reinventing the wheel
  2. Enable automatic liquidity maintenance on Matic Network

List of protocols: 

  1. Kyber (source code, white paper) – On-chain protocol for decentralized token swaps and for easy application integration
  2. Compound (source code, white paper) – algorithmic, autonomous interest rate protocol
  3. Uniswap (source code, white paper) – “Public good”-oriented interface for ERC-20 token exchange with zero rent-extraction.


  • Deploy ONE or more of the above protocols on Matic Network (up to $500 bounty for each protocol)
  • Create a few dummy tokens with legit names eg., mEth, m0x, mDai.
  • Create a utility which runs in the backend and maintains both sides of the orders continuously. For example mDAI-mETH pair should always have orders to consume on both buy and sell side
  • You can use Biconomy for doing internal meta transactions by the utility
  • User facing components must be easy to get started with. (front-end)

2. DEX on Plasma (Rewards up to $1000)

Expectation: A proof of concept of a decentralised exchange on Matic Network with plasma backed asset swaps. Demonstrate deposit of two tokens from main chain to matic chain and an atomic swap between the two.

  • From user’s perspective, she should be able to deposit her token onto matic, sign an order
  • A page that displays all the signed orders
  • An order matching logic that matches the orders and executes an atomic asset swap between the two tokens

Relevant links:

  • Codebase for child contracts deployed on Matic – ChildERC20 and ChildERC721
  • Note: Matic’s Plasma-backed asset swaps makes use of a signed transfer method (ref. transferWithSig method in the above two contracts, and the Marketplace.sol smart contract)
  • You need to use Matic Plasma Swap contract instead of normal order execution 

Tokens that can be used – TEST-ERC20 and TEST-ERC721

3. NFT Marketplace for Decentraland (Rewards up to $1000)

Expectation: Create a marketplace where people can exchange in-game items deployed on Matic sidechains.

  1. Note: Use Matic TEST ERC721 token for this bounty, represented as “LAND” tokens
  2. Flow:
    1. User accesses an NFT marketplace on Matic chain – represented as LAND marketplace for Dentraland’s LAND token
    2. Swaps their NFT with available NFTs
    3. Buy new NFTs with MANA (ERC20) tokens
  3. Codebase for ChildERC721 contract (for mapped tokens on Matic)
  4. Additional reward for a creative use case to deposit asset (NFT) bought on this market place as a collateral for loan


  • Matic’s Plasma-backed asset swaps makes use of a signed transfer method (ref. transferWithSig method in the above contract, and the Marketplace.sol smart contract)
  • Facilitate high-volume swaps of plasma backed assets


4. Open Track – Defi Ninjas (Rewards up to $500)

Expectation: Use famous DeFi projects like Sablier etc. to build a use case and deploy it on Matic.


1. A proof of concept for tipping content producers on social media platforms.
2. Personal Time tokens. 
3. Subscription Services.   


Let’s Build the Future of Decentralized Finance!

Now you have the background knowledge of building on Matic Network and information regarding the bounties on offer, it’s over to you! Let your ingenuity, creativity and development talent guide you to build an awesome hack to further the decentralized movement.

At this hackathon, we hope to not only see what can be built using Matic Network’s Layer-2 scalability platform, but also help to kick off the development of a new wave of DeFi projects. Join us in accelerating the mainstream adoption of decentralized finance technology!

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