Ready-Up for Game Oasis Hackathon Bengaluru: Matic Network Bounty Prizes

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Matic Network understands the importance of developer engagement in facilitating the decentralized movement — mass blockchain user adoption cannot be achieved without the participation of BUIDLers. We’re therefore thrilled to be expanding on our existing hackathon efforts by collaborating with Binance Labs and other leading gaming blockchain projects to launch a global tour of gaming hackathons.

Matic Network is working alongside Binance Labs to organize the upcoming series of Game Oasis Hackathons taking place in 4 cities: Shanghai, Seoul, San Francisco, and Bengaluru. For the upcoming Bengaluru segment of the hackathon, Matic Network will be taking a prominent role in managing the event in partnership with other prominent projects. 

The 2-day hackathon will begin on October 5th at 11AM (IST) and ends at 5PM (IST) on October 6th, with a bunch of lucrative Matic bounty prizes up for grabs!

For the sake of newcomers to the ecosystem let’s first review – What is Matic Network?

Matic Network is a Layer 2 scaling solution that achieves scale by utilizing sidechains for off-chain computation while ensuring asset security using the Plasma framework and a decentralized network of Proof-of-Stake (PoS) validators.

There are a lot of projects such as Decentraland, Chainbreakers, Bet Protocol, Marblecards etc. building on Matic already. Matic sidechains are EVM-based sidechains, thus it is extremely easy for developers building on Ethereum to move to Matic.

Now, Let’s Talk About Hacking!

There is a total prize pool of $4000 up for grabs!

Matic bounties are offered in tandem with our partners Axie Infinity & Maker DAO

Axie Infinity will reward a total of $750 worth Luna tokens as well. Maker DAO will contribute $650 to the prize pool.
Additionally, there are 4 rewards of $500 each for the winning submission in the Track A & B.

A) Bounties on the Axie – Matic Ecosystem:

Here are some ideas to spark your creativity:

  1. Betting: Bet on the outcome of an Axie battle in a trust-less way using DAI on Matic 
  2. Axie marketplace on Matic: Allow people to sell their Axies on Matic Network 
  3. Meta TX: Allow players to spend any Kyber/Uniswap-supported ERC20 on fees within Axie
  4. Fractional ownership: Allow multiple addresses to own parts of an Axie on Matic Network.
  5. Matic developer tutorial using Axie as NPCS to explain (eligible for Matic rewards)

B) Bounties on the MakerDao – Matic Ecosystem

  1. `Unity Plugin` OR `Unreal Engine Plugin` to implement Dai wallet and Matic Dagger to pull events from Ethereum Network. Ideal for Turn-based Strategy Games
  2. Create an add-on for Matic’s Unity SDK that enables developers to reward players for their actions using DAI. e.g. completing a task or finishing a level will add DAI. Losing a match or failing to achieve the objective will result in a penalty and will reduce the DAI balance. These points can be credited to the gamer in the form of DAI at various intervals.
    Also, this plugin should also have a basic UI that shows the gamer’s balance and also showcases the community leaderboard.
  3. In-game DAI staking to build items. For example, a gamer can Stake Dai on Matic Network to build a sword. Once the user does not want the sword anymore he can destroy it regaining the staked dai minus a fee.

C) Open Bounty

If you have ideas of you own that you would love to explore, even better!!! 

Use Matic Network, Axie Infinity Game assets and MakerDao DAI to deploy some cool hacks in the gaming ecosystem and be rewarded!

The reward? The Open Track bounty carries a reward of $600.

The Prizes Don’t Stop at Our Bounties

Whether you’re a developer, hacker or blockchain enthusiast, there are many incentives to get involved in the hackathon. Aside from financial incentives and potential employment opportunities, the Gaming Oasis Hackathon will connect attendees with industry leaders to nurture emerging projects and strengthen networks. Perhaps most notably, promising teams will be given the chance to be potentially selected by Binance Labs for hundreds of thousands of dollars of investment. It pays to be an innovator.

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of the decentralized gaming revolution!

Game Oasis is your chance to be a part of the blockchain gaming movement, and we can’t wait to see your awesome hacks! If you are an outstanding innovator, the Matic Network team would be honoured to assist you in making your gaming idea a reality.

Matic’s support to the teams building on our platform isn’t just restricted to the hackathon;

we support dev teams who want to continue building on the ideas they work on during the hackathon and help them deliver a functional product to the ecosystem.

Case in Point: Incento – a recipient of support from Matic’s Developer Support Program. A hackathon Idea born at the ETHIndia hackathon and now being implemented on the Matic Alpha-Mainnet for the whole world to test!

Your gaming hack could be next in line to join the ranks of the world-changing solutions being built on Matic Network, and it all starts with your participation in the Game Oasis Hackathon Bengaluru. 

Devs, let’s get #BUIDLing!

For more information, and to submit an application, please visit:

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