Matic Network & Tokamak Network’s Collaboration on Achieving Scalability and Privacy Using Plasma

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Scalability is one of Ethereum’s most important challenges, and a variety of solutions are proposed to improve scalability. Tokamak and Matic, through collaborative efforts, are working together to make a more scalable and feature-rich blockchain environment on Ethereum.

Matic Network is a layer-2 scaling solution that achieves scale by utilizing sidechains for off-chain computation while ensuring asset security using a Plasma framework and a decentralized network of Proof-of-Stake (PoS) validators. Matic strives to solve the scalability and usability issues without compromising decentralization and leverages the existing developer community and ecosystem.

Matic Network is an ​off/side chain scaling solution for existing platforms to provide scalability and superior user experience to DApps/user functionalities. Matic has a long term focus on enabling enterprise use cases which in many scenarios require large scale computation.

Tokamak Network, an Ethereum Foundation grantee, is also a layer-2 scaling solution that is controlled by rootchain contract which is deployed on the Ethereum main chain (or any EVM enabled chain like Matic Network). Tokamak Network’s security is ensured by the Plasma protocol of Ethereum.  It is therefore needless to introduce an additional consensus algorithm into the Tokamak Plasma chain for security. Also, the Plasma chain can be utilized as a platform where the Dapp operates to protect privacy, providing functionality including untraceable wallets, zero-knowledge-based decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges and confidential crypto derivatives.

Recently, the Tokamak team have been focusing on enforcing privacy in Tokamak Plasma. The first step is adopting “Zk-ERC20” into Tokamak. And now, Onther Inc, which is leading the development of Tokamak Network, is implementing “Zk-DEX”, that will provide better experience and privacy to users.

As part of the collaboration, Matic and Tokamak will share their technical experience on their applications to help further the development of our respective layer-2 solutions. Matic will share their long term know-how on enterprise solutions with Tokamak, while Tokamak will share their know-how on privacy gained through building “Zk-ERC20” and “Zk-DEX” with Matic.

Another area of collaboration is privacy enabled sidechain for enterprises. Any implementations using EVM, like Matic Network, can utilize Tokamak as its Plasma chain. Matic’s application of Tokamak at layer-3 will enable Matic to facilitate enterprise solutions on its network that require large scale computation along with privacy features. This will lead to greater levels of enterprise adoption for Matic, and Tokamak will also gain a wide range of use cases in the process.

Kevin Jeong, who is Tokamak Network’s CEO, is one of the co-organizers of Seoul Ethereum Meetup, and thus plays a prominent role in Korea’s blockchain space. Matic Network tirelessly strives to align itself with the wider decentralized movement, representing India in multiple domestic and international blockchain events such as  IIT Bombay, IIT Roorki, ETH New York, ETH Singapore and ETH India. As a result, our collaborative efforts will strengthen the connection between the crypto communities in  Korea and India, and will facilitate cross collaboration of Korean and Indian projects and developers.

About Matic Network

Matic Network aims to solve the problems faced by the blockchain ecosystem by building a decentralized platform using an adapted version of the Plasma framework. This provides fast and extremely low-cost transactions with finality on a mainchain. The current working Testnet and Alpha-Mainnet of Matic Network operate with Ethereum as their chosen mainchain. 

The Matic development team is also building a product ecosystem which includes user friendly mobile apps, desktop wallets and browser extensions which will provide a seamless experience for all users. It is envisaged that users will be able to pay, transfer or hold crypto assets without worrying about the complexity of the underlying system.


About Tokamak Network

Tokamak Network is a fully-generalized Plasma chain which is a decentralized, scalable, Turing complete Plasma development protocol. Anyone can easily open a Tokamak Plasma chain with TON (Tokamak Network Token), which is used as a reward for computation challenge and other incentives for the participants in Tokamak Network.

Tokamak Network is suitable for Dapps with computation burden because it is scalable and requires no consensus algorithm. And using the ZKP, which is based on the strong computing power and stability of the Tokamak network, can protect users’ privacy. Tokamak Network can, therefore, provide a scalable and private environment for Dapps.

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