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The Matic Ecosystem Initiative

Matic Network Cere Partnership Ecosystem Initiative


Since the advent of blockchain, distributed ledger technology has been utilized to tackle inefficiencies across a wide range of industries. However, until now, no one has applied the unique advantages of distributed ledger technology to solve the rampant inefficiencies and disjunction between the customer relationship management and customer data platform landscapes. Cere Network is building the first blockchain-powered CRM and CDP ecosystem that allows businesses to finally extract meaningful, actionable insights on the customer journey.

The CRM industry is one of the fastest growing segments in the software market. Unfortunately, current CRM solutions are suffering from only having access to a limited pool of data which hampers companies’ ability to engage with customers in a meaningful manner. The problem lies in the disconnect between CRM solutions in their current form today – the majority of customer data is isolated and locked into homogeneous CRM systems which makes it impossible to gain clear customer insights and share the data among business units and partners. These systems are not only costly but also expose customer privacy and leave customer data vulnerable due to having a central point of attack.

Introducing Cere Network

Cere Network is the first blockchain Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Customer Data Platform ecosystem (CDP). It disrupts the monolithic CRM/CDP market by building an ecosystem in which customer data privacy and secure data collaboration are built into its very foundation.

The effort is led by Silicon Valley vets, with 20 years of experience from Amazon, Twitch, Bebo and Huobi, who understand how to engineer solutions for the world’s most intricate problems. By engineering a complete solution on the blockchain, they are solving CRM/CDP’s biggest issues in customization, efficiency, security and privacy-preserving data sharing.

Cere Network’s value proposition for businesses and vendors will be cost effectiveness, security, reach, and high fidelity data:

  • Lower costs than other CRM/CDP solutions and is vastly more customizable for the unique needs of individual businesses
  • Provides true data ownership and the secure preservation of customer data privacy
  • Companies gain real-time customer insights or turn-key solutions in the Cere BI Marketplace
  • Frictionless integration of lightweight data services into any app
  • Datasets contain no personally identifiable information and can be safely delegated to machine learning, artificial intelligence and BI services

Businesses and vendors have access to the entire customer journey. Data storage is contained within a decentralized file system that stores and encrypts user interaction data. Distributed Hash Tables and Data Nodes work in conjunction to pull data and scale the storage layer infinitely. 

The Partnership and Integration

Matic Network Partnership with Cere Network

Cere Network will use the Matic side chain to create the first accelerated enterprise solution for customers. Cere technology will map to Matic enterprise solutions in the following ways:

  1. Matic-powered microservices in Cere Network: Provide a set of turn-key micro services which are integrated with smart contracts on Matic Network. This allows for enterprise customers who are using Cere Network’s Open Microservices platform to seamlessly integrate with the Ethereum public blockchain and ecosystem (using Matic’s high throughput, low fee infrastructure).
  2. Collaboration on distributed data storage solutions so that Matic integrators can also benefit from Cere’s innovations in the areas of privacy-preserving and secure customer data sharing. This also enables data marketplaces deployed on top of Matic Network to be able to offer the secure transfer of such user data.
  3. For businesses who are issuing derivative assets on Matic and Ethereum frameworks, Cere will provide a set of drop-in microservices that can be directly integrated into any existing business app/site using Cere’s Open Microservices framework.

What This Means

Cere Network and Matic Network are both in the same Binance family. Cere Network was incubated at Binance and backed by prominent investors including Neo Global Capital, Fenbushi Capital, Arrington XRP, Kosmos Capital and many others. Forming such an alignment will mean that together we are opening the door to a decentralized enterprise ecosystem and promoting software building and user adoption in the enterprise space. Cere Network intends to integrate with Binance Chain in the future. This means they will potentially bridge the gap between all of the brand assets and Binance Chain. It’s a huge initiative and Matic Network is excited to be along on the journey with such a strong partner from the Binance family.

What to Expect Next

Besides technology integration and product co-launching, we have a number of initiatives already planned including an AMA and receiving some private sale allocation from the Cere Network team for our community’s participation. We are excited to continue to partner up with the best and the brightest from Silicon Valley, bringing them into our community and showcasing them to the world.

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