Matic Network Provides $5K of Bounties for ETHIndia Online Hackathon

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We are proud to be accelerating the growth of the Indian developer ecosystem, and beyond, by supporting the first-ever ETHIndia Online hackathon as Lead Sponsor.

The month-long Ethereum hackathon is currently underway, taking place entirely online from January 22 – February 20, and aims to bring together developers from across the globe to help build our decentralized future.

ETHIndia Online is organised by our longstanding hackathon partners, Devfolio, with whom we have supported upwards of 50 hackathons already. Matic is committed to BUIDLing India’s decentralized future, which is why we recently announced our pledge of $50,000 to the Developer Support Fund for Devfolio hackers who want to move their projects forward.

For ETHIndia Online, the Matic team is offering a range of bounty tracks with prizes totalling $5000 for hackers who would like to BUIDL on Matic Network.

Background Info & Useful Resources

Before we dive into the bounties on offer, first take some time to become acquainted with our range of resources which will help you to gain a better idea of Matic Network and how to build on our infrastructure.

A. Intro:
B. Docs: 
C. Quickstart: 
D. Getting started with Solidity:
E. Deploy smart contracts on Matic:
F. Deploying a Dapp on Matic:
G. Move assets to and fro Ethereum & Matic: 
H. Asset swaps on Matic: 
I. Metamask provider to run multiple networks without switching from meta mask:

We recently launched a dedicated Discord channel for direct communication with developers during hackathons. If you have any doubts regarding any of the above information, please join our Discord channel to get your queries answered:

ETHIndia Online Bounty Tracks

We like to think outside the box when it comes to our bounty tracks, and have come up with some awesome ideas to motivate the ETHIndia Online hackers to try their hand at building on Matic.

Hackers are encouraged to choose a theme and focus their hack around it. The hack may or may not abide by the pointers given below, which are here only to provide further direction if required. The basic expectation of the hacks 1-4 being a full-stack application, reachable via a URL (eg., hosted on Netlify or similar).

1. Meta Transactions ($1000)

Aim: Make use of Gas Station Network or Biconomy to employ meta transactions in your application.

2. Decentralized Storage ($1000)

Aim: Use Moibit to integrate decentralized storage in your DApp

3. DEX on Plasma ($1000)

Aim: Create a proof of concept of a decentralised exchange (DEX) on Matic Network which involves Plasma-backed asset swaps. Demonstrate deposit of two tokens from the main chain to the Matic chain and an atomic swap between the two.

a) From a user’s perspective, they should be able to deposit their token onto Matic and sign an order
b) A page that displays all the signed orders
c) An order-matching logic that matches the orders and executes an atomic asset swap between the two tokens
d) Bonus Points: enable seamless switching of networks using a metamask plugin (if not plugin, incorporate G)

4. Micropayments ($1000)

Aim: Build an application that employs repeated micropayments on Matic Network.

5. Oracles ($500)

Aim: Use Razor to integrate Oracles.

6. Open Track ($500)

Aim: Use Matic Network to deploy some cool hacks and your ingenuity will be rewarded!

  • No restrictions – just build some cool hacks that leverage Matic Network with a proper use-case, and you can win the Matic Open Track bounty.

ETHIndia Online Hackers, Let’s #BUIDL!

Now you have the background knowledge of building on Matic Network and information regarding the bounties on offer, it’s over to you! Let your ingenuity, creativity and development talent guide you to build an awesome hack to further the decentralized movement.

One of our core focuses is to accelerate blockchain development not only in India, but globally. It is therefore an honor to be taking a primary role in this ground-breaking format of ETHIndia which brings together developers from across the globe to help build our decentralized future.

We can’t wait to see what the global hackers will BUIDL on Matic Network!

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