‘Next in Money’ Blockchain Design Meetup Recap

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On the 21st of December we proudly hosted Bangalore’s first ever fintech + blockchain design meetup alongside Devfolio, at the Matic Haveli. The aim of the event, called “Next in Money”, was to provide the wider Indian designer community with an understanding of blockchain technology and persuade them to take advantage of the opportunities available for designers in the blockchain industry.

We were joined by many talented Indian developers alongside fellow members of the blockchain ecosystem, including the Injective Protocol team who travelled from Korea to attend the meetup.

Why Host ‘Next in Money’?

Matic is dedicated to bringing more designers to the blockchain space, as we believe that design plays an important role in user adoption. There has been a serious lack of good UI and UX in the blockchain space, which deters the average person from utilizing blockchain-based products. The Next in Money meetup was part of our efforts to bring in top-class designers into the blockchain space to rectify this problem.

Educating India’s Designer Community on Blockchain

Devfolio’s Co-Founder, Nash Vail, began the meetup with introductions and an overview of the agenda for the event.

Matic’s CEO, Jaynti Kanani, then addressed the audience for a discussion on the background of Matic Network, our aims for the space and why we organised this meetup. Jaynti put forward our vision to see a world in which blockchain technology gains mainstream adoption, and expressed the importance of excellent design, as well as just excellent infrastructure, to make this a reality.

Jaynti then passed the floor to Dharmesh Ba who heads D91 Labs (an open design community for fintech). Dharmesh spoke to the attendees regarding what’s next in the fintech sector to increase excitement for the future of financial technology, and discussed how the attendees can be a part of that future through utilizing their design skills.

Matic’s Head of Design, Dalpat Prajapati, was the main driving force behind organising the meetup. Dalpat provided his insights on why design is crucial in building trust between users and blockchain applications, therefore encouraging adoption.

After a closing speech was delivered by Matic’s Community Manager, Nirbhik jangid, meetup concluded with a networking session where the attendees took the opportunity to network with each other, the speakers and the hosts over pizza and drinks.

There was a lot of great conversation shared regarding the importance of blockchain, fintech and how each could use their design expertise to further the decentralized movement. The attendees were also given some awesome Matic swag, taking home Matic T-shirts & stickers.

Closing Thoughts

The Design Meetup was a huge success. We were thrilled by the hugely positive response from the attendees and their eagerness to learn more about blockchain and the opportunities in the space.

India is not only a growing hub of blockchain innovation, but is also home to a wealth of talented designers. By bringing the blockchain and designers more closely together, designers will be presented with new opportunities in the blockchain space, whilst blockchain-based products will become more attractive to the average person, accelerating mainstream adoption.

This was just the beginning of our efforts to encourage design talent to explore the opportunities of the blockchain movement. We look forward to hosting many more of these events in Bangalore and beyond moving forward.

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