October 2019 Token Unlock: 100% Foundation Tokens to be used for Staking Activities

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Matic Network October token unlock details


  • 100% of unlocked Matic Treasury tokens (Foundation & Ecosystem) to be allocated to staking activities
  • ~40% of Investors are voluntarily not taking any unlocks
  • In all, ~80% of total unlocked tokens NOT to be released into the market
  • Only ~20% of the unlocked tokens (248,446,690 tokens) to be released
  • This was the first & last Investor token unlock (50% unlocked on listing & 50% unlocked now)

October 2019 MATIC token release

Our token release schedule was painstakingly designed by the team keeping in mind the best for both the Matic Network ecosystem and token holders. The performance of MATIC token has been the testimony to that.

We therefore wanted to provide the fine details and some context on the token release to stem any potential uncertainty from our community.

The nitty-gritty: full token release details

We’ve clarified the details in a table format below, both in terms of the total unlocked token numbers and allocation (Table 1) and full unlocked token details relating to the number of tokens actually being released to investors and advisors (Table 2).

October Token Unlock Allocations and Totals Matic Network
Table 1: Token Unlock Allocations and Totals

Table 1, above, illustrates where each segment of the unlocked tokens are allocated, and the number of tokens allocated towards each segment. As you can see, the October 2019 token unlock will result in 12.13% of the total supply (1.213bn tokens) being ‘released into the circulating supply’. However, only a small percentage of these unlocked tokens will actually be released to investors and advisors. See Table 2 below for details:

Matic Network October 2019 Token Release Details
Table 2: Token Unlock Full Details

As you can see from Table 2 above, only ~20% of the unlocked tokens (248,446,690 tokens) will be released to investors and advisors. These tokens comprise of approximately 60% of the tokens unlocked for investors (the other approximately 40% remaining tokens are locked voluntarily by investors), and the unlocked Advisor tokens.

The remaining 80% of total unlocked tokens will not be released into the market. As mentioned above, ~40% of the unlocked investors tokens will voluntarily remain locked, and all unlocked tokens allocated for the Foundation, Ecosystem and Staking Rewards will be allocated towards staking in some form (either as staking rewards or are being directly allocated towards staking, to be staked).

Summary: carefully considered with the Matic ecosystem & token holders in mind

In summary, only ~20% of the unlocked tokens (248,446,690 tokens) will be released to investors and advisors which is very small compared to our daily average exchange volume of ~$28-30m.

We believe that further deploying the Foundation tokens into the Matic Network itself is a testimony to the team’s continued commitment to protect & nurture the community and to always keep the community’s interests as the highest priority.

We also thank our Investors for showing the firm belief in the effort of the Matic Network team & our vision.

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