MegaCryptoPolis Decentralized City to Use Matic Network for Scalability and Better Adoption

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  • MegaCryptoPolis — decentralized city builder strategy game dApp (decentralized application) running on Ethereum and TRON blockchains.
  • Matic Network — layer 2 scalability solution for Ethereum built using an adapted version of Plasma with PoS based side chains.

MegaCryptoPolis city builder game initially launched on the Ethereum mainchain in 2018 and has grown to become one of the most popular dApps (Top 5 by volume). A year later the game was upgraded to the 3D version with the “microeconomics” concept that enabled numerous  microtransactions for a diversified gameplay.  

It’s not the first time the Ethereum network has faced a congestion with gas prices ranging from 80 to 350 gwei nowadays, rendering all in-game transactions absurd. And it seems like the crisis will not end anytime soon. 

All the game logic in MegaCryptoPolis is built on smart contracts to grant assets ownership rights for players and immutable game rules. Every game item is a token that is stored in a player’s wallet and can be freely traded or transferred within the blockchain. 

The high complexity of MegaCryptoPolis gameplay with many different types of assets influencing each other led the team to use Matic as the only possible option for a trusted and purely decentralized scalability solution. 

Every action in the game is verified by the smart contract that requires gas (used to reward miners) for a transaction to be included in the distributed ledger block. Normally that will cost a cent, but with 100-200 gwei in gas prices it can be anything from $0.1 to $5 for a simple action like collecting Bricks from a Brickworks or renting a building. That left only top assets trades like land plots (0.1 – 2 ETH) and Districts (15-50 ETH) in place as the gas price does not significantly affect high prices. 

Once we have integrated with Matic Network, there will be absolutely no fees for most transactions, requiring gas only for land plots trading, Ether deposit and withdrawal operations. This is how we’ll achieve that:

  1. All the game logic on Ethereum map will be implemented on Matic Network.
  2. Land Plots and District ERC-721 tokens will remain on Ethereum Network.
  3. Citizens, Pets, Cars, Appliances, Resources ERC-721 tokens and all the balances will be transferred to Matic Network to the same wallets as used on Ethereum.
  4. Citizens, Pets, Cars, Appliances, Resources ERC-721 tokens can be then freely transferred from Matic to Ethereum, from Matic to TRON, and from TRON and Ethereum to Matic (using the upcoming “Airport” feature). 
  5. Internal ETH balance will be used to play the game – all the incoming ETH will be aggregated there and can be withdrawn to Ethereum wallet at any time using the bridge. 
  6. Rental and trading deals on the internal marketplace will be completed using in-game balance. Land Plots and Districts could be purchased only using ETH on Ethereum Network (no need to top up the in-game balance).  
  7. ETH collection from Offices and using ETH from in-game balance for production and turning operations in the buildings will no longer require gas, that is especially important for low-grade operations like rents.   

Matic Network grants the same level of security as Ethereum, making transactions faster and almost free. 

MCP Team will implement a completely new way to integrate the layer 2 scalability solution without any need for a special token – all the costs will be covered by the developers. Along with that, actions on Matic Network will be signed using the same wallet as used for Ethereum, without even a need to switch between networks. 

Most importantly, as there will be no need for Ether or any additional tokens to sign the most transactions, a better adoption with a seamless on-boarding process for new players is the key takeaway.  

So, the advantages are:

  • Zero-fee TX
  • Almost instant TX
  • Aggregated ETH withdrawal (one gas fee for all ETH collected on a sidechain, for any period)
  • Even better adoption (let’s make rent great again)
  • The perfect environment for upcoming free-to-play layer of the gameplay

The Gas Crisis to End Soon

Matic Network integration for the MegaCryptoPolis decentralized city will happen this year — we can’t promise an exact timeframe, but aiming for Autumn 2020.

In order to celebrate the partnership, a time-limited “Gas Crisis” event starting 27 August 2020 at 1 PM UTC will enable 25% discount for all the Packs and a chance to receive an exclusive Special Citizen available in Packs for the first time. 

A dedicated rewards campaign to be held to distribute unique collectible ERC-721 Pet tokens for help to spread the word about the event.  
Learn more about the project on the MegaCryptoPolis website, subscribe for newsletters or follow them on Twitter for upcoming announcements!

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